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Comment Re:Math doesn't work out (Score 5, Insightful) 946

Automation is a very important discussion point. Its disingenuous to tie it to the current debate over moving the minimum wage back up to a living wage.

I'm old enough to have been through multiple debates regarding raising the minimum wage - some national, some state-wide (Washington), some city-wide (Seattle and environs).

The bogeyman of massive unemployment always gets trotted out whenever anyone mentions raising the minimum wage. And guess what we've seen when the minimum wage goes up? A few isolated businesses will lay off a few people (which is trumpeted loudly in the media), but that's the sum total of it - there are no mass layoffs. Prices may go up a little, but that's about it.

The real "issue" here is that upper class people want to hang onto as much of their money as they can. That's certainly understandable, but it's not a particularly compelling argument.

Comment Passive-Agressive much, Google? (Score 2) 81

The idea that such a list will somehow "shame tardy vendors" is laughable.

VP #1: Chairman! Terrible news! We're not on Google's list!
Chairman: Oh, no! I am ashamed! I must atone for this stain on my character by committing Seppuku!
VP #2: No, Chairman! That will leave your family dishonored!
Chairman: There is no other recourse - I must atone!

Comment Re:A new class of rich assholes (Score 1) 205

No, it's pretty obvious what Nathan Myhrvold is up to.

First, he tried selling a cookbook. Thing is, though, he couldn't just write a cookbook... it had to be a huge, bloated, absurdly over-priced cookbook.

Now he's trying to get known as a science critic/gadfly. Unfortunately it's obvious he knows very little about the science, and is only getting press because of his name.

Nathan is known to the world for exactly one thing - the patent troll firm Intellectual Ventures. He has figured out that, if he's remembered by history at all, it'll be for that... and he desperately is searching for something, ANYTHING, that will somehow erase that huge taint on what he sees as his legacy. But it's too late, Nathan - you made this (patent pending) bed, now you have to sleep in it.

Comment Their problem is easily identified (Score 3, Interesting) 55

The company has also expanded its product portfolio, making weighing scale, rice cooker, suitcase and a range of other items.

There's the problem, identified right there in the summary - they're only making one of each thing. If they want to take advantage of economies of scale, they need to start making products en masse.

Comment Re:Luddite here (Score 4, Informative) 106

What on earth is wrong with two factor authentication? I can't see these being more secure.

The problem is - Google can't collect more information on you when you're using traditional two-factor authentication. With this new technique, on the other hand, Google will hopefully cut down on the pesky number of users who intentionally disable Google's monitoring when they aren't actively using Google's apps. To collect information on your walking cadence, for instance, they'll need to be able to track your walking constantly.

Comment Re:welcome to 1993 (Score 1) 65

Kids: youtube, youtube-dl, and sharing mp3s at will during school or while hanging out. otherwise pandora, or some freemium service that caters to obscure genres like glitch-core or butter-pickle-hop or whatever squeeling fan belt noises kids listen to these days.

No kidding. My daughter was recently telling me about the websites she listens to right now... it's mostly background music from games like Harvest Moon and Minecraft.

Good luck keeping up with "the kids", Spotify, Apple, Pandora et. al.

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