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Comment: Re:Book Bans (Score 1) 115

by geekoid (#47973951) Attached to: It's Banned Books Week; I recommend ...

" I would expect only books appropriate for the ages of the students. "
and that is where you fail.

What is appropriated? Who are you to decide?

" The first two Harry Potter books are okay for 8- and 9- year-old children, but each book gets progressively darker."
And? YOU seriously underestimate children.

". I, personally wouldn't want my son to read The Golden Compass until he can hear an opposing viewpoint"
wow. You're a pretty horrible parent. I can't imagine my kids being old enough to read that and not being able to understand different view points. Or maybe you kids are just potato heads.

MY kids have been reading since they where around 2. at 12, their reading level is well above what is laughingly called 'young adult'. ALthoug they still enjoy some YA titles.
Maybe you should red to your kids and explain opposing viewpoints? No, of course not you want to indoctrinate them into what you like instead of respect and trust your children.

You're type of thing that permeated parents love the last 20 years is why no one can have discourse, and why education and critical thinking is failing.
Here is an example of you brilliant thinking that yo are foisting onto you poor children:
" I support traditional marriages,"
WTF does that even mean? It's really nonsense.
Do you mean by state or by church? do you know anyone who says traditional marriage should happen? Or is it a passive aggressive message to remove rights from other people? Do you not understand that marriage among anyone other then nobles is only a few hundred years old?

Comment: Re:"Say something I don't like, and I will sue you (Score 0) 158

by geekoid (#47973621) Attached to: Anonymous Peer-review Comments May Spark Legal Battle

Except he can't defend himself against someone who can continue to make post whether or not they are accurate.

He could spend every day., all day trying to defend each time a comment is made. That would be pretty wasteful.
The person making the comment could actually go through normal peer review channels.
BTW AC comment aren't actually peer review.

Have you ever tried to defend yourself against one or more people making AC comments? It is not possible.

Comment: Re:Anonymous public peer review (Score 1) 158

by geekoid (#47973541) Attached to: Anonymous Peer-review Comments May Spark Legal Battle

"autism and vaccinations was a fraud and an abuse of the existing grant system."
Nope. It was done to discredit current vaccine so they will use his new patent technique.
Grants were irrelevant in that case.

If all you are doing is trying to abuse the grant system for money, then you would be better off working at walmart.

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If it's SLAPP then no.

There should be no penalties if you lose. That would have a horrible chilling effect. You should no, that loosing a suit you bring against someone doesn't mean you were wrong. It may just mean they had more expensive lawyers.
The actual amount of frivolous lawsuits brought in the country(USA) isn't nearly as many as you think it is. Exaggerating that number is a common political move done by corporations who want to prevent people from suing. Mostly insurance companies.

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