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Comment Re:He may be right. (Score 1) 269

You need to put those numbers into perspective. This is out of billions of trips. A person has a 0.17 percent chance of getting into an accident in their lifetime. I'm not saying it isn't a problem, but I have to see the full path to the solution of that problem in this case.

Comment Re:He may be right. (Score 1) 269

Furthermore, if Musk is as brilliant as people say he is, if he is going to make these claims then he should have a meaningful plan on distributing his vehicles so that enough people own them for actual statistical change. I suspect most people will not like how he thinks this will unfold. It probably calls for an end to private ownership which will erode the freedom for everyone to move around. Considering the tiny chance of getting in more than a fender bender in anyone's lifetime, along with the fact that everyone accepts the risk of the road, I question whether the end outcome will be worth it. It's worth discussing but hardly decided yet.

Comment Re:That must be why you prohibit ride-sharing! (Score 1) 269

When autonomous vehicles come out, it is clear that the provider of the autonomy must carry all liability for anything that happens. If it is true autonomy then the person in the car might not even have a valid drivers license.. if there is a person in it at all. Nothing else is logical.

Comment Re:Incidents vs. population? (Score 2) 269

Furthermore, Autopilot only drives the simplest miles of road and always has a human monitoring it. It shuts down if something complicated happens, and it doesn't attempt difficult manoeuvres such as passing other vehicles. So in order to make some sense of the numbers, you must omit all accidents by people not happening within the ability of Autopilot.

Comment Impractical (Score 1) 269

These vehicles will only save lives if more than half the drivers are in them. Until Musk presents his plan on how to make his vehicles affordable by 75% of the population, this is all hot air. It must be nice to live in a world where all things somehow get cheap enough for everyone to own one.

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