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Comment Re:Won't be long now (Score 1) 120

But that's how the game is played now.

Colonies cost money. You have to run them, police them, defend them, and all for what? Ungrateful peasants that only want to revolt. It's far more profitable to let them run their own country (under your supervision and tutelage, of course), have them pay for all those expenses and pay for those expenses with their raw materials, sold at a price that you dictate.

Why do you think colonies have fallen out of use? Because we're above that now and we're so much better and more civilized now? Please.

Comment Note that what's large... (Score 3, Informative) 27

.... is the size, not the intensity. The air moves only slightly faster or slower than the surrounding atmosphere as one passes through the wave.

They weren't expected on Venus, though. Venus's surface is dozens of kilometers down, thick and "soupy" there, transitioning to thinner layers above. It was surprising to see that surface features that far away, in a fluid that can compress, would still make clear phenomena like gravity waves in the high atmosphere.

Comment Re:John Carmack (Score 1) 91

But if Carmack wrote code on a computer owned by id software, powered by electricity paid for by id software, in an office rented by id software, while sitting on a chair paid for by id software, with a salary paid for by id software.... come on, we all know how this works. Guess who owns the code.

A company with a mailbox in the Eastern District of Texas.

Comment Re:Objective fraud (Score 1) 126

You can objectively determine Trump is a liar, simply by comparing the incompatible numbers claimed in multiple places

No, you can't. For an objective determination that he's a liar, you also have to show intent, or you have just shown inconsistencies. Those could be due to a number of causes, including but not limited to mental disease or deficiencies, wild guesses, changing his mind, obtaining new information, or indeed lying.
But to conclude he's a liar is to beg the question.

Comment Re: Not really needed for drones (Score 1) 20

Modulation designators that state the payload type don't make much sense with digital data transports. You can do digital TV or anything else with 4 MHz bandwidth. Cellular doesn't make much sense unless they have a really long hover time and drone life, in which case it could be a pop-up base station.

Comment pooh. (Score 1) 125

Assuming you believe lie detector results, it sounds like they were just measuring how honest the participants were about how many naughty words they new. And from that perspective it goes without saying that there would be a correlation between being honest and reporting more words.

Also, as regards holding back on the actual use of naughty words (which, BTW, they didn't measure), they need to consider the difference between "dishonesty" and "manners".

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