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Comment Re:Excess (Score 4, Informative) 241

"That space of land could feed over 6,000 people [farmlandlp.com] if properly arable, or house 2.8 million people. "
But it is not arable and no one lives on it.
I personally am pro nuclear and I am even getting optimistic about fusion thanks to the Lockheed High Beta reactor and the Pollywell.
BTW this is a thermal solar plant and not photovoltaic.

Comment Re:Excess (Score 3, Insightful) 241

Maybe the price of land. Maybe Morocco gets fewer cloudy days. being that close to one another does not mean they have the same conditions, Maybe the cost of labor to keep the mirrors clean. And just maybe Morocco had the will to build it while Spain did not.
I am very sceptical of the claims of solar but this is interesting. I hope it works out well.

Comment Re:I can understand small first batches (Score 4, Interesting) 110

I see the Zero a bit different. It is a full linux machine which the ESP8266 is not. It has HDMI out which the ESP8266 does not.
Put a USB wifi adaptor on it and you have a linux box that you can put on the back of a monitor have it work well for signage or other displays.
Very different devices for different uses. the ESP8266 is great for say a weather station, maybe a simple robot. The Zero is for projects that need full Linux and maybe a display.
Even combining an ESP8266 with a zero is an option as well using the ESP for IO and Wifi and the Zero for processing.

Comment Re:Bill Gates has a chance to step up here (Score 1) 182

Yea he is just paying all of those people to work on the project. Paying for lab space, equipment, paying for netting in 3rd world nations.
Making sure that those researchers feed their families and pay for housing....
And of course he saw a massive problem and put resources in place to try and solve it.
Next you will be saying MLK, and Gandhi did nothing but set up marches and give speeches.

Comment Re:Some of this has already been said, but my top (Score 1) 1833

I disagree that it is pointless, it would stop the a lot of the trolling ACs but not the hard core Trolls.
Personally I would like to see no ACs and no profanity on Slashdot. The problem is that many users don't agree with me. They for some reason think that not allowing ACs to post would prevent some profound comment from being made. Same thing with limiting profanity. I have never seen a single post where profanity increased the informational value of the post. However a large number of users think that would be a terrible idea.

Probably best to keep the ACs and profanity vs the potential loss of community members based on principal.

Comment Re:Article paid by Apple to boo over it. (Score 1) 456

As a Macbook owning, long time Android using, Linux programmer let me say this.
Windows Phone really did not suck. I was changing carriers and got a cheap Lumia phone to hold me over for a while. The Windows Phone OS was actually very good. It was so good and easy to use that we replaced my MILs android phone with one and she had no trouble using it.
The problem was one of apps. I just could not find all the apps I wanted. That along with the lack of official Google apps really made it a less than ideal long term phone for me.
If it had all the apps I wanted including the gmail I would have been a happy user. Yes I am a big Google users so YMMV.

WindowsPhone should survive IMHO because it is actually pretty good and offers a third choice.

Comment Re:Who is whipslash? (Score 0) 91

Why are you posting this in the middle of a spacex story? Talk about offtopic.
I suggest you do a this is who you are story ASAP and ask for suggestions in the comments.

My number on suggestion is that all political stores are posted under the politics section and allow people to hide it. For the most part Slashdot sucks at politics IMHO.

I would really like to see the end of AC posts but I know that I am in the minority on that one.

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