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Comment I have a slightly different take on these three (Score 5, Insightful) 161

WhatsApp: You might have a chance of actually being able to communicate with someone you know - especially if you live in Brazil.

Allo: "The first thing to understand about Google's forthcoming Allo app..." - yeah, because Google Plus was such a hit.

Signal: The good news is, you can probably find all your Diaspora friends on this one.

Seriously... let's ignore all the ones that most people actually use, shall we?

Comment I love reading on the Kindle (Score 2) 86

But I also prefer the page turn buttons - which means my only option, if I want to replace my aging-and-somewhat-dog-chewed third-gen Kindle, is to spend a lot more money. And so, given how silly it seems to me to spend that much money basically on buttons, I'm thinking why bother spending so much on a single-purpose device?

So, in the end, my next "Kindle" will probably just be a new tablet. I already read on my iPad Mini sometimes, and it's not a bad experience. Plus I can play SpellSpire on it.

Comment Re:A simple truth: (Score 4, Interesting) 315

If someone pays for a service, they will not want to see commercials.

Yup, exactly.

We had tried Hulu Plus a few years back, and the commercials drove us nuts - we cancelled within two months. It wasn't until they created an ad-free tier that we even considered going back.

And frankly, with Netflix dropping more and more of their third-party content, we're seriously considering dropping Netflix streaming anyway - in which case, commercial-free Hulu Plus would be the only streaming service we subscribe to (we've also got HBO Go, but HBO is included for free as part of our Limited Basic cable subscription for some odd reason - I wouldn't pay $15/month for HBO NOW).

Comment Re:If nothing much is changing... (Score 1) 227

My iPhone 6 Plus is still chugging along - I figure I'm good for at least two more iterations. I like to keep my phones until they die a natural death (or until my daughter drops one in the toilet, which is why I have a 6 Plus rather than my previous 5).

Removing the headphone jack is a rather annoying move, though. The iPod Touches are quite a bit thinner than the current iPhones, but they still have a headphone jack... so it's not a question of thinness.

And don't get me started on the ludicrous "IT MUST BE EVEN THINNER!" sentiment that seem to be the controlling directive at Apple as well as at most other major phone producers.

Comment Re:Fedora 24 is awesome 'cause you can upgrade to (Score 1) 172

No, the web page says it is broken because 24 has several packages with higher versions than are in 25, just like CentOS's upgrade from 6 to 7 has been broken for over six months because of the same problem. Red Hat wants you to throw away servers rather than upgrade. That's why hardware makers, like Dell, love them.

You realize those aren't the only two options... right?

Having to do a clean install may be annoying, but it's not particularly difficult. And if your system is partitioned correctly, it doesn't even have to affect your data.

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