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Comment Re:Or (Score 2) 537

When the normally reasonable Opportunist gives a reply like this, you know this world has no chance.

Let's break down, point by point, what he dumped on:

Imagine the following way to help your own folks, and the victims of your elite:

That there is an elite is not debatable. Also called the 1%, they have HALF the money in the world. If anyone should be doing great things with tech and everything else, it is the 1%. End Of Thread.

Score one for "batshit crazy"

Just expose the lies of the 1%, the war industry, the Cultural Marxists and their fellow Devil Worshippers. Those who literally want to make our children cut off their own balls:

Once again, none of this is debatable. 1%? Check. War industry? Check. Cultural Marxists? Check. Devil Worshippers? Check.

Anyone on slashdot claiming that any of these don't exist is part of the problem, or stupid. But you know what? Slashdot has less stupid people than any other place on the net. So back to the more likely possibility.

Score 4 more for "B. Crazy"

Ok, I took one for the team and loaded this link. Title is "Hillary Clinton lying for 13 minutes straight." The only quibble I have with stuff like this is, why don't they make a 26 minute youtube and give equal time to both parties of the duopoly? Maybe even show them both making the same lies. That would be fun.

How do you know when a politician is lying?
Right, when their YouTube is streaming.

Score 1 for Opportunist, because Dr. Crazy didn't provide equal time.

Obama and his goons tortured this boy until he wanted his own testicles to be cut off:

Once again, into the valley of YouTube... Video is called "Gender Transformation In A US Military Prison".

Didn't play the video but simple point to be made. We'll never know. Stranger and sicker things have happened. In China, prisoners get their organs harvested while they are still alive.

Calling this "idiot conspiracy nutter" material is unbecoming, Opportunist. You. Don't. Know. (in part because I'm sure you, like me, didn't watch it).

Points awarded? None, because none of us will ever watch the video. Even though it could be as great as the Vimeo suggestion I watched some four years ago now. Found on Slashdot, it truly and profoundly changed my life. Thanks "thoughtlover", whoever you are.

So, something that is bin spam to you, may be priceless to someone else.

Score another point for the batlover.

Regarding Computers, they are Insecure By Design. The 1% want them to be hackable:

Probably the most obviously factual points of the whole post. No additional comment needed.

Score: Two more points to the batshit crazy idiot conspiracy nutter. Who obviously cares. It is a thankless path these days. Whistleblowers used to be protected, today they get fired. People used to have "ABC sucks" web pages. Facebook routinely removes such "hate speech" today.

The people more batshit crazy than this alleged idiot conspiracy nutter are the 1% shills or karma whores who say there aren't conspiracies.

Life is saturated with conspiracies. Do something about them and you will be improving the world.

Comment First Photon! (Score 2) 106

I'm disappointed. I scrolled the rest of the comments and didn't find any more top posts from Moblaster. I mean, after the second or third post it was obvious what he was up to -- one post for every photon.

Comment Re:The Vertical Web (Score 1) 87

I spent about 5 minutes trying to figure out who you thought the Big Three (or Four) were.

From Wikipedia's List of the largest information technology companies:
(1) Apple
(2) Samsung
(3) Foxconn
(4) Amazon

I think only one of your Big Three (or Four) is on that list...

The rest of the list:
(5) HP
(6) Microsoft
(7) IBM
(8) Google
(9) Dell
(10) Sony
(11) Panasonic
(12) Huawei
(13) Intel

Facebook's revenue is one-third of #13's

The List of largest Internet companies is even more unrecognizable. Twitter was #19 on the second list, Yahoo #13...

Comment Re:Now that this has attracted media coverage... (Score 1) 337

More than one way to skin a cat...

Yesterday I was walking around a mall to kill some time. Got a little tired, saw some massage chairs, sat on one. Comfy. After 1 or 2 minutes, it activated, pushing out the back massage rollers to their fullest, them left them there. Message sent, and received.

There must be ways to limit or alter access just enough to sour the milk as an old trekkie once said.

Comment Re:Justice Aborted (Score 1) 97

The whole point is to encourage *everyone* to show the sign so this handles the "Only our restaurant is bad" concern.

To facilitate this, title the sign "Businesses Against Yelp", or "Proud to be part of the Businesses Against Yelp" (some clever acronym).

And have a "Learn more" or "What you can do to help stamp out Yelp" action link.

Submission + - SPAM: Hillary Clinton has Parkinson's Disease

justthinkit writes: Dr. Ted Noel makes ten points that show that Hillary Clinton's symptoms are consistent with Parkinson's disease. Two days after the Next News Network interview with him — where the 10 points are discussed in detail — Hillary collapses at the 9/11 memorial, and the official story after is that she was dehydrated (on a 79 degree day) and that she has pneumonia. Some major news sites (like NBC News) have covered the story, but there is no mention on Facebook's "trending" section (unconfirmed as I never go to Facebook). Hillary has become famous for coughing fits and even head bobs (with over 400 reported at one event) — with both of these consistent with Parkinson's Disease. If she has Parkinson's, should she still be allowed to become President?

Comment Re:Justice Aborted (Score 1) 97

Restaurants and retail businesses should get together and start an anti-Yelp campaign. Come up with a sign you put in the front window of your restaurant -- "We don't pay Yelp for advertisements because we don't think Yelp is fair in their reviews of businesses. As a result you may find that Yelp displays overly negative reviews of our business. We don't care and we don't think you should either."

Once a high percentage of businesses display that in their window, people will get the message and lose interest in Yelp.

Comment Re:Classic Sci-Fi Books .. but why just novels? (Score 2) 175

I particularly agree with your mention of Isaac Asimov in general, and his Foundation series in particular.

Recently I've been working on an extended project that involves reading a lot of quotes about science from a lot of people. The result of filtering through almost 10,000 quotes is a resounding +1 for Asimov. And G.K. Chesterton.

Comment Re:A real comparison? (Score 1) 286

I drive a highly reliable vehicle for less than average numbers of miles each year. In my state we are not allowed to pump our own gas, so I tend to be much less involved in my vehicle than the average. I get my oil changed by the best shop in town. I like the people there, get a free coffee and some sweet, read from their extensive and free-loanable library, while I savor being associated with good people. When the change is done I get a report that is detailed, itemized, never a surprise but often includes a warning of something I'll need to something about in a year or two. My oil change experience is like what going to the barber shop used to be -- priceless.

Comment Anecode time (Score 1) 308

Half a dozen of us, all kids, watching TV. Time passes. All is well. Suddenly we see a bright blue flash. The youngest kid, possibly with the help of another young one, had plugged an amputated electrical cord into the wall socket, then randomly touched the heat register. This was the house of neighbors -- they had 7 children, most adopted. So, don't leave your heat registers lying around.

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