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Comment Re:Maybe (Score 2) 84

I probably lost the best relationship of my life back in the 90s when my beautiful girlfriend decided to move out and leave me because I spent waaaay too much time on usenet instead of with her. And honestly, i think she was right. I fucked that one up good and proper. It sadens me how much of my life I've spent staring at a screen when theres so much good life out there waiting to be had.

Comment Re:Yeah... (Score 1) 326

Honestly a lot of it comes from circumstance of birth too. One thing I consistently find with wealthy clients, is their folks where wealthy too. They often had family help establishing their first businesses and had access to old money when it came to capital. Of course there are exceptions to that rule, but not a lot.

Comment Re:Don't most games do this... (Score 1) 170

That is a very false statement.

Or you could actually read the article, I know I know its hard so I did it for you. From the abstract of the journal article;-

The software, called ViZDoom, is based on the classical first-person shooter video game, Doom. It allows developing bots that play the game using the screen buffer. ViZDoom is lightweight, fast, and highly customizable via a convenient mechanism of user scenarios. In the experimental part, we test the environment by trying to learn bots for two scenarios: a basic move-and-shoot task and a more complex maze-navigation problem. Using convolutional deep neural networks with Q-learning and experience replay, for both scenarios, we were able to train competent bots, which exhibit human-like behaviors. The results confirm the utility of ViZDoom as an AI research platform and imply that visual reinforcement learning in 3D realistic first-person perspective environments is feasible.

So yes it is in fact learning to play from the screen data.

Comment Re:Sigh not more of this bullshit (Score 1) 446

I agree. Hopefully they will ADD a USB port and not just leave us hanging. I would like to see an additional port on the opposite edge of my current charging port. Almost every USB implementation includes 2 available ports and they could utilize the existing boards without having to expand the size. I am also not really actively seeking a phone that is thinner overall, make it smaller to better fit in a pocket and flexible to better withstand the squashing effect.

To this I would add, make a nice metal detailing around the side with an aerial that can be "enhanced" by holding it a certain way, sell it in fancy shops with white decor and hipster attendants, and finally add IOS and call it "Iphone 4". Progress!

Comment Re:She's right (Score 1, Flamebait) 221

Here is another perspective based on non smoothed data.

Well there you go. Former television presenter, Anthony "My high school diploma is as valid as your PhD" Watts, just shot down those pesky scientists and their damn "facts" once again!

Next up, why evolution isn't real with "Actual scientist with bible degree" Gish!

Comment Re:Dumb question, but where should we store them? (Score 1) 116

Active directory, with PKI and kerberos (Theres PAM modules that'll do the heavy lifting here). Consider a proper password management system, like lastpass, or if compliance wont let you use the "cloud", I'm told Bruce Scheiners open source ones pretty good.

Couple that with a policy that enforces good password hygiene (Ie randomly generated lastpass passwords) and you might have a fighting chance of keeping your stuff safe-ish

Comment SpaceX cops it in the neck again. (Score 4, Insightful) 55

Man SpaceX just can't catch a break. Two nasty explosions (One on the damn pad) and now serious danger of fire damage to launch facilities, although I assume the pad itself is probably pretty safe ( I mean what can a bush fire do that a rocket engine exploding to pieces cant , right? )

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