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Comment Re: yea what could possibly go wrong??? (Score 1) 84

Funny. We know that it's you guys in the alt right that pretend to work yourselves up about eugenics even though you want basically the same thing but through genocide. Bezos has never favored eugenics -- you know it, I know it. What's your game man? About surveillance, why don't you ask your soon to be government not to expand surveillance like many in the incoming cabinet have said they lwant to do.

Comment Re: mdsolar (Score 3, Insightful) 300

You anti fusion luddites are unbelievable with your snideness and negativity. The budget for nuclear fusion was cut by 90% in the 1970s. Have some patience, maybe it's just delayed by 50 years or 100years. So what, it hasn't been shown to be impossible and they are credible paths to acheiving it. Thank goodness you weren't around 125 years ago to ridicule the aviation pioneers like the wright brothers for their failures.

Comment remote monitoring ability (Score 1) 178

Especially taxis, they should be remotely monitored. I am pretty sure they will need that unless they are cool with people puking or worse in the cab. I mean one person should be able to monitor 3 or 4 vehicles at the same time. Since this may incur a high cellular data cost, it can just send stills every 3 seconds uness realtime video conferencing is needed.

Trucks too should be remotely monitored.

Comment we suck at batteries (Score 1) 29

Back when that Alessandro Volta dude made the first modern electrochemical battery in the late 1700s (over 300 years ago) he didn't know that none of us idiots in the future would be able to improve on it much.

Somebody out there better crack the battery problem. We need batteries to be capable of storing 15 times more charge per volume (and weight) than the best we have today. Admittedly, it seems fucking impossible.

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