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Comment Re:Google should just block Australia (Score 1) 25

Google has put up with worse I'm afraid.

Unfortunately the real power here lies with Rupert "Fucking" Murdoch. Much to the chargrin of News Corps minority shareholders, the Australian newspaper doesn't make a profit and serves as nothing more than a funnel to inject the sort of bad ideas that have turned american politics into the garbage fire it is, into australian politics too. And if he doesn't like it, the conservatives will bow, and do as the master commands.

I wish the old vampire would just have a coronary and leave democracy alone.

Comment Re: The end? (Score 2) 200

I doubt it. Billion dollar companies just don't fold , they burn down slowly, and there's a lot of things that need to go wrong before investors simply abandon the fortunes ploughed into the company.

Some companies constantly churn executives (think: yahoo) constantly and still survive. We are a long way off knowing if uber is that sort of company and if it is , are the fundamentals right to ride it out

Comment Re: Idk (Score 1) 112

The only real alternative right now is DDT, and whilst the human toxicity of DDT is a bit exaggerated in the public imagination, its still not exactly a great solution and has awful environmental effects. Worse, the bloody mozzies are developing resistance.

What are folks to do? Reject it because of a theoretical concern about gene propagation whilst theres a very concrete concern about the alternatives? Malaria is a thief in the night who steals entire generations. Forget HIV, malaria is the #1 health issue in the world (Although while we are there, Malaria is a death sentence for HIV afflicted folk. Which in africa makes it serious double jepardy)

Comment Baffling 1st amendment violation (Score 1) 155

This isn't going to last 5 minutes in the courts. Its just plainly obvious that its unconstitutional. I'm baffled that the people who are supposed to know this stuff , the legislators, keep screwing this up.

This isn't a left wing or right wing thing. Its just a straight up retarded thing.

Comment Re:GOOD. (Score 2) 281

Congratulations, you've noticed that vaccines do not protect 100% from infection. They are in fact less than 100% effective, but more than 0% effective.

Yep, and to make it worse, Immunocompromised folks, HIV, Lukemia, and so on, won't necessarily have immune systems capable of using the learned immunity from the vaccine AND are quite likely to die from things like the flu. So they are even more dependent on herd immunity.

Comment Re: *AA impeachment of PM starts in 3, 2, 1... (Score 1) 30

Nonsense. FTTH was always the more expensive option because it didn't need mini-exchanges having to be built on every street corner. More to the point I can guarantee you would have received fibre earlier because switching to the more expensive and slower plan required stopping work and renegotiating all the contracts again.
This plan had literally no upside

Comment Re: Snow storm? (Score 1) 279

Climates are not simple systems , I think everyone agrees on that much. Knowledge of CO2s infra-red properties leading to the greenhouse effect has been around since about the 1870s (and scientists then where quite worried about it particularly in context to the widespread use of coal industry and oil lamps), the question has really been "how much have we put out there (almost more an economic question) and how does that extra thermal load affect things, the answers to which started emerging in the 1970. I think the pop science publications made more significance out of the whole ice age cycle than actual research scientists did.

Comment Re: Idk (Score 5, Insightful) 112

I think your underestimating how much suffering malaria causes. Malaria is nasty stuff. It's super painful , leaves you completely unable to get out of bed , you run huge fevers , and because the body can't really mount an antigen defence against it , you'll get it over and over and over again. The end result is it paralyses entire regions by making huge portions of the workforce perpetually sick and this has contributed hugely to Africa's economic misfortunes. A society where almost everyone of age can work is a society where people can work their way out of poverty and that means cleaner water , better tended environments and cheaper government

Comment Re:*AA impeachment of PM starts in 3, 2, 1... (Score 1) 30

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull; good man...

He's a spineless fool who lives in terror of the ultra-conservative wing of the party despite it being obvious he doesnt actually care much for their ideology Turnbull would have known full well that moving the NBN from fibre to the home to fibre to the node would turn the whole operpation into a dumpster fire, but he did it anyway because abbot wanted to dismantle the entirety of labors work. So now we're stuck with a half bbake garbage network for whom most people will never get speeds anywhere near fibre.

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