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Comment Re:Nobody is using original iPhone (Score 4, Interesting) 60

Actually, no, my original iPhone still works just fine on its original battery. I used it until I got my iPhone 5, and up until a few months ago, I still kept it powered, up until the original charger started malfunctioning and shutting off power randomly, causing it to buzz over and over. I decided it wasn't worth buying a new charger to keep it charged up.

At last check, it still worked correctly on the T-Mobile network with my OneSim.

Comment Re: This is stupid (Score 1) 90

And should we make it illegal to listen to anything that isn't RDS compliant? Will we start making phones RDS complaint, so if someone is using a phone (legally hands-free, or illegally hands-on) the calls will be interrupted as well?

How about people like me that don't even hook up the FM antenna? My "radio" is used primarily as a display for the rear camera, and secondarily for music for long trips, through bluetooth or USB. Am I now an illegal? Does it matter that I drive a special-edition car that has no soundproofing, and thinnner window glass, making the inside about as transparent to outside sounds as a "regular" car with the windows down? (noise being why I never use the radio in town, it's just so hard to hear)

Comment Re:Extrapolation? (Score 1) 146

No, that's the opposite of what a quant does, as those terms are normally used.

Try to change the subject all you like, but the history of Quant goes back to 1900. Are you going to tell me they were useing PCs in 1900 to do quantitative analysis of stocks?

In practice, it's using a few simple equations to find stocks of interest. Separate is analysis of a particular stock. At a trading house, they do quants regularly, and those are identifying "interesting" stocks based on value vs performance metrics. This is low-movement, slow, long-term process that is used by Warren Buffet and others to get consistent long-term gains. The "quant" you are talking about is looking for short-term patterns and exploiting them. They are used by HFT to exploit short-term and tiny swings. The original definition (from the invention of the practice in 1900) was about the long-term version only. Recently the term was adopted by the short-term speculators to give "short term speculation" a term to make it sound more respectable. It still isn't respectable.

Comment Not sure what to think.... (Score 3, Insightful) 461

I'm not sure how I feel about this. If it was my estimation that the two political parties were more interested in what is best for America, rather than just winning their ideological war, this would hold more weight for me.

Snowdon seems the logical "other pardon". Not sure I'd like that to happen. Would prefer a trial where he would be allowed to make his case. Manning wasn't afforded that opportunity either.

Neither case is at the instigation of a foreign government. So the issues need to be gone through in an open court so the country can understand the issues. And legally decide whether a crime was committed, or these were justified acts done by patriots.

Comment what the fuck is Raisier? (Score 1) 82

Its a subsidiary that provides some amorphous driver/rider insurance plan from a subcontractor called James River insurance company that they go out of the way to confirm has "an A- rating" from A. M. Best. that rating is their credit rating, not an indicator of their overall business performance or likeability. It showed up in 2014, and only appears available or relevant in the city of San Francisco where there ostensibly exists a regulation of some sort to mandate the existence of insurance for "ride sharing" providers.

why the insurance brokering subcontractor of a rideshare goup is filing a lawsuit against a municipality is pretty interesting, but if i were a gambling man I would guess its important for a subsidiary to file this lawsuit instead of Uber so as to help strictly maintain the illusion that Uber somehow is not an employer. That having been said, if Uber isnt an employer, and neither is the subsidiary, its very difficult to see a way this lawsuit will succeed. What it can do --through proxying cash from Uber-- is become a very protracted and expensive reminder why government should step the fuck off.

Comment Re:Extrapolation? (Score 1) 146

Quants have made billions predicting changes in valuations.

Quants have been making those analysies since before computers existed. Running an analysis on 100% of the trading stock every 10 minutes required a computer.

That stuff you're calling "non-AI" is what AI researchers call "AI".

Like I said, to keep it sexy and keep the money flowing, AI researchers have changed the definition of AI to include "anything hard, done on a computer." Then AI, is everything, including the stuff people actually want.

As an aside, you do know that "quants" don't "predict" anything, right? There's a (or many) formula(e) that determine whether a stock is "undervalued". Finding a currently undervalued stock, based on P/E, market cap and past performance (or whatever is in the formula being used) isn't predictive. That it correlates strongly with future growth doesn't make it predictive. "Apple announced they are adding more RAM to the MBP, I'd better buy stock before it comes out, because it'll be a hot seller" is predictive. "AI" doesn't even attempt that.

In 1950, AI meant "strong AI" and nothing else. After lots of work in the '60s and into the '70s, they determined that they couldn't solve it, so "AI" changed definitions. To where today, "AI" means anything, and anyone who questions the overly-permissive definition isn't met with a clear definition, but insults and accusations.

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