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Submission + - Sports Authority To Close All Remaining Stores (

damn_registrars writes: Sports Authority, once the nation's largest sporting goods retailer, will close its remaining stores after failing to find a buyer for them.

The bankrupt company plans to conduct going-out-of-business sales at all of its locations that weren't already slated to close, according to a new bankruptcy court filing in Delaware

It also said it found a group of buyers for its remaining assets, including inventory, furniture and other fixtures.

Submission + - Retailer Macy's To Close 40 Stores Nationwide (

damn_registrars writes: One of our more prominent retailers, Cincinnati — based Macy's, announced this week which 40 of its stores it will be closing in 2016. This is expected to lead to thousands of layoffs. Notably this does not include any stores in Cincinnati, or it's well-known store in Manhattan.

Submission + - Rand Paul Announces Presidential Bid (

damn_registrars writes: Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, son of Texas congressman and slashdot darling Ron Paul, announced today that he is running for president. This makes him the second republican junior senator — after Ted Cruz of Texas — to announce his candidacy formally.

Submission + - Nearly 700 genetic factors influence human adult height (

damn_registrars writes: A consortium of scientists from many different countries reviewed genome-wide association study (GWAS) data sets of over 250,000 individuals in a search for genetic factors that influence adult height. Looking at Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) the researchers found that they can explain some 36 percent of the heritability of human adult height. Previous studies had found around 180 such markers, but the larger sample set increased the ability to detect these changes, both within genes and in non-coding regions. Genes found in this set included ones from pathways not previously connected to skeletal growth.

This study is also significant for the sample size, which allows it to address whether the data from such large sets has a tendency to converge or diverge on genetic pathways; this study particularly favors the latter which is of great utility towards studying other polygenetic conditions in the future.

The original paper is likely paywalled, however the abstract is available for free and some of the collaborators behind it have other bits available for free in the meantime.

Submission + - Earliest Known Pterosaur Described (

damn_registrars writes: A fossil of the earliest known Pterosaur flying reptile was found recently in China. Named Kryptodrakon progenitor, it was described in a paper published yesterday in the journal current biology ( (paywalled by Elsevier). A less restrictive summary of the findings is in National Geographic (

Submission + - Staples Announces Closing of 225 Stores in 2014 (

damn_registrars writes: In the wake of falling retail sales, Staples has announced plans to close 225 stores nationwide. No announcement has been made yet to where these stores are, or how many jobs will be lost as a result. Staples predicts to save $500 million this year by closing these stores.

Submission + - Sun Not A Signficant Driver In Climate Change ( 1

damn_registrars writes: Scientists from Edinburgh, Scotland have recently published a study based on data from 1,000 years of climate data. They have compared the effects of differing factors including volcanic activity, solar activity, and greenhouse gases to find which has the most profound effect on climate. They have concluded that the driving factor since 1900 has been greenhouse gases. Their work has been published today in Nature Geoscience:

Submission + - Coelocanth Genome Sequenced (

damn_registrars writes: The lobe-finned fish described as a "living fossil" due to its apparent lack of change for hundreds of millions of years (as well as the fact it was thought extinct until the 1930s) has been sequenced by an international team including scientists from Sweden, Harvard, and MIT. The 3 billion base pair genome of the Coelocanth was described yesterday in the journal Nature. This paper is published in an open (non-paywalled) manner on Nature, making the full text available to all.

Submission + - Nintendo To Cancel Weather, News, And Other Wii Built-In Apps in June ( 1

damn_registrars writes: Nintendo of Japan has announced that at the end of June it will be canceling the services of several of the channels that are built in to the original Wii, including the Weather, News, Everybody Votes, and Mii Contest. This will also effect the WiiConnect24 services, though should not effect the Wii shopping channel.

Submission + - What is the cheapest / easiest way to set up Windows AD for a small business?

damn_registrars writes: "I have been asked to help modernize a network for a small business. Currently they have 3 PCs running various versions of Windows and of course they have no central authentication for their logins or credential-based file sharing between the systems. One task I want to accomplish then is to set up a single point of authentication for all the systems, partially to better manage file permissions and partially so that it will be easier to handle requests for new passwords if someone forgets their login.
Of the three existing PCs two run Windows 7 and one runs XP Pro. We plan to replace the XP Pro system with a PC running 7 or 8 in the very near future. I expect that regardless, I will be setting up another PC in their network to handle authentication. I understand the old Windows SFU has been replaced with SUA in newer versions; if the new PC is running *nix could I have SUA sync passwords with it and be done? I know that the newest version of SAMBA also can act as an AD server, which is an interesting option as well although I don't have experience with that and I won't have a lot of time to set this up.
It seems like the nuclear option would be to buy a system running windows server, which should "just work". Of course that would also be the most expensive and I haven't run a windows server since NT4 so that would be new territory for me as well."

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