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Comment Re: So backwards... (Score 1) 210

Well I know the Uber SDCs don't have perfect driving records. They were running a lot of red lights in California and remember that there are 2-3 humans in each one. There was recently an article on Slashdot that covered the fact that they have to take over very frequently. Google is probably better but recently one was in a right turn lane which was actually a parking lane. It had to vacate the lane because there was a sand bag on the road and it turned into a bus in the next lane. So I'm not sure where you are going with this whole perfect driving record thing. Do they even take them out when its raining?

Comment Re: Underpaid? Vote with your feet (Score 1) 432

I agree. If they open borders for everyone then there is no issue. The problem is that H-!B is only available for certain industries. No corporate executive would think of H-1Bing other corporate executives, therefore it is an artificial adjustment to the market.

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