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Comment Re:They tell you upfront it isn't going to be good (Score 1) 134

And to you, the viewer, they did look alike. The revelation: one of them was black on the left and white on the right; the other the other way around.

The beauty of that: you, the viewer, in all likelihood did not even notice that their colours were reversed until you got told so. Very poignant, and you shared the utter astonishment of the Enterprise crew that this was an issue at all.

I saw that episode for the first time when I was about 6 years old--about a year after I learned what the WHITE ONLY/COLORED ONLY signs were all about.

It still comes back to me whenever I encounter racism.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 577

Were you one of the violent ones at the Trump rallies,

I've thrown a punch or two at every Trump rally that I've ever attended. Plus I think I'll bring a gun to the next one I'm planning on attending.

I'm still trying to work out though if you're attempting a really inept insult or joke or are inept at reading people. Anyway, idle curiosity gets the better of me so I reply.

Comment Re:I Almost Never Agree (Score 1) 105

Oh please. This has nothing to do with how 'street smart' older people are. What a stupid thing to say. It has to do with fear. Older people are naturally risk-averse, and the things many of them value most are their homes and their independence. You threaten to take away either of those things and you trigger a very strong fear response. Even if they suspect it is a scam the risk of losing some money is nothing compared to the risk of losing their home or independence.

Comment Re:How could you fall for this? (Score 2) 105

The things that make them 'rather obvious scams' to you may not indicate 'rather obvious scam' to someone in a different situation, regardless of any 'mental health issues'. The fact you can't understand that is a character flaw on your part, not theirs.

Things that mark it as 'obvious scam':
      They called you instead of sending a letter, etc. - Maybe the person already has debt problems and is used to getting collection calls demanding payment. Whats one more caller? Maybe the person actually HAS tax problems and has received a letter, but has not taken any action.

      Indian caller who barely speaks english - 25 years ago if you called customer service for any company you spoke to someone in the US who could speak english. Then companies started contracting out those call centers to India. There was no great announcement that this was happening, but when you called the same number you always called you were now talking to someone in India. Everyone knows their are government contractors. Is it entirely beyond reason that the government would do the same as those companies did? No.

      Method of payment - 20 years ago it would have been unthinkable to pay McDonalds or a vending machine with a credit card, now it is commonplace. A very short time ago it would be unthinkable that you just tap your phone and a payment is made, now it is commonplace. It used to be if you wanted a CVS gift card you went to CVS, now you can buy a CVS card at Lowes. Maybe the method of payment requested seems unusual or odd, but is it really any more odd than buying a Coke with a phone?

In short, the more changes you have witnessed in your lifetime the less 'odd' any new changes seem. Things that to YOU may be giant red flags are just another change in an endless stream of changes.

And even if they DO think something is odd they may pay anyway. Most older people are risk averse, and the things they value most are their home and their independence. Threaten to take either of those away and you have triggered a very strong fear response. The risk of losing a little money to a scam pales in comparison to losing their home or independence, so they pay.

So why don't they ask for help if they suspect a scam? Because of assholes like you that think that is a sign they need to be 'taken care of and protected', thereby losing their independence.

Comment Re:Sorry, Tim... (Score 2) 349

Today's dime was 1970's penny. 1970 prices:

McDonald's Hamburger 12 cents
Pepsi 10 cents
candy bar 5 cents
Cigarettes 25 cents
Gasoline 25 cents
Ajax Cleaner 15 cents
Alka Selzer 39 cents
Apples 14 cents per pound
Bananas 12 cents per pound
Bathroom Tissue 13 cents
Birds Eye Cool whip 38 cents
Campbells Tomato Soup 10 cents
Clorox bleach 38 cents
Dogs Food $1.00 for 12 cans
Fresh Beef Liver 49 Cents per pound
Frozen Vegetables 25 cents for 2 pks
Ground Round 79 Cents per pound
Head and Shoulder Shampoo 79 cents
Heinz ketchup 19 cents
Idaho Potatoes 98 cents for 10 pounds

Miniimum wage was $1.40. So why is it not $14 today? And why do pennies and nickles still exist? ...
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Stupid slashdot, those were spacers to make the post more readable. Now gone, idiots. Happy?

Comment Re:Not just Southern Spain (Score 2) 215

It's pretty logical why people over history want to believe the world/society/civilization is ending - it makes a superb excuse for extremely localized personal choices and values.

Societies and civilizations always end. That's what they do.

Nobody said the world is ending. The claim is that it's about to get extremely inconvenient for humans.

It's pretty logical why people move the goalposts — so they don't have to actually do anything to change.

Comment Re:Not just Southern Spain (Score 1) 215

"it's about reducing greed."
The whole climate change movement has unfortunately mixed together ethics and science. And used "science" as the "reason" to accept the ethics. You "MUST" cut CO2 and do it in the societal-changing ways we believe in.

Here's the problem. You think they're objecting to greed on some whimsical basis. They aren't. They're objecting to it on the basis of physics. If we continue to live extractively, we are going to continue to force global warming. The biosphere cannot sustain our greed.

I personally am all for a progressive humanity and humanism and more ethical living.

Well then shut the fuck up and stop working against it, idiot.

Comment Re:Not just Southern Spain (Score 1) 215

The 'scenario' is based on a simple yet unproven assumption that a warmer globe means a drier climate in specific localized regions. Yet there is no proof of this or a validated model for this.

We know what weather patterns form deserts, and what produces those weather patterns. Are you saying that we can't take a good guess at what will happen if we simply pour more energy into the existing weather patterns? I suspect that's something we're fairly good at.

With our inability to understand the feedback mechanisms in a warmer world that we've not yet witnessed, we might find that precipitation actually increases in some of these regions.

Yes, we might. But probably not. We've already had the opportunity to observe significant global warming, so our ability to make declarative statements about it is improving over time, and you're pretending that it itsn't.

I call general bullshit on the predictions that always say dry areas get dryer, wet areas get wetter, stormy regions get stormier. Its too simple an assumption in a complex system.

That's not the prediction. This is a prediction about one specific dry area. You know what's more suspicious than a prediction that a dry area will get dryer? Refusing to accept such a plausible prediction. They're making a quite believable claim (adding energy to a system will increase its extremes) and you are making the exceptional counterclaim. It is you with the responsibility of providing exceptional evidence.

Comment Re:Sorry, Tim... (Score 1) 349

Not only that, but there are still dealers who will only take cash. The bar I go to takes only cash and checks, although there is an ATM, which dispenses... cash. A lot of bars and other places are like that because it costs the vendor a buck or two per transaction if a credit card is used. Do you really think the banking industry will let Apple kill their cash generating machines? Banks make tons of money from ATMs.

The statement is literally brainless; no thought whatever was put to it, unless you consider wishing for unicorns "thinking".

Comment Re: Not just Southern Spain (Score 1) 215

Look at what happened to the Aral Sea under the Soviets. The sea doesn't really exist anymore! (except as two small pocket remnants)

I've seen what's left of it from 10,000 metres. Bit of an eye-opener when I realised what it was, and that it didn't look much at all like what's shown on maps made just 50 or 60 years ago.

Comment Re:They need more censorship (Score 1) 86

Well I didn't get banned for my opinions. I got some assholes but I just blocked them like an adult.

So, you went through the trouble of getting in line for a gab.ai account, then signing up for an account, then logging in, before enjoying your freedom of speech?

So why not sign up for a Slashdot account and login so your opinion can be taken for more than pure horseshit? You know, like an adult.

Comment Re:Showrunner? (Score 1) 134

"Show runner" is rarely listed in the credits. Usually some other role that applies to the person who is the show runner is listed, such as Creator.

I like the fact they can be really misleading. Producer sounds like it's the "boss", but actually it's often an underling who has to get the stars coffee and make sure they're in good hotel rooms. Remember Jeremy Clarkson beating up his producer? He wasn't beating up his boss, he was beating up someone who worked for him. Executive Producer? Probably - though not always - some guy at the studio who approved funding the show.

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