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Comment Re:Timing (Score 2) 163

There seems to be an effort by the media to paint the DNC as being "a success" and the RNC as "a disaster" - despite all reports indicating that they were the exact opposite: the RNC was (with the exception of Cruz) a party coming together to support their candidate

Yeah, that was great how Bush, McCain, and Romney all came out to support.... oh wait, they all stayed away because a significant part of the Republican establishment refuses to endorse Trump.

In fact if they were to endorse anyone during the campaign it would likely be Hillary. I mean the Cruz-endorsing "Obamacare is unconstitutional" folks at Volokh Conspiracy have already done so.

while the DNC was two warring factions failing to come to any sort of agreement

The only reason the RNC was so quiet is their insurgent with outsider delegates won. Can you imagine how chaotic it would be if Trump had lost?

- primarily because it's come out that the "losing" side only lost because of massive fraud and cheating on the "winning" side.

It has? I must have missed that story. All I heard about was some emails indicating that the DNC was pushing a pro-Clinton narrative to reporters, a fraction of what the RNC tried to do to Trump.

If you read any reports outside the MSM, the DNC has been a complete disaster.

Right before they tell you that Bigfoot shot JFK.

off-script outbursts from invited celebrities,

Someone didn't repeat the teleprompter word for word in a speech before a live audience??? WHAT AN OUTRAGE!!!!

Hillary has managed to turn 538's "80% chance" of victory into a 52% chance - WITH the "post-nomination bounce!"

I read 538 as well, though apparently with better reading comprehension.

Comment Re:Yeah so (Score 5, Insightful) 163

Up until the point that he got on the Hillary train, I had a LOT of respect for Sanders. You're right that most of his positions are close to "normal" for Democrats, but unlike most politicians, he was not trying to walk both sides of a line, and he was that rare (almost unique) straight shooter. He didn't hide behind weasel words, he didn't equivocate, he stated, simply, what his ideals were, and appeared to live by them.

When's the last time you heard ANYONE at his level of politics say something like "I have to get my tax returns from my wife, she does them" and then further find out that he's actually living on his Senate salary and not "speaking fees" or other similar near bribes?

I'm actually pretty upset over the whole thing--I would NEVER have voted for Sanders, because his politics are too far off from mine, but he was a politician I could admire... until he became just another party hack at convention time.

Politics is the art of compromise. The only ones who refuse to compromise are dictators or useless blowhards.

Sanders' could have insisted on all of his principles, refused to endorse Hillary, and possibly handed the election to Trump, undercutting virtually every policy objective he had.

Or he could endorse Hillary, hope she'd win, and watch her do 95% of the same things he would have done.

You can insist on a perfect candidate and pout if you don't get one. Or you can be smart like Sanders, find the least worst option you can, and do your best to improve it.

Comment Re:Timing (Score 5, Informative) 163

or maybe the walkout by half the DNC hall after clinton was nominated???

I don't think the word "half" means what you think it means.

maybe it was the breaking of federal law at the convention when they knowingly had illegal immigrants come out and speak (yes, that IS a federal crime)

I believe your understanding of the law is incorrect.

Comment Timing (Score 4, Insightful) 163

I wonder if the specific timing is WikiLeak's idea or the source's idea.

If you're trying to damage Clinton and the DNC this is great timing, it aggravates Sander's supporters and pits them against the party when everyone is at the DNC, it also distracts the public from good press that the DNC is generating.

But if you're trying to publicize WikiLeaks and the leaks themselves it's terrible timing, almost no one outside of political junkies is going to hear about it because the news is swamped with the DNC itself.

I suspect the source has specific conditions about how this info gets published.

Comment Re:Hatchet jobs aside (Score 2) 393

Tor is backdoored. You can see that from the ease with which the Feds locate sites and users.

Tor is open source, the project just manages the sources. You might be able sneak in some subtle exploits if you're in charge... but if the Feds are finding people it's more likely they've just set up a bunch of fake nodes.

When a company first sacks someone facing no charges, then hires a PI to confirm their reason for sacking, even though he's not claiming wrongful dismissal. That pretty much tells you that the organization is stuff full of bad actors.

Or the project is under intense scrutiny and suspicion so they want to cover their bases.

And that is Jacob.

These "we slept together and he licked my muff and that's rape because I didn't agree before hand he could lick my muff, only share the bed"...

It's about consent, and sharing a bed with someone doesn't give you consent.

Now in many cases that's an indication that they are interested, and in that case you can try to get consent. But just because you think they are interested in sex and you can get consent doesn't give you the right to shove your hand down their pants while they're asleep.

these are Assange style attacks, they were disclosed in the Snowden leaks, and they just make him more, demonstrably honest:

That's a theory, it's a theory to watch out for, it's possibly the reason why they hired the PI you were so concerned about, but the fact he was accused of misconduct isn't evidence that he was framed.

Comment Re:Well... (Score 1) 999

If the US government fails to care about blatant disregard of law's a Clinton and she's a Democrat...then perhaps it's legitimate to appeal to other state-level actors to help throw aside the veil of secrecy?

At what point are the people of the US entitled to recognize that their government directly serves the interests of a small coterie of oligarchs, and try to work around it?

Again, let's recall:
"I don't have a private email server"
"It was only private and family correspondence"
"Well nothing secret went on that server"
"Nothing I knew was secret was on that server"
"Nothing ACTUALLY MARKED SECRET was on that server"
and then, after at least a week of denials, a carefully vetted pile of emails was 'given' to the FBI/DOJ and there were STILL secret things found in the correspondence.

And yet, the response from half the electorate and most of the major news organizations is "What me worry?" and "Vast Right Wing Conspiracy*"
*now including Red Scare 2016(tm)

Ok lets, here's what appears to be the first press conference she gave. But there's no evidence that a) she deliberately sent classified emails on the system, b) intended that her lawyers delete work emails along with the personal emails before turning the server over, or c) knew that either had occurred.

But even IF she was guilty of all those things, and the FBI would have prosecuted her if not for her political influence, and by rights she should be in jail.

Even if those things were true.

It's still absurd to consider voting for Trump over her.

Comment Re:Trump Trolling (Score 1) 999

ie the DNC generating good speeches and endorsements

They are? Everything I've heard about the DNC is that it's been an absolute disaster, with Bernie supporters constantly interrupting speakers who are spending most of their time castigating Bernie supporters for not falling into line after the DNC rigged the nomination for Hillary Clinton, to the point where something like half the delegates walked out after her coronation. Er, nomination.

Then I guess my suggestion would be to start listening to reputable news sources.

Comment Re:Does this surprise anyone? (Score 2) 999

No, Laureate University she dumped $55 million of taxpayer money into and got Bill $16.5 million of it personally.

Trump, questionable ethics and conflicting story. Clinton, stole taxpayer money.

Ever wonder why the Trump U stories disappeared and never came back? He mentioned the Clinton sealing taxpayer money and they freaked out and told the press to be quiet about it.

Ahh, that "scandal", where an organization paid Bill Clinton $16.5 million and the State Department gave $55 million to a completely different organization.

The press stopped talking about Trump U because it's old news and there's so much other crazy Trump stuff to report.

The press never talked about the Laureate University scandal because it was a dumb idea for a scandal.

Comment Re:And give Putin a Pulitzer Prize (Score 1, Informative) 999

Who cares about the friggin emails.

This was an attempt by Russia, who considers the US a rival and possible enemy, to create political upheaval in US and change the outcome of an election.

These distinctions matter, the NYTimes did what it did to inform the public and make the country stronger, that's why functioning Democracies give freedom of the press such high regard.

Russia's actions are literally intended as an attack on your country and are carried out in a way to inflict damage. That's why the NSA and CIA exist, to engage in this kind of soft warfare.

Comment Re:The basest, vilest (Score 5, Informative) 999

You mean Hillary? Because Trump, despite all the mud being thrown this way, has done very little concrete evil in comparison.

Yeah, if you look past all the scams, lawsuits, lies about donating to charity, racist comments, racist acts, misogyny, donations for explicit political favours, mob connections, and rape allegations then he's practically a saint.

Comment Re:The basest, vilest (Score 5, Insightful) 999

Valarie Plame was not a "undercover" agent. And Dick Cheney didn't out her, it was a well known secret.

The ONLY people offended by her "outing" were people who hate Cheney. Hate him all you want, just don't do it for this, it is a non-issue. I also find it simply amazing that this is a huge deal to certain people, while at the same time, those same people are voting Clinton, who has done much much worse.

Clinton exposed classified information by accident, and through a channel she (wrongly) felt was secure.

Libby deliberately leaked classified information to the press as part of a political smear job.

There's a vast difference.

Now I don't know that Cheney had anything to do with it, he may have explicitly ordered it, he may have created a culture where it was expected, or he may have stopped the idea dead in its tracks if he'd only been told about it.

Comment Re:So that makes it OK then (Score 1) 692

Wasn't it just a month or so ago that all the Oppo research on Trump was leaked? Is your memory really that short?

No, that also helped Trump. It gave the RNC the DNCs entire playbook on Trump so the RNC would be better prepared to counter it.

Supposedly Guccifer 2.0 even offered the playbook to Trump's camp but someone there was smart enough to turn it down (major scandal if it ever got out they had it) though I don't know how authoritative that info is.

Comment Re:So that makes it OK then (Score 0) 692

Nothing to see here. These crimes were exposed by someone we don't like so much. That makes it OK.

A very powerful organization (ie Russia) is expending significant resources to dig up and expose dirt on only one side.

If Putin instead decided to target the RNC they might uncover discussions of voter suppression efforts or other dirty tricks.

If he targeted Trump and captured emails from his organization I suspect you'd see some really ugly stuff, possibly even direct discussions of using political donations to influence politicians.

In either case it would have a very different impact on the polls. Just the knowledge that someone powerful is trying to manipulate you should cause you to reconsider how you're being affected by the information.

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