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Comment Re:Simulations - Program them to agree with you (Score 1) 125

Its AC, the anti-bitstream dickhead do you feel better now? Or are you still secretly wishing to get the courage to actually use your account on a random website that hides everything about you.

You're nothing than a whiney pussy. Man up and attach yourself to your pathetic comments.

Comment Re:Security Researcher == any random idiot (Score 2) 120

heh, thats cute. Not done much embedded work have you?

I have. With those processors specifically. Extracting the encryption key is non-trivial but documented if you know where to look (not the processor documentation mind you (OH FACE)

I assure you that anyone who actually knew what they were doing can easily 'decrypt' the code and nothing you've said changes what I've said, other than you think that because they've embedded it in prom on the CPU that its secure. Just because its a custom chip apple laided out doesn't mean its magically doing things that no one else figured out how to break years ago.

You may not be able to change the key, but you most certainly can extract it.

Comment Security Researcher == any random idiot (Score -1, Flamebait) 120

Just because you jump up and down and say you're a 'security researcher' doesn't mean you have even a tiny bit of a clue.

Anyone who freaked out over this is an idiot who knows absolutely nothing at all about security and is also to stupid to know how ignorant they are.

Guess what ... the old 'encrypted' kernels ... they have the decryption key in the kernel for you to get and decrypt them anyway ... THATS HOW IT FUCKING READS THEM SO YOU COULD READ THE ENCRYPTED CONTENT THE ENTIRE FUCKING TIME IT WAS ENCRYPTED ANYWAY IF YOU HAD HALF A CLUE.

Encrypted data or code is worthless, it has to be decrypted to be used. So at no point was the data actually truly hidden.

Its digitally signed to ensure it isn't tampered with, thats all that can be done.

Comment Simulations - Program them to agree with you (Score 0, Troll) 125

I love when they make up the rules, then tweak the numbers/simulation until they get proof of what they want to prove.

Seriously, when you make up the math to prove your point on the fly (which is what all theoretical physics does) its not impressive for the simulation to agree with your prediction, you programed it that way!

Thats like calling the game Prey a simulator and proof we can make anti-gravity devices.

Comment Re:Shills, Shills Everywhere... (Score 0) 132

No, because if you turned the part of your brain on that remembers the context of the discussion, you'd realize he was referring to reviewers taking the cards as gifts from ASUS and MSI rather than the standard practice for reviewers of buying hardware from random stores off the shelf to ensure its what they actually ship and not some specially modified cheater version, and so its clear you're not shilling for the company giving you free hardware.

Comment Re:She's still white (Score 1, Insightful) 223

Fuck off.

If it was african then it wouldn't represent latinos, asians and other shades of brown.

It can't be every color so just fuck off with your whining bullshit about how it doesn't fit every personal agenda you have.

To put it bluntly, by posting your comment you've shown that YOU ARE A RACIST FUCK because you picked one race that YOU think deserves it and ignored all the others. You try so hard to hide the fact that you're a racist asshole that it shines through like the sun. Hint: Racism comes from every race, especially the assholes who think you have to be white to be racist.

Comment Re:STEM (Score 4, Insightful) 223


Other than someone says 'we need more women in STEM', why do we ACTUALLY NEED more women in STEM?

Put your SJW bullshit aside and actually in a objective and factual way describe to me why we NEED more women in STEM.

WOMEN DON'T FUCKING LIKE STEM STOP TRYING TO IMPLY YOU KNOW WHAT THEY NEED TO DO AND FUCK OFF. Women are more than capable of taking over any industry that want to take over, its happened countless times and there are large swaths of women dominated professions.

We need more women garbage men too, but you aren't fucking whining about that are you? More women in STEM is not going to get you laid or fix your social issues that prevent you from getting a date.

Comment Re:Isn't GnuPG German? (Score 1) 312

. . So your talking about software which is a OSS REIMPLEMENTATION of software written in America. So, his point is 100% true in relation to PGP. You simply don't understand the roots of the germen implementation.

Now this bullshit about encryption back doors and export restrictions are EXACTLY why GnuPG exists.

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