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Comment Re:Until we learn how to use less ... (Score 1) 502

If you don't mind keeping tanks of h2 and o2 around, the spare power could crack water to run an external combustion engine (like a Whispergen stirling) or feed a fuel cell. I suspect the technology to do that could be refined and made efficient. It's just a water bubbler in a DC circuit, after all. Two bell jars. Simple, if not common.

Comment Re:There's another treatment that stops most T2 (Score 2) 253

I'm pretty fit myself, not particularly overweight, an avid motorcyclist (light exercise for many hours at a time) and I'm good with the foods. I'm in my 60's, too. I have Type II. The symptoms can be managed, but I don't particularly enjoy the method. And shaming people for conditions they can't help is not what kind people do.

If they come up with something better than Metaformin, I'm in.

Comment Re:Nice to see. (Score 1) 216

Carbon-Carbon batteries have gone from laboratory to small-scale commercial production in Japan, with the intent to ramp them up to car sized units as soon as the production processes are sorted out. From my back of the envelope calcs, it looks like a Tesla-sized car could recharge to 80% capacity in about two minutes, 100% in four, if using a Tesla Supercharger station.

Don't assume Lithium is the only battery type. We're still learning.

Ref: http://www.iflscience.com/tech...

Comment Re:It's about the apps stupid (Score 1) 516

Microsoft had an epiphany. That epiphany was called iTunes and later spun off as the App Store...

You are absolutely correct. One spin-off issue from this attempt at forced monetisation was that nobody saw Microsoft as adding value to the users with that approach. They weren't just changing the UI, they were changing their entire business model.

Windows 8 itself? The cake was okay, but the icing was a lie.

Comment Re:I am using Windows 8 (Score 1) 516

.... If Microsoft would just fire all their UI people responsible for the "different + dumbed down = better" concepts they've been pushing the past couple releases of all their products...

They did. They fired Steven Sinofsky, chief architect of W8, shortly after its release.

And when sales tanked as a result, the BoD fired Steve Ballmer.

Comment Re:flame away, but... (Score 1) 516

Windows 8 is shit, from top to bottom.

Then how come the only criticism ever levied against it is the UI? Performance? Better than 7. Stability? Better than 7. Security? Better than 7. System requirements? Better than 7. The only thing you can legitimately criticize are subjective components like the interface, which some people like myself actually *prefer* to the start menu.

Well, I really did want that slice of carrot cake. It was a really great recipe for carrot cake, but for that layer of cat vomit on the top.

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