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Comment Re: Who's gonna pay "THEIR FAIR SHARE"?!?!?! (Score 1) 137

The first article talks about formaldehyde, not cancer...
Second article says there isn't much evidence... which is why I was asking in the first place
Third article says some stuff about possible heart and respiratory issues, nothing about cancer

Do you f'n read?? You just wasted my time, thanks. Even worse, you are spreading misinformation.

Comment Re:Laws (Score 1) 251

The way I see it, with no middlemen, those car salesmen are out of work. It's not really the best example, but take Uber's mission to put taxi drivers out of work. All the money they would otherwise collect is going straight to the corporation and the corp will enjoy the extra profits rather than lower prices, which they promptly funnel to the people with the most shares or some offshore account or whatever. How is this a good thing for the common person?

Comment Re:Laws (Score 1) 251

It only says that it could work if Tesla didn't plan on cutting out other dealers, but they do. Perhaps Tesla should be learning from Apple. At any rate, I was responding to the proposition that middlemen raise prices. Apple is proof that omitting the middleman does nothing to lower prices.

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