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Comment Let's be clear (Score 1) 508

The Constitution applies to the U.S. government and to the citizens of the united states. It does not include geographic limitations of any kind. All of this making borders a Constitution free zone is completely unConstitutional. I don't care if the ground I am standing on is legally considered to be the Greater 2nd Empire of Mars, I am still a U.S. Citizen and the border guard is still a representative of the U.S. government. The Constitution applies. Obviously it isn't being respected, but it certainly applies.

Comment Re:So what (Score 1) 123

Of course, we have no such goal at this time. If your goal is cultural and social continuity, killing off older people is a very bad idea.

It's also worth considering that the pollution probably doesn't leave them in perfect health until one day they die before using any medical resources.

Finally, consider how your thought changes if it's you or someone you love who dies early.

Comment Re:Failure of Big Science (Score 1) 457

Do we also need to get it notarized by God and submit it while rubbing our bellies, patting our heads and hopping on one foot?

Would you actually accept that or would you just punt saying lucky guess.

Perhaps you don't pay attention to the news, but Ca has indeed experienced an extended drought and is now seeing floods. Sorry, but nobody was able to predict the rainfall down to the mm.

Weather in a lot of places has been getting steadily stranger.

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Is Flexnet's Agent running on your computer? 1

shanen writes: Is Flexnet's Agent running on your computer?

Not the first time I've noticed this on Windows 10... In your Task Manager you may be able to find an agent.exe process that runs from time to time. It's identified as the Flexnet Remote Desktop Connection software. Uh? But I didn't know I was running a remote connection to my desktop. You?

How serious is this version of the Microsoft ppyware problem?

Comment Re:Horrible title! (Score 1) 120

OK, so one of the biggest performers of all time managed to get some royalties from one of his songs that managed to get on the must play at Christmas list.

And he's still getting royalties on it in spite of internet music piracy.

Comment Re:What Are Some Things That Every Hacker Once Kne (Score 2) 611

Personally, I find most IDEs unusable compared to the CLI tools. They tend to be laggy and crashy and at the same time unable to handle some fairly simple things that vi handles easily. They also seem to have no way to handle anything vaguely 'special' in the build process.

It might be easier to use the CLI tools while wearing mittens than it is to use an IDE.

Comment Re:DOS Hackers (Score 1) 611

Poking was a reference to the BASIC POKE, but as tends to happen, it started to mean affecting hardware by writing values to it even when not done in basic (sometimes called bit banging or just direct hardware access).

Pascal in general was crippled by it's own design. There were just too many necessary things you couldn't do without somehow violating the spec.

Comment Re:Pinouts (Score 1) 611

It's still not dead on servers, but it's more hidden. Now the serial console attaches to the management system and can be seen as Serial Over LAN. The BIOS still supports redirecting the old text mode display to serial, sometimes as a screen scrape and sometimes as an intercept of the old BIOS character display calls.

The nice thing about that is that unlike many of the brain damaged "KVM" support, they don't require some Java applet in your browser that requires an obsolete version of JVM, a particular "brand" of JVM, or somehow defies connecting to it through an SSH tunnel.

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