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Comment Competition (Score 4, Insightful) 134

>"The competition remains fierce. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge have all gained a variety of new features and improvements over the past year."

Isn't it nice to not have just one mega browser? Competition is a wonderful thing.... Edge is not multiplatform, nor open, so not sure it can count, completely. Chrome is not really open-source (the base is, as Chromium), but at least is multiplatform. Firefox is completely open and very multiplatform, but seems to be turning into Chrome for some reason (gotta piss off your user base, you know). But all three are winners in various benchmarks.

Comment Entitlements? (Score 1) 170

>"Society said it did not matter if you could pay for electricity; we wanted everyone to have it. Society said we would not limit dial tone to those who could pay the most, we gave it to all,"

Poor comparison.

Most of us agree that "reasonable" internet speeds should be available to everyone. But that doesn't mean everyone must have access to the fastest and best services. Everyone has access to electricity, but not everyone is entitled to have backup generators, 200 amp service, underground lines, and a 30 circuit panel. Everyone has access to dial tone, but not everyone is entitled to have dual lines, caller ID, call waiting, voicemail, and three-way calling.

The biggest problem with internet (and TV) service is that there is little or no competition in most areas. I suffer from that too... in my area, Verizon chose not to offer FIOS and at the same time has allowed their copper structure to literally fall apart. So my choice is either overpriced but excellent Cox internet or unbelievably slow, unreliable, and overpriced ($ per Mb/s) DSL from Verizon- so slow, it is certainly under nobody's definition of "reasonable". Yet just a few neighborhoods over, customers can choose FIOS and more reliable Cox services... often at lower prices. For CATV, my neighborhood has zero choice.... overpriced Cox or nothing.

Comment Re:Not Sure if... (Score 1) 311

>So with you the swipe will take 1 second, the entering, waiting, pin and taking is about 4-5 seconds. So still slower, but not ny an amount that should bother anybody.


With me, like everyone else in the USA, there is NO PIN. So with swiping, it would be swipe card 1 second and put it in wallet, done. If the transaction is under some large dollar amount, there is no signing or anything either.

With chips, it is insert the card, and now stand there waiting anywhere from 5 to 20 seconds for it to eventually finish so you can finally put it back in your wallet. Net effect is, it is now annoyingly slow- we went from nearly instant to standing there holding a wallet, waiting and waiting for it to tell us to take our card out.

>I also have seen cards with borked magnetic strips, so there is that.

Oh, that is true. But so far it seems those are at least as reliable, based on my limited time with chips.

>So again: the real issue is that you did not adapt the PIN way.

There is no PIN way, we don't have PINs. Has nothing to do with me adapting, it has to do with me standing there waiting 5 to 30 times longer than I used to before I can move on to my next task. If we did have PINs, at least there would be something to do in that time that justifies the inconvenience.

Comment Re:Not Sure if... (Score 1) 311

>The only fail here is yours, you have to be a complete dolt to leave your card in a machine and walk away. This is a very rare occurrence in Europe

DUH!!! WE ARE NOT IN Europe. As I said in several replies now, there are NO PIN CODES HERE. So there is nothing to interact with on the terminal. You put in the card and wait forever, with nothing inbetween. If you can't realize there is a very different process without the PIN and how that plus the long delays can lead to forgetting the card, then you are the dolt, not me. (Plus I will say I have never left my card, I said I have almost done so a few times).

The chip is NOT faster than a swipe. NO WAY. I used to swipe the card instantly and put it back in my wallet. Done. The fastest I have EVER seen the chip card operate before I had my card back in my wallet was about 6 seconds. Huge difference.

Comment Re:Not Sure if... (Score 1) 311

I still don't think you understand...

>Because you insert the card and hold your hand by the the terminal while you enter your PIN, it's almost impossible to forget to take your card.

I told you, we don't and can't have a PIN... so the way YOU use it doesn't apply here. We insert the card and just wait forever.

>Corroded contacts? Ew, your wallet must be soaked in sweat or something.

Nope, it is clean and dry and perfect. Perhaps the contaminates came from the card readers. I don't know.

>Maybe you should get your bank to issue a PIN number, might make the whole thing work better for you.

Terminals here don't work with a PIN, it is not an option. So requesting a PIN wouldn't help or change anything because I wouldn't be able to use it anywhere I shop.

Comment Re:Not Sure if... (Score 2, Informative) 311

>The only fail I agree with is that you do not use your PIN.

We don't HAVE a PIN, so there is nothing was and choose to use or not use. There is no choice. No PIN.

>It takes about 15 seconds for the payment. Due to postings here, I have tested it and also looked at other people trying it out.

15 seconds is about 10 times longer than it used to take.

>I have NEVER forgotten my card, ever. I put it in, type my PIN and take it out while I have my wallet in my other hand. Almost everybody does it like that. Why would you NOT take it out again.

Because instead of swipe and put in wallet, which takes 1 second, you have have to insert the card, wait for 15 to 30 seconds or longer, someone is distracting you, cashier asks questions, does something, hands receipt.... all the while, the card is still there saying "DO NOT REMOVE" and you don't notice when it says remove. Again, THERE IS NO PIN. There is no interaction with the system whatsoever after inserting the card. So it is easy to forget during that long delay.

>Corroded card? I have been using these cards for I do not know how long. Never had that issue.

That's great for you. But my card, which is stored only in a clean wallet, had fouled contacts in just 4 months. VISA card.

>So yes, we get it: people do not like

Don't be so condescending. I have no problem with change, I have problems with change that makes something WORSE that it was before- more annoying, less convenient, more time consuming, less reliable. And that is my experience with this so far.

Comment Re:Not Sure if... (Score 5, Insightful) 311

I would +1 you if I had points.

The chip thing is a disaster as far as I am concerned:

* It is slow as molasses. Just unreal!
* It encourages you to forget your card.
* The other day it took 5 MINUTES for it to finally work at a store, the stupid contacts on my card are already corroded and the card is only 4 months old. Guess what, if it doesn't read, they wouldn't allow me any other way to use the card (key it in or swipe it). So it is NOT RELIABLE.
* There is still no PIN, so it doesn't prevent anyone from picking up my card and using it.
* It doesn't protect anything with online purchases.

Fail for consumers
Fail for stores
Fail for security
Fail for convenience
Fail for economy


Comment Nope. Will still use the Nexus 5 and wait. (Score 1) 197

So much closer to anything they have offered since the Nexus 5, but still not a suitable replacement for my Nexus 5 because of the first two negatives.

- I want wireless charging option.
- I want a reasonable price- this is too high.

I could even overlook the price if it has wireless charging. I just do not want to give up that incredibly convenient feature. Here are the positives and don't cares:

+ I want lots of battery life. This has it.
+ I want a freaking 3.5mm headphone jack. This has it.
+ I want a decent camera. This has it.
+ I want a full-powered smaller version. FINALLY, they offer it.
+ I want power/volume buttons on sides. This has it.
+ I want as pure/minimal Android as possible. This has it.
+ I want longest updates life. This will have it.

* I don't care about resolution, anything modern is good enough.
* I don't care about fashion, it will be in a case.
* I don't care about a fingerprint sensor.
* I don't care about waterproof.

Comment It is *MY* phone... not yours... (Score 1) 103

As long as we, the consumers have FULL CONTROL over what alerts we get. We should have the ability to turn off/on whatever we want. If you (the government) want to have them on by default for new devices, fine; but we should be able to decide how and what to get. Don't act like you (the government) have some *right* to communicate with our devices in any way you choose.

For example, I don't give a **** about amber alerts, there are days I am not out in the public and it serves no purpose but to annoy me. And I have apps that already give me CORRECT weather alerts. The ones through the carrier's forced app were always WRONG- scaring the crap out of me or waking me from sleep with super-loud sirens and stuff for things HUNDREDS of miles away that posed zero threat.

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