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Journal justthinkit's Journal: Challenge: Try to break Spring-And-Loop Theory 13

Spring-And-Loop Theory hereby extends a challenge to the Slashdot readership: Try to find fault -- any kind of fundamental fault -- with the theory. The basics of the theory appeared in the original paper. In the forty two months since, nineteen additional papers have been written. The theory encompasses all size scales, and resolves many of the biggest unsolved problems in physics, such as the vacuum catastrophe, the galaxy rotation problem, and the neutrino mass issue (and hundreds more). It reveals the fundamental faults of relativity and quantum mechanics. It is predictive, and revolutionary. If you truly care about the physics, prove it. Try to break Spring-And-Loop Theory. I dare you.

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Challenge: Try to break Spring-And-Loop Theory

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  • as it seems to say mass can't be converted to energy, the very existence of working nuclear reactors does the job

    • First of all, good observation/question.

      Mass can be converted to energy, under high temp and pressure.

      The point I was making was trying to resolve/explain? Why -- in a universe that is nothing but ultra high energy -- didn't all the (much lower energy) mass simply merge with that higher energy. Consider that for a moment. Everything is energy, so why isn't it all just one level/amount/type of energy?

      I say it isn't because it is an entirely quantized system. Everything, everywhere is marbles of energy.

      • Further to my previous [] answer...

        You did not specify what article your question was referencing. I went from memory and knew that in my talk on the Electron [] I had considered the problem.

        A few minutes later, while sitting on the couch with the two dogs, re-watching the final round of The Open, I realized you might be referencing Quantum World [] where I say:

        Mass and energy are not "united into a single concept".
        Mass can not be changed to energy.
        Energy can not be changed to mass.

        The point here is that th

        • As to Two: Mass can not be changed to energy -- this is probably not quite right. The mass that fuses does become that ultra high energy. But this does not produce much in itself. Rather, it is the liberation of the ultra high energy springs -- no longer tied up with the mass -- that are the major energy release.

          In thinking still further on this, and going back to the basics of Spring-And-Loop Theory (while walking the dogs)...

          Spring-And-Loop Theory says the only matter/mass is protons. That electrons

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