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Comment Not ios (Score 1) 109

Why was this article categorized as "iOS"? It is much less about iOS than it is about Linux, Android or even MacOS. The story is about something revealed at the Red Hat Summit- clearly Linux-centric.

>"One of the purposes of .NET Core was to make Linux and OS X into first-class supported platforms,"

Linux and MacOS

Comment Expiration (Score 1) 190

Based on my [very long] experience watching people deal with this in the real word....

The #1 reason passwords are written down is because of stupid, backwards, unnecessary expiration rules. It is in insane practice that somehow became "best practices" when it should have been declared "WORST practices" decades ago. When your perfectly good and memorized password expires every X days, you are going to either start writing it down, or make it insanely weak (or duplicated with other systems) so it can be remembered.

The #2 reason passwords are written down is because of stupid, backwards, unnecessary complexity rules. Yes, there have to be some minimum requirements (length, numbers) but some stuff is WAY overkill (I saw one that was it had to be 10 characters, with at least TWO of each- number, symbol, and caps).

Comment Limited (Score 2) 79

>"Netflix will soon let users download and store videos locally"

Maybe by using some proprietary, DRM-laden, MS-Windows-Only binary. Or perhaps just for the clients on which they feel the client OS is under their full control. So don't hold your breath for Linux support.

Interestingly, this is not a new concept. TiVo has been doing this for a while now with anything it records (allowing you to upload it to an Android/iOS device for off-line viewing). And the even older concept was Amazon Video with TiVo- the TiVo would download the video in the background, you could watch it later or immediately. All the advantages of streaming but also with all the advantages of having it local (play over and over, super-fast cue/review and jumping, never any stuttering, controlled bandwidth, etc).

Comment Re:Wickr (Score 1) 170

>"We commend Wickr for its strong stance regarding user rights, transparency, and privacy []"

And, yet, the product is still completely coded-source. You are downloading and running an unknown binary and have no idea what they or are not doing with your data. There could be backdoors in that code either by Wickr or by some three-letter government agency and nobody will ever know.

You really can't assure security/privacy of anything if you are using closed-source software. Period.

Submission + - China homegrown electronic and world's fastest supercomputer ( 1

Taco Cowboy writes: Clocked in at 93 Petaflop (or 93,000 trillion calculations per second), the new ShenWei (roughly translates to The Wrath of God in Mandarin) TaihuLight tops the world's fastest supercomputer list

Twice as fast and three times as efficient as the previous leader Tianhe-2, the new ShenWei Installed at the National Supercomputing Centre in Wuxi and comprised of 10.5 million locally-made processing cores grouped into 40,960 nodes (with each node having 260 processor cores) the computer runs on the Linux Operating System

The processor is divided into four core groups, each with 64 computing processing elements (CPE) and a management processing element (MPE). Each core group also includes a memory controller delivering an aggregate memory bandwidth of 136.5 GB/second on each socket. It runs at a relatively modest 1.45 GHz and supports just a single execution thread per core

The chip was manufactured at the National High Performance Integrated Circuit Design Center, in Shanghai. The process technology node has not been revealed

Memory-wise, each node contains 32 GB, adding up to a little over 1.3 PB for the whole machine

Its main applications include advanced manufacturing, weather forecasting and big data analytics, wrote Jack Dongarra in a paper about the new machine ( )

Pierre Ferragu, tech analyst at Bernstein, said the ranking showed that China was “pulling together all the building blocks of an independent semiconductor value chain”

The system is also rather light on cache. In fact, it really doesn’t have any in the L1-L2-L3 sense. Each core is allocated 12 KB of instruction cache, along with 64 KB of local scratchpad

From a power standpoint though, TaihuLight is quite good. It draws 15.3 megawatts (MW) running Linpack, which, somewhat surprisingly, is less power than its 33-petaflop cousin, Tianhe-2, which uses 17.8 MW. TaihuLight’s energy-efficiency of 6 gigaflops/watt is excellent, which will certainly earn it a place in the upper reaches of the Green500 list

The interconnect, simply known as the Sunway Network, is also a homegrown affair. It’s noteworthy that the older Sunlight BlueLight machine employed QDR InfiniBand for the system network. The TaihuLight one, however, is based on PCIe 3.0 technology, and provides 16 GB/second of node-to-node peak bandwidth, with a latency of around 1 microsecond

Running MPI communications over it slows that down to about 12 GB/second. Such performance is pretty much on par with EDR InfiniBand or even 100G Ethernet, although the latency seems a tad high (it depends on exactly what’s being measured, of course). In any case, it looks like the design team opted for simplicity here, rather than breakneck speeds using exotic technology

“The latest list marks the first time since the inception of the TOP500 that the US is not home to the largest number of systems,” wrote the authors of the ranking. “With a surge in industrial and research installations registered over the last few years, China leads with 167 systems and the US is second with 165”

Info compiled from the following list of url:

Comment Re:Religion poisons everything (Score 1) 404

>It's all very confusing. Isn't Jesus and God the same thing?


>Didn't this god command those things in the old testament?

If you believe it, yes. But most was replaced by the new covenant, which is Christ's teachings.

> This god is not supposed to change it's mind on things. It's all very schizophrenic.

Hey, if we can, he can :)

>I take the more reasoned approach: none of it is real. it's all poppycock. It needs to go the way of alchemy and phrenology. In the meantime I maintain the opinion that Christianity is an immortal belief system.

You can believe whatever you want, but Christianity, as taught by Jesus is nothing but goodness, love, forgiveness, etc. It isn't poppycock, nor mysterious. Christianity, as taught by many organized churches, it quite something different... it is some mixture of Judaism mixed in with Jesus' teachings, and other stuff thrown in for good measure. And as such, can be pretty preposterous.

Comment Re:Religion poisons everything (Score 1) 404

To some (me included) being Christian is accepting and following the teachings of Christ (Jesus)... it is just that simple. The old testament SHOULD be mostly irrelevant to Christians.

I don't think the bible was written by God (and I suspect most Christians agree), it was written by men, often not even eyewitnesses. And the old testament is tainted by many, many hundreds of years of writing, rewriting, translation, memory, prose, inclusions of secular tales, politics, editing, etc. This doesn't mean that it doesn't contain something inspired or something good (at least in the new testament, for sure).

Your questions are good, but not for me to answer :)

Comment Re:Religion poisons everything (Score 1) 404

I couldn't agree more. It is another example of "Christian" not being based on the teachings of Jesus, but of the old testament (which he replaced). Being Christian has little to do with the old testament. And Catholicism is one of the most old-testament "Christian" sects out there.

Comment Re:Religion poisons everything (Score 2, Insightful) 404

>"Jesus specifically said he was not replacing the old laws. Not a jot or a tiddle".

Oh really, so his sacrifice didn't replace the old sacrifices? I am afraid it is not that simple.

>"Don't paint Christianity as being a benign and loving belief system. It isn't, and it never was.

I said the teachings of Jesus. I am no theologian, but I can read and understand what he was reported to have said and done. And benign and loving is exactly what he preached.

>"So you have to add in there the bits about not eating shellfish, wearing mixed thread garments and homosexuality."

Old testament, not Jesus' teachings.

>"It's only in the New Testament that the idea of an eternity of hell for not believing is introduced. Is this moral? NO! It it not. "Love me or burn forever" is not a moral teaching."

Nope. Jesus never said anything about hell- that is an invention of others.

>"The teachings of Christianity as evidenced in the Bible *are* barbaric. Slavery. Torture. Stonings. The subjugation of women [...] You are commanded to kill your neighbour for working on the sabbath?"

Nope again- Jesus never taught any of that. I think you are still stuck on the old testament.

>"If you think it is then it shows you have not read the Bible or you are so selective in the parts you follow as to make you guilty of not doing the things it commands you to do."

I have read it, and I, like many others, I define Christian as following the teachings of Christ (Jesus), not the rules of the old testament (of which he replaced, AKA Judaism).

You are certainly correct that there are those out there who have greatly distorted his message and confused what he taught with the old ways (perhaps most). But to lump all religion into a single bucket is just as crazy as declaring one view or one religion is the only "right" thing.

Comment Re:Religion poisons everything (Score 1, Insightful) 404

>It really does. The Abrahamic religions are barbaric. Let's stop passing these dangerous superstitions onto successive generations."

Sorry, but this is just wrong. There are quite a few religions that do a lot of good for people and society. It is just that some people are radical and/or even use the name of the religion without even really understanding it.

Let's take Christianity for example. Please tell me what is so poisonous, barbaric, and dangerous about Jesus' teachings. You do realize that being a Christian means believing in and following Jesus' teachings, which means the *NEW* testament? Let's examine some of his many messages, as I understand them:

* Non-violence
* Love your neighbor as yourself
* Love your enemies
* Peace
* Sacrifice
* Tolerance
* "Turning the other cheek"
* Forgiveness
* Empathy
* Introspection
* Charity
* Piety
* Mercy
* Anti-judgementalism
* Selflessness

Nowhere is there any message of revenge, retribution, hate, killing, separatism, torture, aggression, anti-science, retribution, oppression, racism, etc. Sounds a lot like the same messages in Buddhism doesn't it?

You don't have to be religious or spiritual to follow and cherish such teachings. But, conversely, it doesn't hurt either. And in no way does it have to conflict with rational thought or scientific work. I find it amazing how many people on Slashdot are so anti-religion, probably based on stereotypes or bad experiences, or as you put it, perhaps even "superstitions.".

Comment MacOS, what it has always been (Score 1) 249

>"Apple at WWDC 2016 announced that its desktop operating system will now be called macOS "

Really, it has always been MacOS. The big change happened when it went from MacOS version 9 to MacOS version 10... they just used a roman numeral "X" for the major version of 10 and added a cutesy cat name as an alternative for the minor version number. So really, they have just dropped the "X" nonsense so perhaps now it is possible to actually have a MacOS 11 at some point.

We can finally stop hearing the incorrect "MacOS Eckes" or people saying the redundant "MacOS ten version ten point four" or whatever. Yay! :)

Comment FREE MARKET (Score 1) 231

>" A Huffington Post article notes that this behavior has contributed significantly in "generating heaps of e-waste." Citing many advocates, the publication claims that Apple has "opposed legislation that could help curb it." "

It is a free market (or it is supposed to be, anyway, mostly). Yes, Apple prices suck. Yes, they do things to lock people in and charge an arm and a leg to keep people from fixing things.

AND YOU ARE FREE TO NOT BUY APPLE PRODUCTS. We don't need "legislation", we need INFORMATION. Want to stop Apple from doing this? STOP BUYING THEIR PRODUCTS. Inform your friends and family what it REALLY costs (total cost ownership) when you buy something you can't get fixed. Post articles about it online. Write reviews. Send a letter to Apple. Do something productive, other than complaining to legislators.

Magically, most consumers are not total idiots.... if they know the information before a purchase, it is likely to shape their decisions. The market will respond. Competitors will shape products to address the demands. Apple will be forced to deal with the backlash or lose sales.

And if you think Apple is a monopoly and there are no other excellent products in every category in which they sell, you have your head in the sand and are buying Apple products as a fashion statement. If that is what you want to do, fine, but stop complaining about it. Yeesh.

Comment States (Score 2) 176

>"The difference is lost to the Obama Administration, which argues that "since the records have already been submitted to a third party."

Of course... that pesky Constitution just gets in the way so much. Due process is overrated and the Fed should be able to do whatever they want, I mean, anything can be "interstate commerce", right? That the records are held by the States shouldn't matter, since the interpretation of the Constitution is now that the Federal Government has any rights DENIED to the States, not the other way around.

Think this is just a Democrat problem? Think again. It seems all politicians- from the President, through Congress and elsewhere think the government, especially the Fed, should grow and grow, spend and spend, make law after law taking away more and more rights from Citizens. What is the next "war"? We haven't yet "won" of the "war on drugs" which stripped countless rights... followed by the unwinnable "war on piracy", and then the "war on terror", in which everyone is a terrorist and if you are a good Patriot, you should surrender all your rights in the name of "patriotism". If you have nothing to hide...

It seems we continue to allow the evolution of the "Federal Fascist Socialist State of America" everyone loses. Where does it end?

OK, rant over... gotta go mow the stupid lawn now. Unless there is some Federal law against that I don't know about.

Comment Re:And Googles moral responsibility is. (Score 5, Insightful) 304


I was reading through before posting and FINALLY someone said the correct answer.

Google's systems are just returning matches from their index. Google isn't creating the content they are indexing. They are not making decisions about society, what you might want to see, or whatever value people want to try and slap on it. CHANGING that behavior is what would introduce bias.

And like it or not, there appears to be far more content on the web to index that has "black teenager" equated with mugshots than "white teenager". And that shouldn't be surprising ot anyone because facts show that to be true in reality, too... not just some bias of the web. We can try to argue WHY this is so, but that doesn't change that it is fact and Google is doing nothing wrong.

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