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Comment Yeah, but (Score 1) 351

it'll probably taste like shit, so only if there's no real stuff around. It's unscientific, but fresh tomatoes from my own plants taste better than even 'local' farmers market stuff, free range eggs taste better than factory farm stuff, and my assumption is that the large scale fabrication of lab grown meat will be driven by cost and safety (in some order of precedence), not by taste.

Comment Re:The bubble is strong with this one (Score 1) 311

Ooh, ooh. We can give the cops giant butterfly nets!

Come on, now. Surely you recognize the fact that almost all of these unfortunate incidents are precipitated by human (mis) behavior, usually before the encounters begin at the point where the police are brought in. If people didn't behave badly, we wouldn't have any police shootings not because the cops would be all smiles and sunshine but because there wouldn't be a need for cops at all. That's not the world as it is or can be.

Comment Re:The bubble is strong with this one (Score 2) 311

If. If the driver has an app. If the driver's phone is turned on. If the cop has the app. If they're compatible. If they get reception. If the battery doesn't die in the middle of it. Too many ifs make for more tension, not less. This is not a technological problem. It's a behavioral problem. Cops need to behave. Civilians with loaded guns on their hips need to behave.

Comment Ya know... (Score 4, Insightful) 354

this really does feel forced and pointless. Not the fact that they're making Sulu gay this go-around. The fact that they're playing it up as some sort of accomplishment. Battlestar Galactica and Caprica were probably the best example of how to do it right: characters (without background baggage) had their genders and sexual orientations set every which way with ABSOLUTELY NO COMMENTARY ABOUT IT, in universe or out. If the message is supposed to be "you are expected to love your brother human beings, no matter their stripes," that's what does it. Changing an established character's sexual orientation just because you can just doesn't do that.

Comment Re:median vs average (Score 1) 622

It wasn't a dealer, but it was all four. I let it go for a whole lot longer than I should have. I may be off on the 700 figure, or I may have had him do something else on top of it while he had the car, it was a while ago and I don't remember. And yeah, labor was a little more than half the bill. Price of renting instead of having a house like a normal person. Oh well.

Comment Re:median vs average (Score 1) 622

I don't feel like doing my own maintenance (lazy) and more importantly rent and don't have a place to do it if I wanted to. Whatever. I like my mechanic. He can make a few hundred off of me every couple of years.

Fuel injector cleaning isn't a scam. Reason I do it every two years I had an MIL alarm from clogged fuel injectors at the 2.5 year mark when the car was new. I've been putting the same gas into it since, so I get it cleaned every two years.

Comment Re:median vs average (Score 1) 622

Domestic cars are fine. Except for Chryslers, that is. My 07 Chevy (built in Kansas City) has 130k+ miles on it and runs fine. Maintenance costs (other than oil changes and tires) average out more than a few hundred per year. Only one thing broken so far (turn signal lever, at the 120k mark, $60 parts, $100 labor because I'm lazy).

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