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Comment Re: Buy Low, Sell High (Score 1) 120

When you do it above the table, so everyone can see, its not illegal.

Its illegal to orchestrate the sell of stocks for that purpose in a hidden manner as such that it looks like the public confidence in the stock has plummeted rather than your own personal feelings.

He can do anything he wants to wreck Apples stock price more or less as long as its out in the open, public, with essentially no hidden agenda.

Thats not entirely true of course, there are limitations, but what he isn't breaking any of them by coming out publicly 3 years after he bought them and saying 'I don't trust it so I'm selling'

If he secretly convinced a bunch of other people to sell without announcing that it was a group decision, just so he could bottom the price and rebuy himself ... thats illegal as shit.

Comment Chubby vs Starving (Score 0) 159

So we have some chubby Chinese kids ... guess what, chubby isn't that big of a deal, especially considering how ridiculous the standards for obesity are, for most kids if they aren't in nearly perfect shape, they're obese. Adults get more leeway, but kids standards are ridiculous, and I'm the first guy to point out that fat fucker eating a big ass bowl of ice cream. Find any girl in high school with fully developed breasts that doesn't count as obese (and isn't one of the anorexia based cheerleaders) and you'll be the first. The standard is fucking retarded.

Second ... If we gained a million chubby kids that MIGHT have health issues later ... but saved ONE infant or toddle from starving to death ...

Then its fucking worth it.

Its amazing how stupid people can get when they see one limited set of facts and don't even bother to think about the other things involved.

Comment Re:Meh (Score 0) 262

Your post is clearly fabricated or ... possibly you're just an idiot who can't remember anything from 4 months ago.

You could say what you said ... if you included major OS upgrades, but since you're implying it happens regularly, at 4 month intervals ... it can not possibly be major OS upgrades, which means ... since its easy for anyone to verify that the OS doesn't change radically during minor updates .... that you're full of shit.

Comment Re:13 years and still no purchases (Score 1) 262

Our family is still happily using mp3s and torrents for most of our music and video content. (I did buy a Netflix subscription about three years ago.)

So you're proud of teaching your family to be a bunch of theives?

But the iTunes pay-as-you-go model?

You mean paying for the songs and videos you buy? How is this different than buying a CD or DVD at walmart or on Amazon? How is it different than buying a CD and ripping it to MP3 other than you don't have to rip it?

Have you even used iTunes cause I'm pretty sure you're treating iTunes as if its a subscription service when it isn't, there is a recently launched subscription service, but you certainly haven't be using a service thats a year or so old for the past 13 years so ... you're just talking out your ass or are you implying that you won't buy anything ever? If so, you're just a pathetic thief.

You don't have to agree to pay for shit that you believe is unfair, you can choose not to consume it. Thats not what you're doing though. You're choosing to continue to consume it and telling the content creators to fuck off. Pathetic thief.

Not really something I'm interested in on my just-over-six-figure income with three kids and a mortgage.

Ahhhh awesome ... a 1%er who's too fucking cheap to pay for the frivolous shit he steals.

You sir are a fucking asshole of the highest order, I have no doubt your 3 kids are spoiled brat assholes thanks to your outstanding moral fiber you've demonstrated today.

Best of yet ... your fucking proud of the fact that you're a huge douche bag. You should have your skull driven through by a freight locomotive.

Comment Re:The long view (Score 1) 172

I have a permanent injury to my foot because I was forced to walk home 2.5 miles one morning at 2 AM because the taxi company failed to pick me up.

So you're blaming the cab company ... because you hurt yourself walking ... which you decided to do instead of calling another cab or not walking?

Your entire post was wasted because you made this single, crying/whining baby comment. You lose all credibility from this one ... the cabbie hurt your foot because he didn't show up.

Grow the fuck up and stop blaming others for your own incompetence.

Comment Durable? (Score 1) 81

When did DNA become durable? Thats news to me.

Glass is durable.

Rock is durable.

DNA breaks down fairly quickly.

It may be durable in comparison to your dirt cheap commodity hard drives ... but it also isn't dirt cheap or commodity.

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