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Comment Re:Republicans (Score 1) 499

Why are Republicans so hateful?

Because the newsman told you they are?

Oh, my dear newsman needed to tell me that they're hateful, I've been watching them for almost 50 years. My determination that they're hateful comes from decades of experience, not what some talking head on the TV machine says.

Comment Lies (Score 2) 507

"That error condition will never happen because I trap for it."

"No one will ever put that kind of stuff into this form field."

"No customer will ever need more than X number of records for $DATA_ITEM." (kids names, addresses, cars, phone numbers, etc etc etc)"

"TLD extensions will never be longer than X number of characters."

"I can positively validate an email address with my home-grown code."

"No one has a one-letter name." ...and on and on and on....

Comment Re:Stupid Question (Score 2) 82

"What the fsck is Snapchat?"

Take a picture of someone, press a button, and make them puke a rainbow. They just went public. They're valued at over $20 billion.

It's this kind of thing that makes me realize I'm in the wrong business. I usually work at doing something good or useful or sensible, but that's clearly not the way to make money these days.

Comment Re: that's the entire point of facebook (Score 1) 82

Not if you have NoScript blocking all of the facebook domains.


The two most valuable and useful extensions I know of are NoScript and Adblock. Other extensions may or may not be handy, but those two are a must for anyone who wants to browse the net without being bombarded by ads and exposed to Facebooks greedy little fingers.

Comment Re:Republicans (Score 2) 499

Is there anything they won't rape for money?

No, there's nothing they won't do in pursuit of a dollar or to curry favor with corporations.

Why are Republicans so hateful? This is a blatant slap in the face to every person that uses the internet, and yet they were all salivating to get this passed. Their constituent are supposed to be the ones who hate the gubmint and all of its surveillance tools, but did any of them object to this? Not that I heard.

Comment Re:The reason for the racial misidentification (Score 2) 90

But you know the Govt will crush you nonetheless.
They will take all power and wealth from you.
They are already doing it.

You need to get rid of them.

Yes....get rid of the government. That will surely calm things down and make everything run smoothly. *cough*

Comment Re: Alternative media. (Score 1) 292

It sounded like you were taking one of their absolute positions based on their confusion about what freedom means.

I probably should have been more clear. Sometimes it's hard to express things unambiguously and dashing off a reply like I did is fraught with the chance for lots of possible interpretations

For the record, I am not and never will be a libertarian. The whole libertarian idea is embarrassingly silly and unworkable. It fails on so many levels that I could write a 5-volume set on it.

The problem most libertarians have is they never think that they'll be the ones getting fucked over by their wet dream of little or no regulation.

It's never their wife or their child who'll die from some untested medication or contaminated food or an unsafe electrical appliance. They always think that it'll always be the other guy whose wife or kid dies, and then the Magical Invisible Hand Of The Market will punish that company and force them out of business, so they'll be safe.

Comment Re:Yawn (Score 1) 97

Everyone, because every little fart that Microsoft releases on the market seems to have long repercussions in the industry.

Not really. After a long string of failures they've lost the power to rock the industry like they once did.

The Zune didn't and neither did the Windows phone.
Microsoft Kin sank without a trace.
Microsoft Bob never went beyond the "look-at-this-stupid-shit" stage.
Windows Mobile - scooped up 0.7% of the market. AWESOME.
Windows RT- It died so quietly no one knew it was ever alive.
The Nokia acquisition: it did nothing but waste billions and cost thousands of jobs.

Comment Yawn (Score 2) 97

"Is Microsoft Building A Foldable 'Surface' Phone?"

Who gives a shit what Microsoft is dabbling in this month?

If they ever manage to launch it and it fails to penetrate the market like their last 50 attempts at a phone, they'll discontinue it, fire the teams, and move on to the next clusterfuck.

Besides, Samsung is already demoing some foldable phones that look quite interesting. If I was going to bet on Microsoft or Samsung in the phone market, I'd bet on Samsung every time. People actually use their phones.

Comment Re: Alternative media. (Score 1) 292

I agree with what you said, but that doesn't invalidate my point at all.

Of course we should value places and institutions that uphold free speech, but the fact is that a private business has no obligation to do so. If they want to be authoritarian corporatists, that's their right. I disagree with it, but I doubt they'd care what I think.

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