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Comment Understanding PKI (Score 1) 71

Symantec maintained full control of the private key and Blue Coat never had access to it.

Someone doesn't understand public key encryption at all.

Without the private key, the public key is of absolutely no value to Blue Coat.

They use the private key to sign other keys or to simply put themselves in a Man In The Middle scenario without being easily detectable (you'll get no warning visiting even if they are spying on you thanks to Symantec)

Comment Re:Wow (Score 0) 360

The battery is directly under the passengers ... That's an absolute-fucking-lutly horrible place for a fire to happen, you know how fire travels ... Right? Where is the gasoline in an ICE car? Behind the cabin and away from the road surface where it can be damaged.

And the car actually carries FAR MORE energy in the passenger cabin during frontal impacts. In normal front engine ICE cars, the engine and all its mass is the first thing to stop, adding no stress to the cabin.

On the other hand, the tesla battery is directly attached, very strongly to the cabin... Effectively driving it forward with all the battery mass/energy. Are you still so silly to think that's better cause if so you need some basic physics lessons.

Hate to break it too you, but those two things are examples of tesla getting it wrong because ... That's the only F'n place you can stick that much mass on the car other than under the trunk or hood.

Comment Legal reasons (Score 1) 33

I work for "a carrier", what Tim really means is that he doesn't want his entire company falling under laws that govern the telecom industry. You have a LEGAL RIGHT to privacy on any real carrier.

This is why Google isn't actually a carrier for Fi .... It's not cause they can't do it, it's because doing so would absolutely destroy their business model since they are required by law ( in the US at least ) to not snoop on ANY COMMUNICATIONS within ANY COMPANY UNDER THAT CORP UMBRELLA. Meaning that every company Alphabet owns suddenly becomes bound by the same laws as the carrier.

So Google buys services from a carrier and uses that to get around the issue. Google legal obligations as a carrier and no protections either (common carrier only applies to real carriers)

No one wants those restrictions, certainly not a high profile lawsuit target like Apple

Comment Re:Exactly! (Score 1) 319

Terry, are you seriously behaving this way? This is incredible inaccurate/wrong for someone like you.

* Have to have someone "upgrade" their entire business IT infrastructure to .NET (hope it works!)

Seriously, you know better than to say something as silly as this. You can run VB6 and .NET side by side, its not all or nothing. Pretending it is ... well thats boarding on a lie. Are you trying to blame some shitty dev who wrote a crappy monolithic app due to horrible coding practices on the language? Thats what it sounds like.

* Re-buy all the components they were using

Old VB components are OLE or ActiveX. These work perfectly fine with .NET in 32 bit. You can't use a 32 bit DLL in a 64bit .NET process, but just switching to .NET doesn't actually require upgrading components.

* For the components they were using that aren't available on .NET, pay someone to rewrite them from scratch

Or just keep using the old ones.

* Convert all their historical data

Why? Changing languages makes your data the wrong format? Whats the logic here?

* Replace all their old printers, since old printers never have drivers in new OS's

How does installing the .NET framework break your printers or drivers?

Retrain all their employees on the new stuff

... why? If you change the way the app works ... sure, but then you aren't just porting to the new language are you?

* Hope there aren't any business-ending "quirks" in the new code

, , , Again ... SERIOUSLY? You're playing that card? ALL DEVELOPMENT FALLS UNDER THIS CATEGORY. If you need to change the code, this issue exists, VB/.NET are irrelevant. When you commit to the FBSD svn repo ... this applies, even in C, and you of all people damn well know it.

Comment Re:Some faith in humanity restored? (Score 1, Interesting) 49


Though, admittedly, its actually the bank that creates money out of thin air.

Learn and understand fractional reserve banking, the crash of 2008, and why it happened, then you'll not make such ignorant statements.

Yes, banks literally create money out of thin air, and its one of the driving factors of inflation. Thanks Fractional Reserve banking and fiat currency! The rich get richer and the poor get poorer!

Comment Re:Afterwards? (Score 2, Insightful) 203

180 pounds covering a 13x13" area is 1 pound per inch.

That's not a lot of to hold on too, so when you hands apple 180 pounds to smaller areas, of you come.

Also, how it reacts to fast motion can be different than slow. Think about non-newtonion fluids. You can run across a pool for the proper ratio of water and corn starch ... Or you can stop and sink in it.

Comment No shit sherlock (Score 5, Insightful) 72

If you're a linked in user, YOUR DATA IS UP FOR SALE

Its in the terms and conditions. They've been doing it since day one, its their business model, its well known.

Now you're concerned that someone else stole it and is selling it?

You put the data on a public website with the intention of showing it to others. There is no reason for you to be doing anything on linked in that you do not intend to be public.

How can they 'steal' data that you are intentionally begging people to take? Thats the point of linked in to its users, YOU WANT PEOPLE TO 'STEAL YOUR DATA' on linked in.

Do you guys get shocked when you write your name and phone number on the bathroom wall and then random people call you? Thats how stupid this story is.

Comment Re:Why does this matter? (Score -1, Flamebait) 129


YOU don't understand how statistics ACTUALLY work.

The stats on 5 drives ... tell you how THOSE 5 DRIVES behaved.

The stats on 100,000 drives ... tell you how THOSE 100k DRIVES behaved.

Neither gives you a single bit of information about the 100,001st drive. They both give a rough indication of drive reliability for short periods of time. They do not tell you shit about how long the drives will go long term. 100,000 drives for 1 year does not tell you how 1 drive will perform for 100,000 years. A billion hours doesn't tell you that either.

They give you a high confidence in some probabilities, but statistics do not convey useful information like you seem to think, and basing things on that misguided notion is dangerous.

The really scary part is that you got modded up a bunch because people think they understand statistics and they really have no clue :(

Build a drive that self destructs after 2 hours, run a billion of them for 1 hour ... billion hours of time with no failures!!!!!! Most reliably drives ever made!!!!!! Does not fail!!!! Even with billions of hours of testing!!!!@$!@$!@$!@$

Comment Party Foul (Score 2) 57

Dude, not fucking cool.

Certain sites get immunity from hacking just because. They are privy to an unspoken rule where they get left alone because messing with them is like shitting in your own bed.

Thats what you did, you just shit in your own bed, and while I realize they have a section for that, its still not cool.

This is about as uncool as when rootshell was hacked. Again, shitting in your own bed.

Comment Re:Irony (Score 1) 175

Sure, when you say that you really mean in comparison to an extremely small group of countries that have better internet thanks to geographical differences and competition.

Kenya, for example, has shitty internet. The US has great internet compared to it, but compared to Japan, not so much.

See what I did there? When you stop artificially selecting your comparison to proof your point, your comparison starts to look retarded and to be a flat out lie, doesn't it?

Comment Re:Welp (Score 1) 100

. . .

You are looking at a picture that has been intentionally manipulated to make the situation appear far worse than it actually is.

Thats how that article STARTS ... at that point, it doesn't matter what it says or how true it is, its a meaningless article because they're manipulating the truth before the first word is read.

Or you know, its totally fair to use color photos to represent the good and black and white to show the bad . . . thats not biased or unfair or anything.

Yes, its degraded to a horrible polluted mess, but the picture and following article are bogus from the start due to intentional emotional manipulation.

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