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Comment Getting a job (Score 1) 69

How about college students be taught what skills would be useful at a job? I mean, nobody wants to hire people straight out of college, so why not provide the work experience during college? Actually, I would let college students sit in on meetings in my company. I would do it for free, of course I am not paying them either since they aren't working for me. I mean, even if there is no work for unskilled people .. colleges should hook up deals so that individual students (maybe no more than 3 at a time) could get invited to local profession-relevant companies. A different company each week for a one or two hours. They wouldn't be allowed to ask any questions during the session, only observe others working -- watch the machines go .. maybe attend a meeting even. I feel like having students experience work environments would be valuable, for one thing it would dissuade many of them from getting a job and help them gain a much needed pessimistic futuristic outlook as to what having a career means.

Comment Own the robot (Score 1) 370

Don't tax it, own it. Humans8 should invest in robot companies and live off the revenue thereof. Robots will make things cheap. Robotic indoor farming. Basic math shows that one large indoor farming skyscraper like they are building in Singapore or even an underground facility powered by a large solar array or other power plant (nuclear fusion, maybe in 25 years) would be able to provide all the food for a large city. For security purposes obviously you would want these spread out over neighborhoods like Freight Farms is trying to do. I personally wish to expand my own high yield indoor vegetable farm so that I won't need to purchase tomatoes or potatoes ever. I already automated lighting and watering with an arduino and raspberry pi .. I could easily envision the fertilizing, harvest, and planting could be automated.

Comment CRISPR (Score 5, Interesting) 159

You people do realize that the CRISPR genes of the type to do gene editing are present in strep pyogenes and also staph aureus? These bacteria, especially staph aureus, are found everywhere. That means that anyone can extract these genes and put them into a plasmid quite easily using technology such as PCR (which can be done with a thermometer, stove, and a cup of ice). The only difficult part is making oligonucleotide sequences -- which are dirt cheap to buy though not trivial for someone to make at home but if I really thought about it I am sure there is a way to do it with just household chemicals and a small lab.

What I am saying is, if you ban this thing it will do nothing other than prevent its good use. The bad use will still be possible -- although there are tons of much easier and more effective ways to cause harm than genetic engineering -- it's rather sad to watch people get so paranoid about something like this. I mean people it's easier to cure late stage IV cancer and diabetes than it is to do something bad with genetic engineering -- yet there are tons of much easier ways to hurt people.

Comment Re:Tim Cook is sad (Score 2) 79

Yeah i see the sarcasm. You seem to know who all these companies should hire. Yet none of you geniuses who say Google, Apple, Microsoft and others don't need to hire foreigners have ever made a billion dollar technology company (real estate, oil, and businesses profiting off monopolization of resources don't count).

There is a reason many of the patents on the original iPhone have foreign names.

Comment Java sucks (Score 4, Informative) 155

Use some other language. There are better languages out there.
Sun, which developed Java, made it freely available so that it would get popular. That's why people chose it -- that's why it got the traction and support to evolve to where it is today. Ultimately though, people were only willing to pay what it was worth.

Comment Re: Good! (Score 2) 146

No. Causing thousands of persons to waste a few minutes of their life is not the same as killing somebody! For one thing their is no individual subject to extreme suffering. Your mind is warped, emotion driven, and cruel if you think a murderer and a spammer deserve the same punishment. Hey reading your comment wasted a lot of people's time how are you going to compensate them? Should makers of bad movies be convicted of murder too? You are a sicko if you want people killed for spamming you.

Comment Re:Gentetic modification (Score 2) 291

You can breed two different species of plants together and get a new gene that never existed in either one -- even without mutation. I know of at least 5 or 6 ways offhand --- there is often massive chromosomal rearrangement --a lot of which is random.

Apparently it's you thats disqualified to speak her.

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