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Comment capitalistic options (Score 1) 61

Since Capitalism is an amazing system that gives consumers the options they want, I'm sure there will be non-privacy invading cars that are available for the original price and privacy invading cars that are marked down %25 to compensate. You know, just like one can go to the store and buy every TV model in the 'non-smart' version.

Comment Re:Yeah, with a fucking asterisk (Score 1) 143

There is not always a plug available. I would do that at home, but if I stay overnight at a friends and park on the street, no plug available. Plus public lots ticket you if you they anything more than a block heater plugged in, and even that they cycle on and off because they won't want to pay for the electricity to run them.

Comment Re:The owner should be liable (Score 1) 244

Now I am more sure than ever that automation is going to decimate even availability of public transportation. This will become a tax on people who want to get from one part of a city to another. Society is just not moving towards shiny automatic chariots like on the spaceship in WALL-E.

Comment Re:The owner should be liable (Score 1) 244

Yes I agree with your point about city transit being much better. But that is 100 years in the future, long after anyone here will see it. Maybe in a large center, but my city has a hard time keeping a fleet of 10 year old buses on the road. The budget for transit just isn't there, and buses don't get in accidents. So none of this will happen for us in the foreseeable future. I thought we were talking about the more near term. If automated cars are ready in the next 10 years it's going to be a company like Uber or Hertz initially being efficient and cheap and they will be better than traditional taxis and push them out. But once the taxis are gone, there won't be as much motive to clean the vehicles and they will start to age and become more expensive, and mostly greed will set in and prices will go up well beyond a person using it as a service to get back and forth to work every day.

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