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Comment Re:Driverless (Score 1) 273

I'm saying it's going to be terrible if they allow the kind of automated driving these cars are outfitted for. I'm not looking forward to a future of being behind someone who stops every 40 feet, or drives a maximum of thirty-five, or stays behind a large slow vehicle on the highway giving you two vehicles to pass, gets confused by construction, or generally doesn't drive human. I am a good enough driver that I can anticipate when a person is going to do a stupid thing on the road, but driving behind a robot will be totally different. The way I see this going, it's going to suck. Even worse, the people who drop that much on a vehicle to drive like asses will feel perfectly justified in getting in everyone's way because it's not them doing the driving. If they are to be used on a private roadway then fine, but I hope they don't allow full public use until they are compatible with humans.

Comment Re:where does all this money come from? (Score 1) 484

It's really none of your business where other people get their money. It's pretty much people like you that can't keep your noses out that ruin it for everyone. I couldn't care less, because I know anyone can find themselves in a situation where they are out of a job and I might have to fall back on it some day.

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