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Comment Icloud leak writ large (Score 1) 31

Looks like we found the source for the next celebrity nude picture scandal. Only this time, instead of the pictures being intentionally taken by the celebrity or their lover, the photos are taken by someone that hacked the weak security surrounding the control system for the device and took the pictures themselves.

Security cameras are already ironically highly insecure, and those theoretically are from companies that should specialize in security, where the data should remain only on tightly controlled networks. This thing doesn't stand a chance.

Comment Re:Yay for Men's rights... and other possibilities (Score 2) 126

Just be pragmatic, there are lots of medical conditions that can cause women to be unable to conceive or unable to carry a child to term. Infertility is already treated for to attempt to counteract these conditions but there are still conditions that are not effective.

This kind of procedure can be used to allow women that suffer from these kinds of conditions to have children. It can allow women that work in risky occupations to have healthy children. It could even allow women that have health issues unrelated to reproductive trouble to have healthy children free from conditions that are passed on during pregnancy through the placental barrier.

The idea of being able to tube an embryo to grow it to a baby is a good one.

Comment Re:Not the place we buy things that sucke (Score 1) 239

If you want it and can afford to buy it, it's stupid not to buy it.

I don't know about you, but to quote writer Theodore Sturgeon, " may find that having is not so pleasing a thing after all as wanting. It is not logical, but it is often true." I learned this lesson as a child when I spent my allowance money that I'd saved up on stupid crap that I was convinced I wanted, only to find out that the thing I wanted either wasn't what it was made out to be or that my desire was not really my own. Now I was stuck with thing that I did not really want and no money.

I want a real smithing anvil and some tools. I could spend the thousands of dollars for the setup, but it'll probably get used only intermittently, as that kind of metalworking does not make for a casual hobby. I do not buy it because while I can afford it, I can also keep my money for when I find something that I really do want to have, or when I stumble across a genuinely good deal for something I can then pounce on it.

Be judicious with your means. Don't squander it.

Comment Re:Not the place we buy things that sucke (Score 5, Insightful) 239

What exactly are you saving for? If you die at 89 year old tomorrow with $10 million in the bank, what good was that $10 million to you?

This is a straw-man. You presuppose conditions that are not only of your own devising, but are highly unlikely and exceedingly rare. Most don't even live to 89, and most that do aren't sitting on that kind of a pile of cash, or if they are it's because they're still earning through their investments and are living the way that they want to, they're not denying themselves.

Most people that make a point of planning their long-term finances do so with an eye toward maintaining a comfortable standard of living throughout their lives, including during retirement. They do not want to lose quality of life when they no longer have an income. This means hitting peak savings at retirement age, where the money plus any further interest or growth will last for the remaining years in roughly the same amount as when one was working.

Saving for the future does not mean having to live like a pauper unless one has a job that pays incredibly poorly, but it does mean having discipline to avoid squandering one's money frivolously.

Comment Re:Patriot (Score 2) 198

Some would argue that the US Government is bound by the Constitution, wherever the US Government acts, and thus agents of the US Government are either subject to prosecution by the US courts whenever they violate the Constitution wherever they may be in the world, or else they are not acting on behalf of the US Government and are therefore bound by local law and subject to local prosecution.

After all, we already have rules of war that our military is supposed to follow when deployed overseas, and there have been plenty of cases when military personnel have been prosecuted for violating those rules. Why should civilian government actors be any different?

Comment Re: Patriot (Score 1) 198

The military-industrial complex is a lot like Congress. Everyone agrees there's a problem, but no one is willing to acknowledge that their personal bit of it has a problem or that they bear any responsibility for it, and many think that despite the problem, their little piece is good.

Comment Re:Logic and Reason, or lack thereof (Score 2) 198

That's because when it comes down to it, everyone wants their own agenda, and simply makes claims about what they are to pander to who will enable them to make their agenda happen. This is why you have to look at the records of actions that people have taken in the past when evaluating the words that they say to you now. This is why it's probably a good idea for Federal office holders to have previous government experience, so that one can see how they've decided on matters in the past, as that will be the best indicator of how they'll decide in the future.

Comment Re:No Secret (Score 1) 100

At home the solution is to buy a computer monitor, not a TV, and to track down one of those old early HDTV standalone tuners. Not the DTV converter boxes, but the high def output models that were required for early HD tube TVs that lacked ATSC tuners.

Or, at home, similar to above, to use a video projector as your TV and again, to get a separate tuner for it.

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