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Comment Re:Not exactly take, but augment (Score 1) 320

It's not about what's likely. It's about not lying about what's happening.

Is a deferred hire, because of increased efficiency, when nobody was fired or laid off, a "replaced person"?

No human uses those words that way, unless they are pushing an agenda. A replaced person is a human who was hired to do a job, then was fired. Theoretical job losses through shrinkage shouldn't count.

Comment Re:Also mine vs. others (Score 1) 320

Nope. Young workers being more efficient from tools allows the business to hire fewer and do more business. This doesn't "fire" anyone, and the reduction is in the number of workers per unit work. Not in active firings of people due to automation. That still only happens in manual labor, factories and mining. Though in mining, the number of workers isn't greatly reduced, but moved to safer top-side jobs.

The fear of job loss is not borne out by layoff numbers. It simply isn't happening.

Comment Re:Only? (Score 0) 135

Japan's problem is their inability to let the failures go down in flames and fail for the good of the rest of the economy and of the society.

Japan is the place were you go to when you want to get funny money for trading/shorting, that's the place you go to borrow Yen to do all this insane trading. Japan is the place of the suicide economic policy, the kamikaze of policies (the one that USA is also following), the policy destroying the currency for the purpose of bailing out horrible failures just to keep them going due to political expediency and not due to any form of sound economics at all.

This in turn leads to economic stagnation, falling birth rates, depression, etc. All the good stuff that the central bankers together with the government love to give its people.

Comment Re:Anyone remember when cents/GB was used? (Score 1) 18

Stacking dies with many layers might help bring cost down by letting you burn out fuses on defective dies and then do part binning based on the number of functioning dies. I'm not sure if the defect rates on flash would yield a significant benefit from doing so or not, though.

Comment Re:Only? (Score 3, Insightful) 135

If we persisted then they would accede, but it always felt like we were forcing them to alter their well-worn lunch cycle and throwing the balance of the Universe out of whack.

Because you were.
What we call routine, they call ritual.

Just hand someone from Japan your business card improperly*... if it's someone high enough then your boss and your boss's boss may have to bow in apology** for not teaching you correctly the protocol of etiquette. Of course then you get bitched at for it. (totally worth it, my boss was a dick and this was a beautifully PA opportunity to make him suffer).

* Two hands, both corners of card pinched in index finger and thumb, card facing recipient, face up. Bow (30-60 deg, depending on your back, rank, etc.), look approx at recipients feet, present card.

** hold a 90 degree bow for 30 seconds.

Comment Re:Well yeah (Score 1) 320

Did you ever read Animal Farm? The douchebag that took advantage of the system was one of the least "evil" characters. And, had surprisingly little dependence on the government. Odd how so many who hate socialism can't grasp that basic idea, put forth 50+ years ago, and shown basically correct ever since.

Comment Re:Whose life? (Score 1) 126

Standard Auto loan terms are 3,5,and 6 year.
I would argue that the car is (should be) designed to last at least the duration of the terms of the loan, or more realistically 10 to 15 years...
Beyond that I would expect that there will be additional costs that the end owner is expected to pay? That's when the suspension is really due for an overhaul on most cars.

Comment Re: Thanks. Mr. Obvious (Score 1) 240

Sorry, but that doesn't work. It works for batteries, because YOU are the one inconvenienced if the battery dies. But if the company bears the liability even if you are the owner, then the company isn't going to be willing to allow you to own the car. Not without a huge up-front payment. (The car may drive ever so safely, but accidents will happen, and legal judgments sometimes ignore facts.) I suppose it might turn out that the legal owner was the bank rather than the auto company, but it won't be the presumptive purchaser.

And I'm not sure I see a reasonable way around this. Automated cars are already so automated that people can't manage to pay attention to what's happening (see Ford engineers sleeping). So the liability *has* to be with the auto company. But if the liability is with them, then they're going to need to retain control so they can fix problems, ensure maintenance, etc. And that's an on-going they need to ensure either an on-going cash flow, or a sufficiently large initial payment...and it works better for responsible action if it's an on-going cash flow that the payer can get out of for good cause.

So I think that either the liability stays with the auto company, and so does the ownership, or the company only sells an initial period of liability coverage with renewal options and ownership (and control) lies with the individual. And the second option has all kinds of traps and potholes in it...probably more than the first.

Comment Re:Difficult material remains difficult (Score 1) 261

I only read it on popular sites, so I don't know the details, but AFAIKT they didn't have any good idea of how low a pressure it might be stable under. Only hopes, and some reason to believe that it would be stable at lower pressures. (And I don't even know what their "reason to believe that it would be stable at lower pressures" was, just that they had one.)

Certainly, some of the people writing the articles I read thought that this meant STP, but I didn't see any quotes from the concerned scientists that indicated that *they* thought so.

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