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Comment Re:So do tell (Score 1) 84

Because in the 90's, Microsoft was everywhere, so every vendor for every embedded system component out there produced development kits and compilers and programming toolkits that would run on the machines their customers had handy. Which in the 90's meant Windows. I'll give you an example: Allen Bradley makes embedded controllers for industrial machinery. The controller itself runs VxWorks or RT Linux or QNX or some other real operating system. The develoment environment is Windows only, and a lot of third-party add-ons like graphical toolkits to make touch panel controls and the like are Windows only.

So my nice and high-tech and Linux-only system for doing the process control has to have a WinXP machine in there so that I can use my ten year old Allen Bradley controller which I can buy for 20k instead of developing from-scratch myself for 100-200k. Yeah. Real life imposes constraints.

Comment Yes. Violation of agreement. (Score 1) 379

Every employer under the sun has a policy about intellectual property. Many, in fact, claim rights to any monetizable technical output an employee produces, whether during business hours or not, on the grounds that engineers can have a brilliant idea at any hour of the day, and that's why they're paid the big bucks.

Don't feel you get paid enough? Leave.

Comment Re:It's a common enough term (Score 1) 729

Except I'm not a technician. I'm an engineer. I hold a degree in engineering from an ABET acreditted university and I do engineering work: I make calculations, I design things, and all the good stuff. What I don't hold is a license to sell engineering services to the public or to government agencies as a Professional Engineer, and guess what: I don't introduce myself as a Professional Engineer, nor do I append the letters 'P.E." after my name in my correspondence.

Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 358

Who in his right mind would lay down that much for an apartment when he only makes 100k? Yeah. If all the rentals go for 5500/mo, then San Fran is unaffordable. But if that's only the cruelty-free artisanal apartments that go for that much while the normal ones are under 3k, then not so much. Same thing in Boston. The "really upmarket" rentals do go for that much. And then there's the ones that go for 3k. And then there's the ones that go for under 2k. All depends on how nice of a view you want and how long of a commute you're willing to tolerate.

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