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Comment Re:I hate to excite the slashdot paullowers... (Score 1) 8

If only that spin was close to the actual truth, you might have a case.

Regardless of that, Trump has announced he wants to put someone in charge of the EPA who has largely made a name for himself by suing the EPA. So whatever it is you imagine the EPA needs to stop doing, they would likely stop doing it under him. They certainly won't have to worry about congress trying to get them to fulfill their mandate.

Comment I hate to excite the slashdot paullowers... (Score 1) 8

... but gold seems like a good investment at this point. That army is probably beating off pretty hard right now with the impending collapse of civilization coming ever closer.

If you have the physical space, it might be a good time to start stock piling drinkable water; while I hate to suggest the conspiracy propagators have a point I do expect water prices will go through the roof once Trump brings the roof crashing down on our heads.

If you're not already living in a relatively safe place you may want to consider moving. I hear the Congo is beautiful this time of year.

Comment Some don't know how good they have it (Score 1) 208

I know the point of this is that there is a significant cost to not having reliable high speed access. However some of us remember the days when your computer connected by a modem at 300 baud and that was pretty good. I recently found myself trying to explain a modem to a high school student... that is one exercise guaranteed to make you feel old. I could have just as well given up and said we sent everything by certified pterodactyl.

Comment Re:We'll see how long this lasts... (Score 1) 90

I could see this being a bill that Trump would want his friends in the house and senate to quickly get to work on writing out of existence. They will probably have lawyers preparing a case to bring to trial soon in hopes of getting a court to overturn it.

Why is this modded troll? This was exactly the first thing I thought of too. Trump has repeatedly and rabidly stated how he will persecute anyone that says bad things about him. The first amendment is already going to give him a lot of trouble in that regard.

Are you that new here? Slashdot has had a decidedly conservative majority voice for many years now. I was moderated troll for daring to suggest that Trump is not the greatest leader since the dawn of man kind (minus St. Ronnie, of course).

Trump will work hard at reducing the constitution to something will less value than used toilet paper. Meanwhile the slashdot conservatives will soon champion what a great idea that is.

Comment Re:I call bullshit. (Score 2) 367

At an airshow, I once sat in a Corvette on display. The door latch will not open the door without battery power, and for some reason the power went out, so I got trapped in the car. An airshow attendant let me out.

Only months later did I learn the emergency latch to open the door was on the floor. There may be an override for safety reasons, but it's not always obvious.

Fun fact: at least one Corvette owner actually died in his car on a hot day since he couldn't figure out how to open the door.

Comment Re:About time... (Score 2) 98

Trouble is, the places that MATTER (i.e. schools which are teaching the children how to use a computer, and banks which are holding your money to ransom if you're anybody) don't give a shit. We're still fighting banks on "but this is more secure" when they make us run closed code in a closed plugin tied into closed sites on a particular browser that's not your normal browser and is - by definition - outdated. It shouldn't be.

No offense, but the biggest problem I've run into over the last year are web sites that use every damn proprietary feature of Chrome and try to itemize workarounds for every other browser. My problem isn't coming across web sites that still push Flash and Java, it's sites that are largely broken in Firefox and IE/Edge, and totally broken in Pale Moon.

Now that Chrome and the Blink engine are the most popular web technologies on the planet, I'm finding it hard to find sites that work in any other web browser that uses HTML5, no matter how up-to-date it is. Web developers need to get their heads out of their asses and make things that actually just work, not support only the absolute latest version of Chrome that was just released tomorrow.

The call for "standards compliance" from the early 2010's isn't fashionable anymore. Nobody gives a shit about HTML5 -- it's stupid, broken, non-standard DOM all the way down.

Submission + - Chinese Scientist Found Breakthrough Vaccine/Cures for All Viral Infections (

hackingbear writes: Chinese scientists may have found the key to creating effective vaccines for the world’s deadly viruses including bird flu, SARS, Ebola, and HIV. An experiment by a research team at Beijing University was hailed as “revolutionary” in the field in a paper published in the latest issue of Science magazine on Friday. The live virus used in the vaccine used by the researchers had its genetic code tweaked to disable the viral strains’ self-replication mechanism. But it was kept fully infectious to allow the host animal cells to generate immunity. Using live viruses in their fully infectious form was considered taboo, as viruses spread rapidly. Vaccines sold and used widely today generally contain either dead or weakened forms of viruses. The animals infected with virus were cured after receiving the injection, according to the paper. This breakthrough promises to simplify the process of producing vaccines, which may help scientists develop effective vaccines or even cures for various viruses – such bird flu, SARS, Ebola and HIV – within weeks of an outbreak.

Comment Re:We'll see how long this lasts... (Score 1) 90

Trump is now the leader of the republican party (as happens when one is elected POTUS as the candidate of the party). He also is the most successful troll in the history of trolling. Anyone in Washington who disagrees with him - regardless of their party affiliation - will be openly shamed and abused by the Troll in Chief. When he tells the GOP to jump they will ask only how high. When he says in January that he wants this bill killed they will ask only how quickly.

Being as this type of bill potentially challenges his god-given right to make money, he will want it killed. Just as he wants "new libel laws" that allow him to throw journalists into prison who cover him in unfavorable ways.

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