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Submission + - NASA Updates EM Drive: Continues Observing Anomalous Thrust (

An anonymous reader writes: EM Drive research continues this with an Oct 31 post update from Paul March, a researcher as NASA's Eagleworks that is continuing development into the viability of EM Drive. March discusses actions taken to mitigate sources of error in past experiments with the updated experiment to investigate possible Lorentz force interactions, "Given all of the above TP wiring and test article modifications with respect to our 2014 AIAA/JPC paper design baseline needed to address these Lorentz force magnetic interaction issues, we are still seeing over 100uN of force with 80W of RF power going into the frustum running in the TM212 resonant mode, now in both directions, dependent on the direction of the mounted integrated test article on the TP. However these new plus and minus thrust signatures are still contaminated by thermally induced TP center of gravity (cg) zero-thrust baseline shifts brought on by the expansion of the copper frustum and aluminum RF amp and its heat sink when heated by the RF, even though these copper and aluminum cg shifts are now fighting each other. (Sadly these TP cg baseline shifts are ~3X larger in-vacuum than in-air due to the better insulating qualities of the vacuum, so the in-vacuum thrust runs look very thermally contaminated whereas the in-air run look very impulsive.) So we have now developed an analytical tool to help separate the EM-Drive thrust pulse waveform contributions from the thermal expansion cg induced baseline shifts of the TP. Not being satisfied with just this analytical impulsive vs thermal signal separation approach, we are now working on a new integrated test article subsystem mounting arrangement with a new phase-change thermal management subsystem that should mitigate this thermally induced TP cg baseline shift problem once and for-all." March concludes by giving us hope of EM Drive viability with, "And yet the anomalous thrust signals remain..."

Submission + - ReactOS Presented to Russian President Putin ( 2

An anonymous reader writes: While President Putin was touring the area of Seliger Youth Forum, Marat Karatov demonstrated what can only be described as a fair amount of daring when he called out to the president and requested to present ReactOS to him. Putin agreed, and the project has now presented ReactOS to two successive Russian presidents. Putin responded to the presentation by stating he would think on it.

Submission + - Zuckerberg Only Eating Animals He Personally Kills

theodp writes: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has begun personally slaying animals for food, part of a resolution to fully appreciate the meat he eats by limiting it to that which he personally kills. Zuckerberg has mostly been vegetarian since making the vow, but his hands-on kills thus far include a goat, pig, chicken and a lobster. 'He cut the throat of the goat with a knife,' Zuckerberg pal Jesse Cool told FORTUNE, 'which is the most kind way to do it.' Guess it beats a chocolate bars and milk subsistence.

Submission + - Space cheddar successfully recovered (

SpuriousLogic writes: A block of cheese launched into the upper atmosphere on Tuesday has been found undamaged in Buckinghamshire. The "interstellar cheddar" landed in Cressex — some 74 miles away — and was taken to High Wycombe police station on Wednesday night, the launch team said. The wedge was still in one piece but the flight-recording camera had failed. The helium pod's GPS system broke down soon after its launch to mark the Moon landing anniversary so the West Country Cheesemakers team lost track of it. It was found in a garden and handed in to the police, the group said. It had been attached to a weather balloon which was launched from Wiltshire 18.6 miles (30km) into the atmosphere.

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