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Comment Re:How about traveling without? (Score 1) 143

Your reply wandered so much that it's rather difficult to tell if you even had a plan for it. I'll take the most coherent parts of it and try to reply to them:

Yes, you can, especially if you're only vaguely on social networks. But we shouldn't have to jump through hoops like this

If you are so married to your online existence that you consider leaving your laptop behind to be "jumping through hoops" then you probably couldn't be helped by any amount of anything here. Fortunately for you people who are at that level of dependency seldom notice when they are more than 10 miles from their home - as they almost never look away from their screens anyways - so traveling doesn't really matter. As the majority of slashdot readers are far more than 10 miles from an international border, it is reasonable to expect that you wouldn't be a likely candidate to wander far.

when you're visiting friends and whatever while travelling, guess what, social networks are very useful in that case

First of all, if you are visiting other people, that should be your social network, right there. Why do you need to worry about other people at that time? You're taking your attention away from the people who actually cared enough about you to spend time with you in the real world.

Second, if you are visiting people who you interact with in your online social networks, you probably haven't gone some place where you need to worry about a travel mode for your devices; likely you haven't gone more than 10 miles from your home.

Do you think it stops at social networks? Should you leave your phone completely?

Do you really think the two are equivalent in levels of importance?

Social networks today, your phone call history tomorrow? Is that OK?

There are nations that for years have checked visitors' phones at customs. In case you didn't know this before, US laws don't travel with you when you enter another country - you enter another country and you are now expected to adhere to their laws. If you don't like their laws you should have traveled elsewhere.

You can do this at the moment. Then tomorrow when they start doing automatic searches based on your name, and show you an account they've found that looks like you and has your name, what then?

What are you talking about? This is quite a bit removed from the topic at hand. If you're worried that a foreign nation is going to ask you to log in to a social media account, then you've made yourself a slave to social media. I'm guessing you don't leave home often with that attitude, though so you're probably just fine with that.

Comment How about traveling without? (Score 3) 143

Really, traveling without social media is a very pleasant option in most cases. My most memorable vacations are the ones I took where I was not worried about WiFi or 3G service. Your vacation should get you away from what consumes you during the rest of your existence; if you are worrying about that crap while you are away I'm going to tell you that your doing your vacation wrong.

Comment G+, the only lower-volume network than slashdot (Score 1) 1

I'm quite active on G+. However I find the only way to get in a discussion with other people is to start in a discussion started by the account of someone who is vastly better known in public than myself. Even then, the discussions don't tend to last long. When I post things publicly in my own name I get a few comments from people I know and that's generally about it. In my circles is one person who works for Google, and when he posts he doesn't tend to get a ton of replies either.

I guess if I joined more groups on there, and then posted to them, I might see more volume. The problem with that though is then you are usually just posting to people who already agree with you, which isn't that terribly useful.

Comment Re:About (Score 1) 7

Probably about three or four hundred pages.

Well, according to the wikipedia page it was supposed to be 320 pages. I was just surprised that there was apparently a large amount of interest in a page when all that was known about it was the title, length, and author.

It is suggested on the wikipedia page about the author that the book may have been intended to be autobiographical. I guess that means it belongs in the fiction category then...

Comment Re:What it's about? Simple. (Score 1) 7

I don't have any reason to contest that, but do you have any sources to back it up? If that was the entire subject matter of it, then why would so many conservatives rush out to pre-order it? Even as much energy as the GOP has put in to attacking and suppressing anyone who is not straight, white, male, and Christian, this doesn't seem like a topic that a lot of their base would want to put energy into reading up on.

Or were they just buying it to put on their bookshelves next to the latest books from Coulter, Limbaugh, and the likes? Or were the pre-orders actually coming from PACs and other similar entities that were out to amplify the message for some reason?

Comment Re:Don't blame the publishers ... (Score 1) 8

Therein lies one of the biggest problems in the current situation - we are still in a job market that is toxic to the worker, and it is reinforced by a government that encourages bad behavior. Labor unions have - to be generous - only very marginal power in the US and we're going to see them lose most of what little power they still have soon. Blacklists are coming back in fashion in a big way - where is someone with a dishonorable discharge going to find employment when all their training came from the job that canned them for insubordination?

It doesn't much matter the consequences of following an order on a larger scale; right now the workers will follow damned near any order as long as it means the paycheck keeps coming in.

Comment Re:Don't blame the publishers ... (Score 1) 8

I will admit I do not have military experience, so I cannot back this up for all cases. My understanding though is that any time a service member chooses to disobey an order from a superior they are in very real risk of being charged with (at least) insubordination. In some cases they could lose their rank. pension, or more.

Comment Re:2020 campaign? (Score 1) 7

WTF is wrong with that sorry excuse for a man?

The shorter list is what isn't wrong. Indeed that list is so short that aside from "breathes in oxygen" I can't think of anything to put on it.

In that press conference a few days ago he mentioned Hillary Clinton sixteen times.

He - or his handlers - is smart enough to know a dog whistle when he hears one. Nothing excites the GOP base as much as the name "Clinton". He could mention Chelsea Clinton's child - or for that matter mention NY Governor Clinton (who was responsible for the Erie Canal) - and the GOP would promptly circle jerk themselves into a frothy frenzy. If a little bit is good, then obviously even more is even more gooder, right?

Comment Too bad it's Ubuntu (Score 2) 126

This distro seems to become a bigger train wreck with each passing release. The arbitrary bullshit that my current install (16.04LTS) keeps throwing at me boggles my mind at times. Who the fuck thought it made sense for a laptop to lock the display configuration files when it goes to sleep? Now any time I put my laptop to sleep I have to move .config, and .kde, and reboot the next time I want to connect to an external monitor. Otherwise it will happily detect and lock out any external monitor until the magic locked file is out of the way. A simple reboot doesn't resolve it, the files have to be moved manually out of the way.

I wish that was the worst thing they've done, that is just the problem I run it to most often. The long term solution to it seems to be to just never put my laptop to sleep (as I use a different external display configuration at home than I do at work, and there are times I need to use only the laptop display while at work or on the road).

Comment Smartphone life expectancy? (Score 2) 91

If 432 million smart phones are sold per quarter that is 1.6 billion per year. One group predicts around 4.77 billion cell phone users by the end of 2017, though that includes both smart phones and less sophisticated phones. If we said that half of those phones are smart that means the number of smart phones is somewhere around 2.4 billion. We already know we are closing in on saturation as the remainder of the world's ~6.8 billion people are not necessarily potential customers for cell service.

So if 1.6 billion of the 2.4 billion smart phones in use today were purchased in the past year, does that suggest that on average over half the world's smart phones last under a year?

Comment Re:Don't blame the publishers ... (Score 1) 8

Donald Trump's very public delusional break with reality at his latest news conference

I would be more surprised to see him say something that actually reflects reality. The vast majority of everything that comes out of his mouth is a significant departure from reality.

the chance of the military obeying an order to launch is now unofficially zero.

If the order makes it all the way to the military I don't know that they have the choice to disobey. As far as I understand the order would keep going through people - and anyone disobeying would be thrown from their post - until someone hits the button. If you have career military people and they are told to hit the button or lose their job, they will most likely hit the button.

Comment About Pence... (Score 1) 1

... as far as I know, we don't have anything we can pin on him. We can't force him out just for being a hateful bigot. Right now Trump goes out and Pence takes over. If he doesn't appoint a new VP, then Speaker Ryan becomes the next in line.

Hell there's hardly even been a picture of Trump and Pence together since inauguration day. Obviously that doesn't mean he doesn't know about the shit show, but it makes it that much more difficult to pin any blame on him.

And even worse if we could, then the GOP could drive him out first, put Ryan in as VP, and have Trump resign after that. Then we're stuck with someone who looks at Atlas Shrugged like it's a fucking how-to manual. I'll definitely be rooting for a giant asteroid at that point.

Comment 2020 campaign? (Score 1) 7

First of all, he won't make it that far. He'll be lucky if his administration lasts to 2018. Unfortunately that unleashes President Pence upon us, with a fair chance of speaker (Ron) Paul Ryan then being promoted to VP. At that point, CBP will need to quadruple in size to keep Americans from fleeing by land.

Second, it's hard to make a claim that Trump is campaigning for 2020 when he arguably hasn't stopped campaigning for 2016. The stupid shit that keeps storming out of his pie hole is no better or more refined than it was back in October. It's actually a tragedy that someone pointed out to him that he needs to start governing; we could have done semi-not-completely-fucked if he would have stayed in campaign mode instead of transitioning to actually being POTUS.

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