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Comment Re:You don't own common sense (Score 1) 764

The US isn't China or Europe or Australia or Britain. We have our own unique culture. It has pluses and minuses like any other distinct culture does.

Yep it does. The some of the plusses are green chile, driving 20,000 miles on the emergency spare and paper license plates (screw you other 49 states), and one big minuses is the rather large number of people getting killed by guns (from what I recall, the majority are accidents and suicide, but I may be mistaken).

It requires a certain perspective to understand and appreciate other cultures. Perhaps you may develop that perspective someday.

It also requires a certain perspective to see the bad things about your culture, which are hard to get from the inside. Either way though lots of people getting killed is pretty much not a good thing.

Comment Re:"Police found Purinton 80 miles away at Applebe (Score 1) 764

Getting drunk and doing stupid things is not racist,

No, but getting drunk and shooting a brown person while yelling "get out of my country" is racist, drunk or not. Being drunk doesn't make it magically not racist, much like punching someone while drunk droesn't magically become "not assault" just because you're drunk.

Comment Re:xWare reverting (Score 1) 158

Since this would require 2 copies of the OS and firmware to be stored in the unit (which will have to be stored somewhere that won't be overwritten accidentally), this will just bump the price up.

You know, it's pretty typical to have a restore-to-factory function on a phone. It's not an arduous requirement for a game console. And for the record, Microsoft consoles already have multiple copies of the BIOS, and always have.

Comment Re:definitions? (Score 1) 158

What's happened for a very long time is third party manuals. My Grandmother's copy of "Book of The Ford" was a guide to repairing the Model T and was not written by the Ford Motor Company. That was in the early 1920s and was nowhere near the first edition.

Back then, it was reasonable to make repairs to a vehicle with nothing but basic mechanical knowledge. Today, it isn't. You need torque specs (which aren't just based on bolt sizes no matter how much people want that to be true) and the codes to instruct the computers as to what to do. Those codes are in the official documentation most of the time, for recoding the PCM and such. The only way they get into the Haynes or Chilton's (etc.) is if someone gets them out of the official book. Those codes are facts, and you can't copyright a fact, so it's legal to do so in just the same way that it's legal to OCR the phone book, re-layout the numbers, and print your own. But if the manufacturer weren't forced to publish them then we would be at the mercy of dealers for that information. If the manufacturer then stopped giving them to the dealers, and ran all that information through the software, then getting it would depend on a friendly dealer willing to let someone hook up a protocol sniffer, while actually performing the procedure.

It is not enough to "allow" a third party to create a repair manual.

Comment Re:definitions? (Score 1) 158

You're probably also under the false impression that a warrantor has to somehow "prove" a user modification caused an otherwise warranted issue in order to deny coverage. Nope - if they want to say your engine warranty is voided if you hang fuzzy dice on the mirror, they can. They just have to state so clearly.

Right, if you want protection under the act, you'll have to bring a lawsuit. It's not automatic, since district attorneys are useless fucks 99% of the time, chasing office and not justice.

Comment Re:Don't show this to the Linus/Linux Kernel Group (Score 1) 48

Whatever works! :)

It works sufficiently for Linux, but the fact it works at all does not imply that something else couldn't work better. Several high profile kernel devs have left due to the flood of shite. Matthew Garrett is one and he was responsible for a huge amonut of the power saving code which makes Linux actually acceptable on laptops.

Comment Re:a Code of Conduct is a weapon (Score 1) 48

I don't understand why a programming language, as a recent example, requires a Code of Conduct.

A programming language doesn't: such a thing is nonsensical because a language is inanimate and has no agency. The people in the community who contribute, however, do. If you can't see why people need a code of conduct then I can only ask: have you ever met people?

If you want your official forums to be civil, than enforce civility.

Using your personal, unwritten code of civility, I assume, even though it differs from mine?

Comment Yep (Score 1) 1

On page 204 he suggests that Google and Apple are influenced by their shareholders. Seems to me to be a remarkably naive statement

You can throw Oracle and Facebook and Twitter in there, and who knows how many other companies (just look at the banks as one blatant example). It's the whole "we're too big to fail, so we're too big to be held accountable." Donald Trump continues to live his life that way.

Comment Re:Terrible Idea (Score 1) 158

I'm not making this up. I bought something. It stopped working. It had to be shipped to China for warranty repair. It wasn't expensive and I threw it out. Lesson learned.

You should get better at talking to eBay. A recent dispute I was in which culminated with a refund was won by me with a statement about how the seller wanted me to become an expert in international shipping law so that they can get back their counterfeit product and see where it went wrong. Problem solved.

Comment Re:MS used to ban people for useing there own hdd' (Score 4, Informative) 158

That was because you had to mod the console to use your own HDD originally, you weren't banned for using your own HDD, you were banned for breaking the online service terms and conditions of not using a modded console.

Those terms and service were illegal right on their face, because the Magnuson-Moss act prohibits voiding a warranty for a repair if the repair uses compatible parts. And the video game companies already lost the legal battle to prohibit people from using their trademarks as an unlock; if you make that the unlock, then you simultaneously give everyone permission to use it for that purpose.

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