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Comment Re:Mint (Score 1) 394

The real question before the quick answer is what hardware do you have?

Even more to the point, he said "just need something to work with the mechanical equipment it controls."

So what exact mechanical equipment does he need to control?
If there isn't any off-the-shelf software for that mechanical equipment for a particular OS, it may not be straightforward to do so. Especially because he said he's not an IT guy.

In cases like this, the best choice might be to pick a stable OS that has the software, and make sure it's air gapped, so it won't receive OS updates or other things that can break the system.

Comment Re: Uhm... (Score 1) 514

Sometimes H1B visas absolutely are the best talent. Not every company is optimizing for minimum wages.

Undoubtedly. But that's real talent, and not people provided by Wipro or similar outsourcing companies for a pittance.
People with neither highly paid prior work experience nor a degree from an internationallly accredited university should, IMHO, never get a H1-B visa, because the risk is high that they're only going to be employed to save a penny, and not because resident workers can't be found.

Comment Re: 4 billion years before the earth existed ... (Score 1) 77

We're not referring to their clock, we use our own since that's where we are. It's 8 billion light years away (our clock). Earth is 4.5 billion years old (our clock). Still roughly 4 billion years before the earth existed and we are now seeing it...

There you use that word again, "before". It makes no sense at relativistic distances. There will be frames of reference that disagree on what is "before" and what is "after". You cannot apply our frame of reference and clock to their location, which is what you do here.

Comment Re:Cost (Score 1) 53

Scanning & handling paper - 0.004 cents per page

Per month. A million pages will be $4,000 per month, or $52,000 per year at this introductory rate.

The risk seems great that a corporate manager will fall for the temptation of saving the company a chunk of reoccurring expenses, and at the same time erasing its historical records.

Comment Longevity (Score 1) 53

They're charging .004 cents per page -- for every month that it's stored in the cloud.

And that's why I am worried about approaches like this. Documents that were maturing for posterity in a basement are now subject to a rental fee, and once a bean counter decides not to pay that, they're gone.
That may be okay for documents that aren't of any value to future document diggers, but I fear that much of future history will be lost if subject to a rent troll.

Comment Re:4 billion years before the earth existed ... (Score 2) 77

OK, so 4 billion years before the earth existed, we're finally seeing what happened. But it's cool that we can see that far :)

"4 billion years before" doesn't make any sense for relativistic distances where we don't have a common clock that ticks for both places - that galaxy, and ours.

In our frame of reference, it happens now. In their frame of reference, we have no idea, because we can't apply our time frame to theirs.

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