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Comment: Re:Easy stats to pull (Score 1) 367

by unapersson (#46602299) Attached to: More Than 1 In 4 Car Crashes Involve Cellphone Use

So in other words, an accident was counted if a driver had a brief conversation, hung up the phone, put it away, drove five miles, and then was hit by someone running a red light. It's pretty easy to see that this accident would likely still have happened without the phone usage. What's not clear is what percentage of the accidents are like this.

That's a bit of a stretch to say the accident would still have happened. When an accident occurs at a particular time it's because of a huge number of variables coming into alignment. Shift one of those just slightly and the accident won't occur.

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by unapersson (#46303111) Attached to: Ubuntu 14.04 Brings Back Menus In Application Windows

That's true. Unity is basically building on what was started with Ubuntu Netbook Remix which had to work on very constrained screen sizes. They'd be better off makiing it more dynamic, so it picked an apppropriate default based on the screen size but let itself be fixed to a particular mode by flipping a few toggles in the options.

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by unapersson (#45573217) Attached to: Piracy Offers Heavy Metal a New Business Model

They are definitely known for the quality of their music, bombast and a stage show aren't enough to maintain a 30 year career.

BYDttS might be their only number one single, but they've had lots of number one albums which is what they're really famous for, and that number one single only happened because EMI released it on xmas eve with multiple formats to ensure a high placing. The company exploited the decline of the single at the right time. It is far from their most know or most popular song, in fact it's probably barely known, most of the popular ones hit the top ten or top twenty but went no where near number one.

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Want to solve world hunger, you can, just don't you dare splice a tomato gene with an eggplant.

It depends if the price of solving world hunger comes at the cost of allowing you to turn a common foodstuff into a patentable product for which you control distribtion. So less solving world hunger and more creating a new dependency. The whole frankenfoods stuff is a useful distraction.

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I'm also content in my beliefs of a deistic reality, as it does not contradict available data and satisfies the psychological need for purpose in life and the possibility of an afterlife. Blind faith is absurd, but on the other hand so is atheism; the premise being that if life is purposeless, why would one subject themselves to the trials and tribulations of life? As life is a death sentence right from the start, logic implies that one should end their life once they belief atheism as fact, however society correctly asserts that this is a mental defect because one can not know with absolute certainty that life is pointless. Belief in abrahamic religions is equally delusional, harm others, and should also be assumed to be a mental defect.

Atheism is just a lack of faith. Life is worth experiencing for it's own sake. Why would the enjoyment or purpose of life depend on the promise of an afterlife? And a promise dependant largely on which culture you were born into.

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