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Comment Re: Bluetooth simply doesn't work in most metro ar (Score 1) 247

I take transit (or occasionally drive) from 40 miles south of Seattle, back and forth to UW. My old Sony DR-BT101 Bluetooth headphones work very reliably with my iPhone for the entire trip, including in downtown and at the U.

However those headphones are "old" Bluetooth... when I've tried out various Bluetooth 4 devices, I've run into frequent problems (usually audio that's noticeably lagging the source - not so much disconnections). I'm not particularly enamoured with what I've experienced from newer revisions of the spec.

Comment Re:Headphone Jack is Pretty Crappy (Score 1) 247

I've never had that problem in 40+ years of using headphone jacks and plugs.

Actually, I have had this problem before - but not for the past 20-30 years. Back in the days when cheap transistor radios were a thing, I semi-regularly had earphone/headphone jacks break on me. Usually you could easily re-solder them, unless the manufacturer did something evil like encase it in rubber.

But with computers, iPods, and smartphones? Never had an issue.

Comment Here's an idea (Score 5, Insightful) 62

A Google software engineer explains that this technique "only animates things that are visible on the screen," and throttles animation to fewer frames per second for weaker devices -- or disables the animations altogether.

Here's an idea - how about disabling animation by default, and regardless of device? Annoying animated ads are what drove me to completely block them in the first place.

Comment Re:Sounds amazing, but... (Score 1) 171

He hasn't finished the first master plan yet.

Well, this was more a move to try reclaiming some positive PR ground than anything else. He didn't really state anything other than the obvious direction everyone already knows the autonomous vehicle space is heading.

But he had to do something... unfair or not, Tesla's been receiving a lot of bad press lately.

Comment Re:That's it! (Score 1) 130

Oh yeah, I remember this! Back when LaserDisc was starting to be a thing, RCA was trying to sell that needle-in-groove system for video. I was doing an internship at an engineering company at the time - I remember RCA's system provided a regular source of comedy material amongst the engineers.

Of course in the end VHS tape (and later, DVD) ended up eating LaserDisc for lunch.

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