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Comment Re:No they aren't (Score 1) 122

You're ignoring the idea that maybe they need to put two humans in there not for technological reasons, but rather in order to get permission to do so and get people to actually be willing to ride in them. Clearly self-driving is getting close, so calling it "a joke" is just wishful thinking. The real joke is the enormous number of humans crashing into each other in two-ton metal boxes.

Comment Re:Of course (Score 1) 195

And we will define "toxic" as anything that doesn't support authoritarian technocracy.

Who is "we"? If you run a website you can use this tool to make it easier to remove posts you don't like. That's up to you. If people don't like it your site will suffer, but that's all it is. It's not some government control, and it's not something you can't already do on your own.

Comment Re:Staggering disinformation (Score 3, Interesting) 67

I read an article three weeks ago that said that 38% of Tesla stock was shorted, with a due date a couple of weeks from then. I then read another mainstream financial media was reporting that Tesla was expected to hit zero by the middle of the summer, and you should sell your stock right now!

$TSLA typically had a very large short interest. During the recent quarter that interest, while still not small, has dropped sharply, meaning shorts were capitulating and buying stock/options to cover their short position. That has been a significant part of the reason for the surge in the stock's price.

When stocks have a large short interest, "dire warning" articles like the one you read are often an indication that some short wants to get out at a better price, and is hoping such an article will give them a few dollars of dip in the price. Journalists always need something to write about, and so it's easy to feed them juicy tidbits that will get the clicks.

Comment Re:No they aren't (Score 1) 122

You seem to be saying "We don't have them today, therefore it won't be soon." I'm not sure that's a valid argument. Or maybe you're banking on the TWO DRIVERS thing. Do you think it would be sooner if they had only one driver? Or maybe having TWO DRIVERS is what it took to get somebody to allow them to do it? Either way, I don't see how they are a joke.

Comment Re:Pro Shareholder Agenda (Score 1) 182

I am anti publicly traded companies as they exist today. Corporations should focus on their employees and their customers, not shareholders.

Non publicly traded corporations have shareholders too. Perhaps you mean the publicly traded ones tend to focus too much on share price?

Comment Re:Did it 'cheat'? (Score 1) 191

You started screaming fraud, now you're simply saying there's no need. One of the biggest problems of starting an online poker room is the lack of players. No matter how good everything else is, if it's hard to find the game a player wants he won't play there. That inevitably leads to a small handful of giants. This type of bot would allow competition to flourish. Ultimately, that's good for the player. The very person you said would be harmed.

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