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Comment Re: Why do people keep using Windows? (Score 2) 132

When I was a kid growing up, the school district used Follett MS-DOS based software. The IBM PS/2 Model 95 server was both an application server and a fileserver and ran Novell 3.12, and the clients were IBM PS/2 Model 25s, 286 PCs with no local storage, which were booted to MS-DOS 5.0 with Microsoft Client for Networks DOS client, which would boot from floppies that the librarians would use each morning, mount the share read-only to open the application, then the application would connect over IPX/SPX to the Novell server to transact. The only problem was that if a client PC was messed up the librarians had problems getting that client PC to come back up. As a high school student I figured out that each boot floppy was personalized, so if one attempted to boot a client with a floppy that had booted a machine already running it would cause a conflict (something like the Novell equivalent of a hostname) so it was simple, I wrote a number on the side of each client PC, and a matching number on each of the floppy diskettes, and the librarians would only use that disk for that PC.

That system worked pretty well for a long time. Then the district IT department replaced that PS/2 server with an NT box, left it broken for almost three months during the school year, and only fixed it when I as a student threatened to fix it. They went to complain to the school administration and were told that I would have that administration's permission to do just that if they couldn't. It was fixed a week later.

Comment Re:Just Roll Back to Snapshot... (Score 1) 132

I suppose. That's definitely thinking as to why I don't have every system that I use joined to the domain and why I have non-Windows machines that I can work from both as workstations and as servers, and why those that are servers are real physical boxes instead of hypervisors or some other form of VM...

Comment Re: Welcome to the future of capitalism (Score 2) 613

If they're smart they'll actually use color, lots of color, but only a few colors each year and change them every year. They'll also mildly cut the fabric patterns differently every year and use thinner and thinner material, forcing people to pay for more and more clothing each year as they try to stay current year by year...

Comment Re:America! (Score 1) 613

They aren't taxi drivers. They keep insisting on this.

For once I will actually agree with them, they aren't taxi drivers, as taxi drivers usually make a livable wage even if it's still on the lower end of the spectrum, and taxi drivers are not forced to take fares that take them so far from home that returning for the night isn't practical.

Comment Re:Just Roll Back to Snapshot... (Score 3, Informative) 132

Why would you bother? If you're maintaining your images properly then you probably have a fresher, more up-to-date image for that particular model PC than what's on it anyway, so if you're going to spend so much time rolling-back you may as well instead deploy fresh. These are public terminals, by and large, user data on the local disk shouldn't be a factor at all.

Even for those users who have their own PC for themselves, if you're providing network storage and if the use of that network storage has been your corporate policy, then content lost on the local disk is their problem, not yours. Obviously try to be polite but don't commit to restoring data that was not properly saved.

Comment Re: Why do people keep using Windows? (Score 4, Insightful) 132

That's not really it at all.

Decision-makers at the top of organizations love Windows. They love Microsoft. They love all of the pretty graphs and charts and menus that make it look easy to administer a system or network. The problem is, they often start to think that they actually know how to do just that once they've been through the marketing experience meetings where the people from the vendor with a lot of knowledge make it look so simple, or else they hire people that do a very convincing job of sounding like they know what they're doing but don't. Worst, those people (either the bosses or the ignorant hirees) may be convinced that they know what they're doing far beyond reality.

Now, I will give it this much, sometimes the GUI tools can be useful. It's much easier to plot how network traffic is being passed among multiple interfaces to the WAN or to the ISP across multiple NAT firewalls with a GUI graph than it is on a text console. On the other hand, actually figuring out what's going on is often a function of the console, rather than of the GUI.

Comment Re:Wyoming = big coal country (Score 3, Insightful) 479

Wind power in particular could also be a great way to ensure that grazing rights on lands are maintained, since there's no reason why a wind farm and ranching would have to be incompatible, and with the land already being several stages away from being pristine, no reason not to continue to leave grazing rights.

Comment Re:That's no moon... (Score 1) 300

It would take a lot more material than that for a Dyson Sphere. It would take far more material than we have in the entire Solar System.

If you compare to the fictional Ringworld in Larry Niven's N-space universe, a strip that's 1,600,000 km wide, fans have estimated the mass to be the mass of Jupiter, which is just over 2/3 of the mass of the Solar System sans the Sun itself, without respect for composition of the Solar System.

To look at something more practical, in David Weber's Honor Harrington universe, a superdreadnought starship weighs a little under 9,000,000 metric tons. If the entire mass of 16 Psyche is usable then one could build over two trillion of those fictional starships, asteroids like that would make for a sound basis as natural resources for a space-based economy, assuming that one could manage to perform the materials refining needed without landing the mined ore on a planet's surface.

Your Deathstar example would probably also work.

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