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Submission + - Is Sci-Hub the future of research? 1

justthinkit writes: Alexandra Elbakyan's Sci-Hub.io appears to have found a way for academics to obtain research papers they have paid legal access to, while turning Sci-Hub into TPP of research. Vox.com interviewed her, revealing a person with equal parts daring and calm. Is this the future of content in an increasingly paywalled and Ad Block-blocked world?

Submission + - Will Vivaldi be enough to switch you back? 1

justthinkit writes: Vivaldi is billing itself as the power user's browser and Ars went hands-on with it today. It appears to have the cred, with Vivaldi's CEO being Jon S. von Tetzchner, the co-founder and former CEO of Opera. So, would/will you switch back to "opera" if it was/is called Vivaldi?

Submission + - Google Chrome using all memory (google.com)

justthinkit writes: "Chrome using all your RAM, even when it is the only thing running?" Ok, normally this is a bug report. Send report. Wait. Problem solved. But Chrome has been doing this for quite some time. Thousands, or millions, are affected. And incredibly, there seems to be no solution in sight. Has anyone found a way around this?

Submission + - CDC caught in scientific fraud (naturalnews.com)

justthinkit writes: With a full headline of "CDC caught in scientific fraud, perpetrating vaccine violence against blacks in shocking eugenics cover-up", the waiting begins. The evidence is coming from a whistleblower, and will be "made public in mere days." The story continues with "MMR vaccine causes autism"...and the CDC knew it. For 12 years. So are Slashdotters still going to say vaccines are harmless? This is almost sacred ground for some.

Submission + - Tattoos and why we love/hate them

justthinkit writes: For years I've pondered why people get tattoos. I've studied them, laughed at them and admired them. I've watched several tattoo reality shows and watched friends and closer get tattoos. But if I became Emperor I would ban the word "tattoo" and replace it with the word "mistake", as I think that is usually what they become, sometimes immediately. Still I'm occasionally open-minded and would love to hear other perspectives on the subject. What are your thoughts on tattoos? Do you have one or more? Are they visible? If you have tattoos, do you have piercings? How much have you spent on tattoos? Do you have any tattoos that you regret? What tattoos were painful? Do you have a favorite tattoo, on yourself or someone else? Which area of the body is the best place to have one? And the worst placement for a tattoo?

Submission + - Have they discovered a new particle? (livescience.com)

justthinkit writes: "Live Science reports on the findings of researchers from Amherst College and the University of Texas at Austin that speculate there might be "a new fundamental force of nature". Having alleged long-range effects it may turn out to be electromagnetism in disguise. Still, the prospects are interesting. Thus far there are 3 possible explanations, including an "unparticle" and a Z' (pronounced "Z-prime"). Does anyone have a simple(r) explanation of the "long-range spin-spin interaction" observed?"

Submission + - Best 32-bit System In 2012 (microsoft.com)

justthinkit writes: "I have a number of applications that will not run on 64-bit Windows, but I would like to gain the benefits (most better caching) of having more than 4GB of RAM. Am I stuck with these Windows operating systems? And why is Windows Server 2008 Datacenter and Enterprise not included on that page? Should I go with a Linux or Win 7/8 system, and run a VM of Windows XP? Is this a solved problem or a lost cause?"

Submission + - Why do you hate your printer?

justthinkit writes: "After buying the big black ink cartridges for my Canon Pixma printer, only to have them be ignored while I use up the other inks, despite having my printer set to "grayscale", I am ready to buy another printer. Thanks to Slashdot I've learned to go back in time to the era of laser printers, only now I need to choose the best one of those. We need to print & scan, with almost zero faxing. I have narrowed my search down to an HP LaserJet Pro M1212nf or a Canon MF4450 but there seem like dozens of printers I could choose from. Since printers are practically free, and their supplies practically gold-plated, it comes down to which printer will I hate the least?"

Submission + - Have you Bumped someone today? (bump.com)

justthinkit writes: "You can now give other drivers a piece of your mind without the limitations of horns and high beams, or the risk of road rage. Bump lets you connect your email address to your license plate, allowing you to harass the chick in the red convertible from the comfort of your barcalounger. Does anyone see any opportunites or problems with this kind of service?"

Submission + - What gadgets go on your pedalled ride? (just-think-it.com)

justthinkit writes: "Bicycle ridership is rising faster than the Shuttle, but is safety (and comfort) improving as quickly? What toys and tools are you using to have a safe, more comfortable commute? Anyone using the compressed air horn that fits in your closed fist and taps a supply of air in a bottle the size of a water bottle? I could see semis & dump trucks flipping over when they heard it. How about an electric motor add-on — is it worth the weight? Share your best bike secrets and maybe save a life."

Submission + - What does Ubuntu mean to you?

justthinkit writes: "Apparently, Ubuntu means a lot more than "easy to use Linux" to Doc Rivers and the Boston Celtics. For the NBA team it has become a rallying cry. Translated as "I am because we are", the Celtics break huddles with UBUNTU! (and have made it all the way to the NBA final as a result). So what does Ubuntu mean to you? Is "collective success over individual achievement" what Linux is all about? Or is this moment going to be more like what happened to Tux at Indy?"

Submission + - Favorite application of all time? (just-think-it.com)

justthinkit writes: "Slashdot readers, you are the most technical people on Earth. You probably average a decade or more of computing experience. What, in all your years of hacking, have you found to be your favorite application of all? What is the one program you would like to have with you on a desert island? And why?

The catch is it has to be a single file and no dependencies other than what the OS of its day provided by default. This is a blast-from-the-past seeker. I am sick of OSes today shipping with hundreds of thousands of files, on install DVDs. I am looking for the most useful yet tiniest ever. Small is indeed beautiful (and Word.exe's chief architect should be President).

I'll kick things off by stating mine — Microsoft Word for DOS, version 5.0a [Version 5.5, patched for Y2K, is available from MS for free]. My choice: Word.exe, 622,428 bytes.

Some of the reasons I love Word.exe? Ran native on OS/2, had a shallow mouse-and-keyboard accessible menu tree (that negated the need for obscure WP-like macros or keyboard templates, although it had one of the best keytemps ever), integrated support for a powerful yet readable macro language, RTF support, embeddable images, CR or CR-LF text file support, changeable screen resolutions (including a half readable graphics mode), first DOS application with native mouse support. And practical things like a hefty 8MB file size limit, auto-created backup files, auto-generated "DOC" file extension, automatic on-screen pagination and absolute 100.0% stability. Pity that XP broke the clipboard access...

At one point I worked at a 500 person engineering firm that was still running Word.exe right into the Windows 98 era. I've written applications that depended on automated calls to Word.exe. Low tech, high age friends of mine use Word.exe to write, manage contact lists and convert documents — for almost 20 years now [timeline]. They bought a new printer 6 or 7 years ago and the dealer installed Windows to install the printer drivers. On their next trip to British Columbia, on route to Hawaii, I was called upon to put it back to "just DOS + Word" for them. Word.exe keeps on keeping on.

If we allow more than a single file but still limiting things to what shipped with the core application, then I would also cite: postscript support (30KB), superb help file (105KB), the most complete spell check database at that time — that allowed user and global add-on dictionaries (180KB), full thesaurus (320KB), excellent tutorial system for mouse and keyboard (900KB)]. Heck, if you excluded the thesaurus & tutorials you could be fit it all on a single bootable 3.5" floppy.

Ok, I think I set the bar pretty high but I am really looking forward to other all-star submissions."

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