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Comment Re:Public Admission of Stupidity (Score -1) 219

Yea, it sounds like the GP doesn't actually drive a car.

The difficulty in seeing people moving into the road in low light conditions can be pretty much impossible even when everyone is doing the right thing, throw in someone just wearing dark cloths and you run over them before you know what you saw in your headlights if you've got any speed at all.

It amazes me that teenagers survive at all. As drivers or pedestrians. I have no idea how I did.

Comment Re:If the router can't handle IP6 why not ? (Score 0) 180

Because 'charging a fee' doesn't solve the problem, it just makes them more money.

Its not like they aren't charging monthly for th equipment anyway are they?

The new equipment costs more, the charge ... partially covers the difference doesn't it ...

This isn't about support, no one with that old device needs support otherwise they would have complained enough and gotten suggested a new one long long ago. These people just sit there and the device works.

The argument about IPv6 mentioned else where is bunk as well. They can't provide any acceptable level of service with anything more than NAT to IPv6, which means each user WILL end up behind their own local NAT which has a public IP unique to their equipment for many years to come, so pretending this is a address space issue is bullshit as well.

This is nothing more than a money grab.

Comment Re:So now Microsoft is copying Apple? (Score -1) 140

No they don't.

They may steal ideas from others, but they never copy.

And by that I mean that if Apple makes it, they've used it, refined it, used it some more, refined it some more and basically gotten it out of the prototype stage before turning it over to the public.

Pretty much everyone else sells prototypes they couldn't bother testing properly, hardware or software.

But go on continuing to think what Apple does is make copies of someone elses shitty product and you'll continue to be second best just like those other shitty products.

The angst is strong in you.

Comment Re:Let me get this straight (Score -1) 61

If the 'artists' had a real 'problem' with this, they wouldn't have been on Tidal either.

Stop pretending that any of these people are artists. They are in business to make money, thats all they do. The music, 9 times out of 10, isn't theirs. Someone else writes the lyrics, someone else makes the beats and music, someone else mixes it and fixes their shitty voice with auto-tune.

In reality, you could go do what Kanye West does if you just got a bitchier attitude and happened to run into someone who needed to create a new pop star to replace the last one they created.

These people are CREATED. They are not talented.

Comment Re:Really? (Score -1) 23

It means that Facebook saw no value in even trying to port it to Android.

If you can't fathom why that says more about Android than anything else, there won't be anyone who can explain it to you, but I'll try.

Android users offer no legitimate value. Apple users DO. When you're a business trying to make money in a semi-legitimate way, that makes Apple FAR FAR more appealing than Android. If your intent is to steal information and sell the Android user as your product to someone else, then Android makes FAR more sense than building for iOS.

Comment Re:Nothing surprising here (Score 0) 265

What I found interesting that is hinted at in the TFA (and had not thought about) was the creation/availability of niches for surviving species to take over and evolve into.

Really? Cause these things were pointed out when doing Earth science in elementary school IN FLORIDA 30 years ago. So basically, one of the worst education systems in the US taught me this very thing 30 years ago ... That exact point was what we were told led to humans being the dominant species.

For fucks sake it was even in Jurassic Park (the movie and book).

Comment Elementry School (Score -1) 265

. . .

I turn 40 on my next birthday and I can't even remember what grade of elementary school we were taught this ...

There is nothing here that I didn't already know and I don't actually care about that particular extinction event.

Good use of the money guys! This is why you don't get grants.

Comment Re:Uh, no. (Score 0) 153

But did you need the things that your purchased based on the ads, or did you do what most people do, see a shiney deal for things that didn't actually need, and bout it case 'OMG SALE!'?

Regardless of what you might do, most people do the OMG SALE!!! impulse by, so just because they don't 'get bothered' by it, doesn't mean it doesn't still have a very large detrimental affect on them.

There are two ways I do things: Free with ads OR paid with NO ADS EVER.

You don't get to sell me something and then use that as an vehicle to sell me more useless crap and date mine my habits to ensure it suggests things at the right time and the right type to get me to impulse by it.

The sad part is that you're happy about being manipulated.

Amazon is a shitty company in every way. Using Amazon is essentially cutting off your own nose just to spite your face.

Congratulations, you've volunteered to be their slave and you're happy about it.

Comment Re:Frivilous Law Suit (Score 0, Interesting) 242

. . .

Except this is San Francisco ... where they worked with AirBNB to make the very law that AirBNB is whining about.


Fuck AirBNB and Uber and all the other bullshit assholes who think that they can get around the rules because they run a website, and fuck people like you who are too stupid to realize whats happening.

Have a nice day ;)

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