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Comment Apple (Score 2) 231

This must be Apple's hypocritical doing. How come Apple hasn't been sued for monopolistic practices? When you buy apps or movies on iTunes (legally) you are have to spend money to repurchase them if you want to switch to Android. Also there is no way to re-sell apps that you bought once you are done with it.

Comment If this were happening in Trump era (Score 1) 227

Conservatives will claim that the reduced labor force participation rate means the economy is so awesome that women are getting to be stay at home moms again.doesnt matter if it's false the will cite a couple of anecdotal examples and have one or two such couples paraded around like its the norm.

Comment Re: Nothing wrong with waterboarding (Score 1) 319

There is a limit to what I am willing to do in order to survive. I won't, for example, take actions to knowingly gravely harm an innocent person to save my own skin. Anyone who does so on my supposed behalf will receive my condemnation .. Not approval.

Inconvenience, maybe .. But gravely harm an innocent person .. No way.

Comment Good (Score 1) 126

Instead of paying $100k for college just spend it on buying shares in the robot factories, or ask your government to tax their profits and give you shares. Get your college education for free online.

Forcing companies to hire humans is a form of taxation. So by allowing companies to use robots, you get the same benefit and the human with basic income gets to sleep all day or pursue other tuff while still getting paid just for existing. It's a win-win.

Comment Re: Kind of freaky... (Score 2) 200

Taxation of robot factories to provide universal basic income will resolve that issue. Also owning just a few shares of these companies will pay high dividends. And since manufacturing cost will be super low, there will be enough competition to make sure that prices of goods are low so that the universal a basic income will go much further.

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