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Comment Re:My brother had his car stolen there two weeks a (Score 1) 355

"So why do the developers need to be located in the same city as the PR department?

2. A lot of the venture capital people are in SF.

Ditto for the money people."

Because in many startups the developers and the pr people, and the money people are all the same people. They are called startups after all.

"Anyway, "real" tech exists more in S. Florida than N/Central. Only UCF has really tried to do a proper research park, and that's only about 2 decades old."

Yes and that is a big part of the problem you do not have the schools feeding the tech companies. UF is in Gainsville which really is the middle of nowhere and FSU is in Tallahassee which is a city with two major employers, State government and FSU.

"Texas has less to offer than Florida, but it has a better tech reputation. Maybe it's because they know how to do something other than lure in tourists and use minimum-wage under-educated workers to do it."
Florida has more than that including aerospace and shipbuilding but the reputation is correct. I still think it is the disconnect between the Universities that have good tech programs and where the tech companies in FL are.
It really is too bad, I feel that a good tech company could do really well here.

Comment Re: In three years ... (Score 1) 95

Back in the dark ages when I graduated high school one of the required classes was called "comparative government". A few years early it was called Democracy vs Communism but they decided to tone it down a bit. I was in the class with two friends of mine and where actually getting into the class about four weeks into the class the teacher pulled us over and asked us to stop asking so many questions. He simply put it this way, "You guys are going to pass this class with As but I have kids in here that may not pass at all and not graduate. I do not have the time to answer your questions and help them pass."

Maybe a class in logic and critical thing would be a better mandatory class than programing.

Comment Re:Uh huh. (Score 1) 458

I do understand and was being a bit tongue in cheek about it.
I assume that VW has a proper development process in place so this code had to.
1. Pass a design review.
2. Pass developer testing.
3. Pass a code review.
4. Pass QA
There is no way that this just got slipped in by a few developers.

Comment Re:My brother had his car stolen there two weeks a (Score 1) 355

Actually it is simple.
1. The majority of the tech press is in SF. The best product on the web or the app store does not always win. It is the one that people know about. You come up with a cool app in Twin Falls, ID and you will be hard pressed get any buzz.
2. A lot of the venture capital people are in SF.
3. If your startup in SF goes belly up you can walk down the street and find a new job.
4. SF, Seattle, and Austin are seen as being cool tech centers.

Frankly it is probably the reason that Slashdot never became huge like Engadget dispite the fact that at one time it was the tech site on web for techies.

I live and work in South Florida. The PC was created in Boca Raton Florida. We used to have a ton of tech companies in South Florida and we have an extremely diverse population but very little in the way of start ups. I think a large part is the lack of colleges with strong tech programs in South Florida. The schools with the best tech programs are FSU, UF, and UCF which are all located central and north Florida.
Florida is still loaded with tech companies like Harris, Raytheon, Boeing, Lockheed Martin and there is a lot of talent, cheap housing, good beaches, clean air, and sunshine but venture capital? Thriving start-up scene?
Nope not at all.

Comment Re:Uh huh. (Score 1) 458

To sell cars in the US VW had to pass the test.
VW passed the test.
I actually wonder if they did break any laws or regulations. They without a doubt broke the spirit of the law but...
The simple truth is that the EPA probably has a regulation stating that the car can not have any special emissions testing modes that cause the care to perform in a way different than if driven under normal circumstances.
It is possible that the engineers did not know the law but simply knew the test.

Comment Re:The first two launches will take place in 2017 (Score 1) 73

"If your goal is to put something - anything - on the Moon in one piece, as a technology demonstrator, maybe that tradeoff works."
Maybe but I find the idea of electrically powering the turbo pumps of the engine as very questionable vs classic turbo pumps.
I wonder if they are using thermal batteries?

Comment Re:Give me a raise (Score 4, Informative) 324

I got a better idea of what a good manager was from reading the book "The Soul of a New Machine".
The problem with good managers is they look like they are doing nothing.
A good manager fixes problems before they happen. You are going to need a logic analyzer next week and it shows up on your desk on Friday of this week.
It is just transparent.

Comment Re:Not the total cost! (Score 1) 415

"You can make up for that lack by looking at a weather map and trying to identify a day when there is no wind at all over a region large enough to be covered by a national grid - or pretty close to continental in the case of the USA"

So every site must have enough capacity to power the entire US to make up for the sites that get no wind?
It is also not a case of no wind but of not enough wind and or too much wind. Too much wind the they feather the turbines to keep them from over speeding BTW.
Also you will find very little wind in the US between the hours around 4am pst or 7am est.
No oversimplification of the problem just does not work not to mention that having on giant nation wide grid like you describe would be very complex and hard to eliminate the potential for a total collapse.
Wind is not reliable because to be reliable it must be always blowing at the right speed at enough sites to provide the needed power.
Wind is much better than solar as far as availability but just like solar you must think of it as an opportunistic source that must be backed by peaking plants.

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