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Comment Re:As opposed to? (Score 1) 18

The majority of the country are for trans rights

I'm not sure where the majority stands on this, to be honest. I think a more accurate statement might be that the majority of the country opposes wasting time and money on oppressing trans people, and sees oppressing them to be a pointless and stupid thing to do. I'm not sure if that is always 100% the same thing as being in favor of trans rights.

As far as I'm concerned, the world that existed before the bathroom bills started showing up reflects how most people feel. If a person who looks like a woman walks into a women's restroom, who cares if they were born biologically female or not? I'm not sure that we need to codify a law to ensure that people can use bathrooms that match their identity. If we dropped gender designations from all single-hole bathrooms that would likely resolve quite a bit of this, wouldn't it?

And it's going to get worse for the religious bigots because religion is dying.

As I recall, a recent Pew study in the US showed that the fastest growing response for the survey of religions in the US was "none". Granted this includes a lot of things beyond atheists, agnostics, and the sort; it would also potentially include the "Christmas & Easter" Christians and various other people to consult their religion when they feel like it.

Comment Re:As opposed to? (Score 1) 18

The people who want him gone the most are Republicans

They'll never admit to that if it is the case. While they won't admit how much they have changed since his days, they still hold Saint Ronnie's 11th amendment as sacred and won't impeach Drumpt over anything. The only way they'll cut his administration short is if he has a medical emergency that renders him physically unfit (we already know he is mentally unfit) for the job.

because they realize he's killing them.

Killing them? More like killing for them. His mantra of "there is no such thing as bad press" has permeated the entire organization. He's on the front page news every day and has been for well over a year now. Often the democrats don't appear in the paper until at least half way to the editorial page, and the editorial page is overrun with people screaming about how the democrats are here to do the duties of Satan himself.

There is very much a non-zero chance that Drumpf will go down in history as the last POTUS. We are barreling full-speed towards dissolution of the union.

Comment Re:As opposed to? (Score 1) 18

Democrats played the same blame game against the republicans when they had the power in 2009-2010.

Actually, no. The Democrats were too cowardly to actually use the power granted to them by the voting public. They were so used to being beaten up by the GOP (as they had been for around a decade at that point) that they had no notion of how to use power when they had it. They were just as afraid of being called "Un-American" in congress as they were before.

Comment Re:The American obsession with self-reliance (Score 1) 470

Right now its "I need H1Bs because there are to few qualified Americans"

Right now it's "I need H1Bs because US law demands US citizens receive benefits, and qualified Americans cost more than foreigners."

Corporations are pretty much pioneers of isolationism. They put up with community only if they have to, which is why they had that layoff right before yet another profitable Christmas.

Comment Re: Hmm (Score 1) 137

Actually, the kid was smart enough to figure out the unlocking thing and then ask Siri for help. I'm just surprised that dialing 999 (or 911) is beyond him.

He probably saw his mom unlock the phone and use Siri many times before. However, being as he is only 4 years old he might not have known to call 999, or which number on the keypad was 9 when it came up. Some 4 year olds can read the numbers 0-9 but not all. Stringing together the right 3-digit sequence of numbers is not a small task at that age.

Comment Re:never understood removing features (Score 1) 263

Because a lot of people get confused by too much information and too many options.

This is precisely why UI designers exist -- to make a clean UI that makes sense of the zillions of options. That's pretty much the whole reason why menus were invented.

UX people don't get this. Since making a good UI is hard, their philosophy is to just reduce everything to one, big button.

Comment Timing went from bad to worse (Score 1) 166

This strike, had it been called while President Barack "Lawnchair" Obama was in office, would have likely ended in no progress for either side, with the workers going back to the same shitty situation they walked out from (ultimately a loss for the workers as they would see no raise while their cost of living increases). That would have been bad timing.

Now we have a GOP that is still drunk on power calling the shots in DC. These workers might as well go take a long walk off a short pier at this point. I would be surprised if they are able to return to any jobs at all. There is no protection left for them, and if they thought otherwise they will soon find how wrong they are.

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