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Comment Re:Develop a far deeper understanding (Score 1) 98

The regulator also needs a broad view of "expert" and affected party. For example, when regulating mortgage practices, first in the room is bankers because they are affected and experts. Alas, the ranks of the not invited include average people who have a mortgage or hope to get one. Also absent, people who were foreclosed on. They too are affected and could be considered experts on their own personal situation at least.

A good regulator will understand that. Alas, I know of no algorithm to choose a good regulator without resorting to recursion and tautology.

Submission + - Landlords, ISPs Team Up To Rip Off Tenants On Broadband (

itwbennett writes: Eight years ago, the FCC issued an order banning exclusive agreements between landlords and ISPs, but a loophole is being exploited, leaving many tenants in apartment buildings with only one choice of broadband service provider. The loophole works like this: Instead of having an exclusive agreement with one provider, the landlords refuse to let any other companies than their chosen providers access their properties, according to Harvard Law School professor Susan Crawford, who wrote an article about the issue.

Comment Re:How to catch fopen() without hooking kernel? (Score 1) 113

The problem is who makes the whitelist. It is either an expert who may or may not have motives other than safety in mind (your computer isn't really yours, which might be acceptable on a corporate PC) or it is the owner, in which case they could skip the whitelist system and just run the software they want to run. If you need a whitelist to keep software from running without the user's permission, then you actually just have a UI problem that should be fixed.

Comment Re: 5 years too late (Score 1) 156

They look similar for the same reason screwdrivers look similar. The grid of icons is a rip from a typical Windows 95 desktop and/or any touchscreen ever.. The edges are rounded because everyone eases edges, going back centuries. The mic is at one end and the speaker at the others because it has to match with human anatomy.

My old mid 90s feature phone also laid out the apps on a grid. It also resembles the old win phones.

"Florida man's" design also looks similar for the same reason.

Submission + - What pranks have you pulled on scam callers? 1

flatulus writes: My wife has been getting calls repeatedly from "the Windows IT department" about our computer. She tells them she's not biting and hangs up.

This morning I had the pleasure of answering the call. It went like this:

"Hi, this is the Windows IT department calling about your computer."
"A computer? what's that?"
"I'm calling about your computer."
"Computer? I've never heard of this. What is a computer?"
"What is a computer? OK, buddy — get lost" (hangup)

So, what fun stories do you have about pranking scammers?

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