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Comment Re:Is this news? (Score 1) 82

Just 'cuz you're itching to get on that list doesn't mean everyone else is on there. The only interaction almost everyone in the US has with the Federal Government is when they file their taxes every year. That's it. The only tabs the government keeps on you is the taxes you've paid. That's it. They don't care what you post on facebook or twitter or how you vote or what you say. They have no machinery to even keep track of such things. Once it gets to the realm of physical violence, then they're interested, but it is by no means anything like what it is in China.

Here, the Turnpike Authority will have cameras on the highways to collect road tolls. There, they have cameras on many roads just to keep track of you.

Comment Re:Is this news? (Score 2, Insightful) 82

The US government doesn't rate its citizens on a scale of social credit. Nor does it censor news media or social media. Nor does it condition its citizens' financial or economic prospects based on its surveillance of them. Moral relativism is fine and dandy in a left-wing bubble but when it tells you that the Chinese government is morally indistinguishable from the US government, you've got yourself a bit of a problem.

Comment Re:How the fuck.... (Score 1) 238

That's nice. CNG powered vehicles aren't allowed in most tunnels or even parking structures for safety reasons. Boston has a fleet of CNG busses. They're lovely, clean, and cheaper to run (or were when oil was higher), but they aren't allowed to run a whole bunch of routes that go through tunnels, underground busways, or have stops on the bottom deck of parking garages.

More green pinko policies that don't survive contact with reality.

Comment Five stages of grief (Score 0) 286

It's sad and beautiful to watch the safe space bubble pop on so many sheltered snowflakes.

Chin up, though. If the worst emotional crisis you ever have to deal with is the other guy winning a fair're pretty much set. Y'all know there are places in this world where they're still shooting at eachother and people's biggest problems are not getting shot and finding food?

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