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Comment Re:see if your karma changed (Score 1) 4

My karma is still at excellent, where it has been for quite some time. Even when people used to mod-bomb me (I have old JEs on that, which I'm not going to bother to dig out links for right now) my karma hardly ever moved - and never below whatever the next value down below excellent is.
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Journal Journal: What the? Where am I? 4

I don't know if someone accidentally nuked the mod-ban list or what, but I checked the front page today and I see I have moderator points.

A whole five of them, but moderator points no less.

Comment Re:A troll is ALWAYS under some other rock (Score 1) 25

they appeal to the conservatives, they can "work together". Your assertions to the contrary

I have never accused the Clintons of being actual liberals. You really ought to try reading my comments some time. I gave you credit for your one factual statement of the week already (which as usual appears to have come from you by accident), but that doesn't mean you need to continue spewing out random bullshit in its wake.

That said, it is still official GOP part policy to hate the Clintons at every chance. The main conservatives who find them appealing are the ones from the democratic party (which unfortunately is a majority of that party). The democratic conservatives are too blinded by their adoration for the Clintons to acknowledge that another Clinton Administration is a guarantee of getting absolutely nothing done in the federal government for at least two years.

Comment Re:The bean is ALWAYS under some other cup (Score 1) 25

nothing agitates a conservative like the idea of a Clinton in the white house.

Absolute nonsense.

Bull. Shit.

There is no shortage of conservatives who can hardly survive more than 30 feet from a defibrillator when the word Clinton comes out of someone else's mouth. The rest of them can hardly let the word come out of someone else's mouth before they are already jumping at the opportunity to tell that other person how much they hate anything associated with the name Clinton.

the democratic party is famous for keeping so-called "liberal" policy off the table.

Is that your accidental statement of fact for the week? Liberalism is indeed dead in this country. Unless our country fractures into 2 (or more) separate independent countries, I won't live to see single-payer health care or any of the other standard benefits of the first world in this country (arguably it would no longer be this country any more at that point).

between Sanders and Clinton in the primaries, and the republican won. And since you guys like to float around your little theories, you should dig a little to find some some likely fraud there.

Believe it or not, the nomination is based on who gets the most votes - not the person who gets the loudest votes. Yeah, the superdelegates can throw it but ultimately that wasn't they did not. I made my voice heard, and Sanders won my state. However the national vote went the other way.

his tax returns, which will probably only reveal that he doesn't pay any.

If that was all they had, they would have already been released. The GOP is all about the richest people paying as little tax as possible. More likely he is hiding them because they show he isn't making anywhere near as much money as he wants everyone to believe and is actually managing to pay negative taxes.

Comment Re:The bean is ALWAYS under some other cup (Score 1) 25

(and as you noted, even glaring problems wouldn't matter to his faithful fanatics)

Drumpf benefits from two groups of fanatics in this election, one of his own creation and the other of the democrat's creation. Sure, he has a group of crazies that actually latch on to his incoherent and hateful message. However he also benefits from the fact that nothing agitates a conservative like the idea of a Clinton in the white house. He honestly has a group of people who believe that electing him is the only way to prevent the end of days, they would vote for Charles Manson to prevent a President Clinton.

Had he had only the first group, his defeat would be guaranteed and we'd be looking at a colossal tidal wave of returns against him. However as the democrats managed to nominate the very candidate that energizes the republicans more than any other (at least amongst those who are eligible to run in 2016) we suddenly find ourselves with a potentially close race.

The Donald will want to release them close enough to the election to swing the key voters, but without allowing enough time for the dirt stories to get big enough to hurt him. In this scenario

At this point I rather doubt he's going to release them at all. He's managed to avoid releasing them this long, what's a few more weeks? On top of that, he is supported in no small part by a bunch of people who believe the IRS is out to get them - so refusing to comply just feeds into that narrative any ways.

Comment Re:Hurt Trump? (Score 1) 25

if you think about how many people must have seen his tax returns... None of them managed to sneak a few smartphone shots? There must be some really juicy bits in there.

He has known for some time how to surround himself with people who believe in his lines. He is a con man the likes of which few have ever reached. For one of his staffers (business, political, or otherwise) to expose his taxes would be worse than them defecating in their own front yards. They'd probably never work again, anywhere.

You know if they made him look good, Trump would release them in a New York minute.

I don't dispute that notion, unless he is for some reason saving those for this October Surprise.

I actually can see this as being something that even supports the hypothesis that when Trump entered the race he had no intention of taking it all the way. There are a few good points that suggest he actually took this on as something of an anarchist or troll candidate, but then got swept up in his own momentum. He could have dropped out at any point (and indeed still could) but he eventually decided to run with the notion of "no PR is bad PR" and see where he could get with it.

After all, if he is even 1% as wealthy as he claims (and the recent sale of his Lamborghini for $490k suggests he may well be) he doesn't need to film another TV show or sell another anything with his name on it to live comfortably for the rest of his life. He could beat up a homeless man on video in Times Square while setting fire to American flags and praising Putin and he still would live better than any of us for the rest of his time.

Comment Stupid advised by clueless (Score 1) 527

Any policy director who thinks that ICANN is relevant should be fired. Trump isn't very smart but he should be smart enough to realize that ICANN prioritizes on money above all else. Realizing that he should be well aware that they haven't had any meaningful power or control in a long time. That he managed to find a policy person who can't figure this out is astonishing.

Comment Hurt Trump? (Score 1) 25

Surely, you jest. Nothing that has hurt any other human being in the history of ... possibly ever ... has made a difference to his campaign. If his taxes showed that he was personally sending money directly to Putin in 2012 and was now getting money back straight from Putin in 2016 that wouldn't hurt him.

Comment Ding! Reality! (Score 1) 610

Sometime during the administration of Bush Jr. this site took a hard turn to the right. I don't know if it got caught up in post-9/11 hysteria and never came back to earth or if something else happened but the voice became notably conservative. Did the front page drive the dominant voice to go conservative, or the other way around? It's hard to tell which was cause and which was effect.

The simple fact though is that several times a week we see conservative FUD on the front page; various articles telling us why we should hate the Clintons, or hate Obama, or hate anything that can be tied to "liberal" politics, or hate and of a variety of other such things. When was the last time there was something on the front page that was critical of a conservative politician or viewpoint? Similarly when the discussion starts up, the non-conservative views are quickly suppressed by the majority conservative views here. Eventually a conservative editor comes around and down-moderates the non-conservative view into oblivion to further drive home the point of whose viewpoint is welcomed here and whose is not.

Frankly anyone who is more liberal than Genghis Khan is labelled a communist here (by people who of course refuse to attain even the simplest grasp of communism).

Comment Stonetear on slashdot? (Score 1) 610

At first I would have said no way, as there are approximately 3 non-conservatives on slashdot - and I'm one of them - today. Then I clicked the link and realized that the StoneTear here hasn't posted in over 13 years. This puts that user as having passed around the exodus of "liberals" from slashdot, so there is a remote chance that it could be the same person that is suspected of being a Clinton staffer.

Comment Re:... formerly most secure computer (Score 1) 126

To be fair, they offer it with multiple OS choices; Windows 10 just happens to be one of them. You can opt for a less-terribly-insecure OS if you want. I just find it comical that they present it as secure when Windows 10 is an option - particularly considering how many Windows users are always logging in as administrator (admittedly some without even realizing it).

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