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Comment Re:Is it really a war? (Score 1) 95

Yes I do handwave the issue- because it's a small one.

If you want to talk about big ones, I can go there as well. The US could deploy an alternative DNS system in days. Either with the current tech or something truly distributed.

That's the real issue. The press thinks this current attack is important. And what does the public do with this information? Are they going to revise the system?

If I had my druthers the whole DNS system would have been trashed around 2005 and replaced with a blockchain that would have a node density so high it could not be attacked effectively..

So if you think that's nitpicking terminology I fear you are far less competent on these issues than your low number on this site would infer you to be.

Comment Is it really a war? (Score 5, Interesting) 95

I've been looking at the mainstream media outlets and they are reporting on this attack as if we were just invaded by Russia.

This was an attack against DNS... at worst this type of attack stops people from "doing something". That "something" could be playing Pokemon... or banking... or working. But it doesn't "take down" the internet.

The internet is just fine. To take down the "whole internet" you'd have to attack routers. And the numbers of routers exceed the ability of anyone to saturate them. So why does the media get all hyped up when Twitter goes down?

It irks me so badly that the media and the general public get so completely flustered when some third world country, or a group of kids, decide to play games with the system. And that is all it is.

Certainly we should defend against disruptions like this. How they are done should be researched. Perhaps in the future the system can be hardened so it's incredibly difficult to attack it.

But it's a pretty minor league attack against the "internet". Twitter is down? The NYT?

I just turned 50 last year. Still up to date on tech. Still as sharp as I was at 25 when I lugged a Compaq suitcase around. This seems like such a small issue to me. When the real issue should be router security, the idiotic idea of tying SSL certs to domain names, or the sad security of home routers.

Comment What are the chances? (Score 1) 415

What are the chances that all that org's e-mail is public by tomorrow morning?

Pretty good I'd think. Lots of hacker types around who read. Wouldn't take much to crack that box.

As a SE, if the contract fell my way, I'd have them completely offline for an upgrade on an emergency basis. Let the mail backup on the secondary- assuming his admin is smart enough to have done it right.

I'd bet dinner with a friend they are cracked by morning. If Trump had a decent IT staff they would not be in this condition.

Comment Everyone is dirty.... (Score 3, Insightful) 409

I've got mixed feelings on this.

They are all dirty- Trump, Clinton, and Assange. We all know about Trump and Clinton.

Assange is trying to strike out against a particular candidate, with stolen materials, which are unverified, and seeking some sort of revenge. So has become a defacto participant in the election process- as a foreign actor.

No matter how you dice it, everyone is dirty.

Ecuador on the other hand says: "Assange is trying to influence a foreign election from our embassy and we do not want to engage in that activity".

The only people with principles in this American election- are apparently Ecuador. How sad is that?

Comment Absurd.... (Score 1) 215

The DNS system is not the internet. The Internet works just fine without it- except for those pesky IP4 and IP6 numbers. This is such a smokescreen.

Everything the internet could be transitioned to a separate US controlled DNS system in the event of emergency. Would it be a shock to the system because everyone uses DNS? Of course. But new root servers could be deployed in short order.

Comment Re:That's the problem (Score 1) 241

That's the problem with Tor: Most people aren't brave enough (and, rightfully so) to operate an exit node because of the law enforcement repercussions. So, the only people that can operate exit nodes without repercussions is law enforcement. Which defeats the purpose of Tor.

And criminals. Notably ones in hard to prosecute countries.

Comment Not for me anymore.... (Score 3, Interesting) 241

It's probably not a good idea to use Tor anymore. There was a time when it was very useful, especially as a tool for journalists and dissidents ETC.

My main use for it was as a remote testing platform. Which it excelled at. Heck- I even wrote a small section of the Tor website regarding Tor's use by IT professionals.

Now... there's so much scrutiny on the system that your presence there basically gets you tagged as "suspicious".

My decision to stop using Tor was based on the apparent numbers of pedophiles that were hiding on the darknet. In an effort to not be confused with "them"- I stopped using it.

YMMV- it's a risky proposition. If you've ever run an exit node (not me!!) you are a potential target for misguided law enforcement. Plus the fact you may be unwittingly be aiding illegal activity as a middle man node.

Not for me. Make sure you understand what you are doing if you participate.

Comment Stick a fork in.... (Score 0) 612

This is finished. There's no way she wins the election, and I say that as one of her supporters. Here is clear evidence of trying to hide something. This leaves no room for doubt.

As an aside.... this IT guy is not very skilled if he's going to Reddit for technical advice.

This is a sad revelation- since I'm not a fan of Trump. But she's done.

Comment Re:Pretty simple actually.... (Score 2) 537

So what do black children on the west side of Chicago need to do to get a good education and a decent system to support them? Interpretive dance? How will they please the people around them and get support?

What services do they have to offer? Things only get better for them when someone steps in to make things better- and there isn't much profit in that... Now is there?

That's the case for most education problems....

So I'll tell you what "man", if you can take your snowflaky ass out of the corporate offices at Tivo, and go see the real world, you'd see that your view needs revising.

Elitist Carnage Mellon cake eating loser. Your bankbook is bigger than mine- but everything else you have is smaller.

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