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Submission + - Best credit card practices? (

justthinkit writes: It seems to be almost impossible for people to use Uber or Lyft without having their credit card credentials stolen, then sold online for as little as $4 a card. With no way to reach a person at the ride-providing services, consumers appear to be left with no choice but to cancel yet another card and request a new one. Are there better ways of providing payment online, or easy ways of obtaining "burner" charge cards? Is this the fault of smartphone applications, or are these insider hacks?

Submission + - History Channel becomes Pawn Stars Channel

An anonymous reader writes: Following the switch of H2 to Vice, History Channel quietly announced today that it will become the Pawn Stars Channel. The move has been long overdue, as Pawn Stars already had 80% of the time slots available. Rumor has it that the truTV to Impractical Jokers transition will be next, with a projected cutover of January 1st. Is this the end of YouTube, Hulu...and NetFlix?

Submission + - Google Chrome memory tweaks in next version

justthinkit writes: Google Chrome is arguably the best browser and the biggest memory hog. Presently. But the Google engineers are hard at work, optimizing the next version of Chrome. Will this be an important, or just another incremental, upgrade?

Submission + - 3 Guys Win Nobel in Physics for Bagel humor

justthinkit writes: Member of the Nobel committee for physics explains topology using a cinnamon bun. And a mere sixty seconds of riveting video. Are we living in the greatest physics times ever, or are even greater metaphors just around the corner?

Submission + - SPAM: Hillary Clinton has Parkinson's Disease

justthinkit writes: Dr. Ted Noel makes ten points that show that Hillary Clinton's symptoms are consistent with Parkinson's disease. Two days after the Next News Network interview with him — where the 10 points are discussed in detail — Hillary collapses at the 9/11 memorial, and the official story after is that she was dehydrated (on a 79 degree day) and that she has pneumonia. Some major news sites (like NBC News) have covered the story, but there is no mention on Facebook's "trending" section (unconfirmed as I never go to Facebook). Hillary has become famous for coughing fits and even head bobs (with over 400 reported at one event) — with both of these consistent with Parkinson's Disease. If she has Parkinson's, should she still be allowed to become President?

Submission + - YouTube censorship disguised as demonetization?

justthinkit writes: On August 31, 2016 YouTube demonetized videos for reasons that appear to punish those who attack "Social Justice Warriors" and the mainstream media. Philip DeFranco has spoken out about it and hinted he may have to move to other video platforms. Is this an issue most should care about or is it merely a first video world problem?

Submission + - Is Sci-Hub the future of research? 1

justthinkit writes: Alexandra Elbakyan's appears to have found a way for academics to obtain research papers they have paid legal access to, while turning Sci-Hub into TPP of research. interviewed her, revealing a person with equal parts daring and calm. Is this the future of content in an increasingly paywalled and Ad Block-blocked world?

Submission + - Will Vivaldi be enough to switch you back? 1

justthinkit writes: Vivaldi is billing itself as the power user's browser and Ars went hands-on with it today. It appears to have the cred, with Vivaldi's CEO being Jon S. von Tetzchner, the co-founder and former CEO of Opera. So, would/will you switch back to "opera" if it was/is called Vivaldi?

Submission + - Google Chrome using all memory (

justthinkit writes: "Chrome using all your RAM, even when it is the only thing running?" Ok, normally this is a bug report. Send report. Wait. Problem solved. But Chrome has been doing this for quite some time. Thousands, or millions, are affected. And incredibly, there seems to be no solution in sight. Has anyone found a way around this?

Submission + - CDC caught in scientific fraud (

justthinkit writes: With a full headline of "CDC caught in scientific fraud, perpetrating vaccine violence against blacks in shocking eugenics cover-up", the waiting begins. The evidence is coming from a whistleblower, and will be "made public in mere days." The story continues with "MMR vaccine causes autism"...and the CDC knew it. For 12 years. So are Slashdotters still going to say vaccines are harmless? This is almost sacred ground for some.

Submission + - The next Steve Jobs?

justthinkit writes: Would you believe Ashton Kutcher? He has the look, the credibility and is a Product Engineer. Who knew?

Submission + - Tattoos and why we love/hate them

justthinkit writes: For years I've pondered why people get tattoos. I've studied them, laughed at them and admired them. I've watched several tattoo reality shows and watched friends and closer get tattoos. But if I became Emperor I would ban the word "tattoo" and replace it with the word "mistake", as I think that is usually what they become, sometimes immediately. Still I'm occasionally open-minded and would love to hear other perspectives on the subject. What are your thoughts on tattoos? Do you have one or more? Are they visible? If you have tattoos, do you have piercings? How much have you spent on tattoos? Do you have any tattoos that you regret? What tattoos were painful? Do you have a favorite tattoo, on yourself or someone else? Which area of the body is the best place to have one? And the worst placement for a tattoo?

Submission + - Have they discovered a new particle? (

justthinkit writes: "Live Science reports on the findings of researchers from Amherst College and the University of Texas at Austin that speculate there might be "a new fundamental force of nature". Having alleged long-range effects it may turn out to be electromagnetism in disguise. Still, the prospects are interesting. Thus far there are 3 possible explanations, including an "unparticle" and a Z' (pronounced "Z-prime"). Does anyone have a simple(r) explanation of the "long-range spin-spin interaction" observed?"

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