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Comment Re:Secure Boot (Score 1) 628

Lolwut? Looking at total installed base, Windows is an obscure minority at this point. We're talking, even in the US, an average of a 5:1 obscure minority base. That red-headed stepchild of devices that can't handle mainstream applications. If Microsoft doesn't want to play ball with Linux, then it's literally only their market to lose at this point.

Comment Re: What could possibly go wrong? (Score 1) 135

Funny thing is there's basically no quality control. There's dozens of locations in Tulsa that have multiple portals in Ingress that have been reported multiple times, without getting fixed. Bonus is that landmarks that could be but aren't spend years in the submission queue before getting denied with no obvious reason. Ingress is broken, and Niantic has itself to blame.

Comment Re:Easy of porting over is the key (Score 1) 199

Not to mention as long as Torvalds has a pulse the driver situation will NEVER get any better as Torvalds refuses to let go of the same crap driver model he has been pushing since 1993, so they get the "fun" of dealing with that mess, and for what?

Oh, I'm sorry that having plug'n'play actually work on a far wider variety of devices, and much more rapidly, right out of the box is such an inconvenience to you. Didn't know moving a keyboard from one port to another without having to wait 10 minutes to install another copy of the same keyboard driver is such a massive burden. If anything, the Linux hardware support model is proof positive that hardware guys shouldn't go near compilers, and programmers shouldn't wield soldering irons. The only folks who haven't seemed to get this through their thick fucking skulls yet are nVidia and AMD, and let's face it, their drivers are blowful on every platform.

Comment Re:Easy of porting over is the key (Score 1) 199

They don't require a user have expert knowledge.

This isn't 1998 anymore. Linux doesn't require "expert knowledge" to run and use.

This. Microsoft hasn't put out an easy to use OS in over a decade now, and even XP was pushing it. It's to the point where it's usually easier to run Linux than it is to run Windows, because at least Linux will work reasonably well for most people out of the box without fucking around with a diaspora of idiot vendor-written drivers spread across the internet. Good luck if Windows didn't bother to include the right ethernet driver, a problem Linux hasn't had since I was a sophomore in high school almost 20 years ago.

Right now Linux just isn't popular with gamers because there are no games for it, and there are no games for it because gamers don't use it.

If it doesn't release on Linux, it doesn't exist. Wolfenstein: The New Order is the new Duke Nukem Forever. Fucking Bethesda ruins everything.

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