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Comment Do somethign to help, spread he word (Score 1) 1145

Automation and increased productivity hasn't yet made most the population wake up and realize the serious problem. Sorry friend, that ship has not sailed as far as the masses.

If you want to help, you can try to inform everybody you know so we have less clueless people out there. Once enough of the population realizes then solutions could be possible assuming the public is not still engineered to serve our current masters. It's far more likely the ruling elite drives more of the population down while distracting us and using wars and man-made disasters (such as global warming) to cull the population in something that makes one think of "The Time Machine" isn't such far fetch fantasy.

Comment Re:If there are members of the public out all hour (Score 1) 258

Ignoring the billions it takes to add lanes to highways, road wear, accidents/insurance, pollution... Don't forget about the TIME people lose and the economic damage caused by having massive gridlock.

Sure public transit is not profitable!
Being part of the transit system which includes roads and bridges, it shouldn't make a profit and for one to expect it to even break even is just simply pathetic. Infrastructure is an overhead cost for civilization. DO NOT GET TRICKED into debating deck chair positions on the titanic.

Comment Insightful? (Score 1) 317

Bolivia has plenty of chickens. This is a tiny amount for them; furthermore, just about anybody can afford to buy some chicks and start on their own. If he wanted to help the poor with chickens he'd provide education on raising them and maybe some chicken feed... It's incredibly ignorant to think that giving any group of people on earth free chickens is going to greatly benefit them.

Next we'll hear about Gates giving poor Hindus cows or drilling water wells in the Amazon or providing winter coats to north Africans or high-tech toilets...(anybody remember that one?)

If it must be food related, get people willing to eat insects like grasshoppers and show the how to raise those...

Comment Branding labels...and relative reality. (Score 1) 157

Branding things as liberal and conservative is a big game in itself because of the identity psychology involved; where people who believe themselves to be a member/consumer of the brand will actually bend themselves into all sorts of hypocrisies in order to maintain their belief.

Everybody wants to believe their brand is the righteous one; their tribe is number 1! It sure is a lot easier than betraying your tribe and switching....especially when there is no tribe and evolved background behavior pattern is not so obvious.

For example, global warming is an issue that was purposely and successfully marketed as an identity issue; forcing conservatives to flip flop from sane positions or be forced to have to question their identity. The best example of this comes from Australia, where a fossil fuel industry campaign admitted to modeling what was done in the USA with great success. Their example is powerful because of the massive turn around they caused on a pretty well established position in a nation seeing early consequences.

Comment Re:What is the purpose of Money... (Score 1) 1116

Some of us work for other reasons besides money. Money isn't the sole motivator. For dull labor jobs money does work as a motivator but for those people wanting more than a lousy $10-20k per year base income it will work... until robots replace all that.

Studies show that a lot of people are more strongly motivated by other things and it is likely MORE than 10% of the population. Many people would work part time at something reasonable and some people are obsessed with their work or addicted to work who would continue regardless.

It is basically a simple communism and capitalism hybrid. The way it works and sounds is not simple. You can privatize more of the welfare system with direct payment and the private purchase of what used to be state welfare services. Increased savings or more likely increased waste would occur (depending on how well administered-- it really comes down to management and the type of system does not matter much.) It sounds more socialistic than privatization of public services (so it appeals to the "left") but it can easily swing in either direction as well as heavily depending on where you draw the division. The devil is in the details; more so on something with a hybrid of the ideology propaganda.

It would work in millions of variations... or fail in just as many.

Comment parent wrong (Score 1) 1116

1) A basic income is not winning the lottery. Most people want much more than cheap food, shelter, and some clothes. Decent healthy food isn't cheap for starters... People will work for extras just as they try to get an education or a promotion to get more. DEMAND drives the economy and SUPPLY sets the price - more people will have purchasing power which will help the economy while limited supply for the increased demand will raise prices and in turn motivate people to earn more money.... it is not that far from how things work already. Many people wrongly complained about minimum wage ruining everything and it made things better; this is similar but addresses the lack of livable wage jobs. A.I. will eventually drive the point home to the public.

2) sig: Good honest politicians are extremely rare and must be kept as long as they are viable (and alive. see FDR.) They do not all turn bad-- most are bad to begin with and merely haven't been caught for the sort of things they did from the start.

Comment Armchair expert (Score 1) 126

Just about everybody who has been in college can remember professors who while knowing their subject were absolutely horrible teachers. College is supposed to be where the student teaches themselves and uses the expert for guidance. This is why college requires ZERO education experience and provides ZERO education training for professors. Children and teenagers in public schools are a TOTALLY different situation from that of even a public college.

Anybody with experience in education should be able to inform you if you ask what the biggest issues are for education of the immature... FYI, knowledge of the subject is not on the list! I bet you that many USA readers here will remember a time in school when they had a guest speaker who wasn't treated respectfully or a substitute teacher who was unable to get the lesson completed (it is to the point that I rarely had a teacher tell the substitute teacher continue their plans unabridged. Yes, I realize from experience one can't always just hand it off so easily.)

A motivated child acting mature enough for a little bit of time will learn ON THEIR OWN, as I suspect many /. readers know from their own childhood interests.
Plenty of science and research on education has been done and continues to be done. Some are applying this wisdom but the USA is not. It IS political and it's not actually the unions or lazy old teachers. I also know some of what actually goes on in that area as well. I personally know somebody in political system who is among a group who's goal is to ruin public education for the long term goal of completely recreating it along their ideals. Why ruin it? It is simple, people love public education so it has to be more than just attacked, it has to be made less lovable.

Comment Playing with Google Rank (Score 5, Insightful) 287

MOST LIKELY, he noticed just like I did, that googling his name puts UFO ranked higher. So he is trying to influence his google ranking to have recent UFO related results attached to his name rather than Panama.

I remember Bill Clinton's Chief of staff over a decade ago talking about how he looked into UFOs early into Bill's years in office and Bill told him to see if he could find anything. In the interview I remember him saying he found nothing but also felt like he was getting the run around by the system. This is either still a thing for him or it is a tactic being employed again.

Comment "It can't get any worse..." -cliche (Score 1) 178

Haven't you seen any movies? As soon as a major player says those words, construction workers at Chernobyl 2 will start to die in horrific ways...

Seriously, it could be a money pit with most typical technology breaking down or producing errors when exposed to radiation. It could be extremely costly to support even a solar plant. The waste could be improperly stored (possibly due to the same sort of systematic incompetence) resulting in a bigger mess -- but that is why they are thinking that would be a good location, isn't it?

Comment Not much change (Score 2) 117

Life could be a really complex search algorithm we just can't begin to comprehend. Life could be a non-linear approximation of 42...

Not much has changed in AI, the fundamentals on these new systems are still the same as before. The difference is we have more computing power (and CS work hours) to put into problems we thought were more amazingly complex than they were. It's likely that Go is actually as difficult as we thought it was so our progress on this search problem is not a result of a huge leap but merely a realization by some of us that the problem wasn't as big as we thought. It is akin to rating password security simply by the number of combinations and ignoring randomization: your 8 letter password might seem complex enough but in actuality it is weak because you picked a word from the dictionary. The prediction of your decision (randomness) aspect is a critical aspect.

What I'm trying to say is that the massive branching factor of Go in terms decision trees is like having long password length (like 56 letters long vs chess being 8) but the INTUITION of good decisions is akin to approaching a true random unpredictable password and it is NOT as difficult as we thought it was! Therefore, human professional intuition is not as miraculous or brilliant as previously thought. That is what this "leap" in Go is demonstrating. This is development humbling and/or frightful and should make one ponder our human hubris.

Comment Forget about better Talent - What Talent?? (Score 1) 309

A CEO arguably needs some talent (although most seem to lack any talent and just follow their MBA training) a university president doesn't require any talent. It's all admin BS and most places largely run themselves. A college president does not come up with new products, or significantly changes the direction of the organization.

Comment You can yell "Fire!" in a theatre (Score 1) 385

You have the right to say anything. This is an unalienable right; it is not given to you by any authority. Authorities can oppress you but they can not take away your human rights... You simply choose to not exercise your rights due to your fear of the authorities.

Yelling Fire is not the crime - you are free to do that and it should be legal if your rights are being respected. The crime is in causing a panic which harms people; which can be done by other methods (like by setting off the fire alarm.) It is also a crime to falsely report a fire (done by yelling, alarm, 911, etc.) You can say stuff at the airport too and they can choose to strip search you and detain you at their own discretion as well... The speech itself shouldn't be the crime.

People who can not control their own emotions always resort to trying to control other people. Profanities exist because of the power YOU give them over yourself. Grow a pair and take some responsibility over your emotions. WIMPS can not handle being offended or intimidated - the younger generations seem to be progressing towards becoming hypersensitive.

Comment Game Theory (Score 2) 428

Game Theory should be the real topic to keep this for the nerds.

We need more examples of how fucked up an unrealistic Game Theory is in modeling human nature. It works for modeling how mental cases handle situations... which in this case is most the GOP candidates; it's especially fitting in that they themselves tend to view the world in that unrealistic model even if they have no clue about the math involved.

Comment Model T (Score 1) 33

This is just the BEGINNING. It illustrates that this is an actionable strategy in the works; not some empty brainstorming. It also means that this is a demo of the concept and if it works even slightly will be applied more broadly. Remember, the military is ok with buying really expensive things that don't even work at all for a few years or even that well after some of the kinks are worked out.

Imagining a next gen carrier being a floating factory of drone fighters where they no longer need to maintain and store the fighters is likely something that has already been thought up. ( nowhere in the pipeline, except that projects like this are the foundation of things like that.)

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