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Comment Re:Inscrutable behaviour (Score 1) 457

God forbid anyone criticize a billionaire surrounded by yes men. He got lucky with PayPal and Tesla but asking people to die on Mars is a new one. So you died on Mars, how did that benefit anyone else? Elon Musk could shit on a cracker and you guys would pass it around like fine caviar.

Comment Re:Yeah but there's a whole world out there (Score 4, Insightful) 852

The original poster is correct. We shouldn't be using illegal labor to justify low prices. I don't have a problem with immigrants. I have a problem with illegal immigrants not paying their fare share in taxes. Most of the money they make gets sent back to Mexico anyhow.

Comment Re:Good Heavens! (Score 2) 94

I'm using it right now for a personal http/minecraft/cctv server. I like how minimal the install is. You get a base OS and then add the packages and customize the scripts as needed. I don't need 30 included text editors that are all terrible and 10,000 libraries that all need weekly security patches.

Comment Re:What exactly are they disabling? (Score 1) 585

They are going to do it through UEFI. I bought a new Dell box for work with Win 10 pre installed. I had a hell of a time getting Win 7 installed. I had to disable UEFI and enable "legacy mode" in the BIOS. Even then you get a scary red screen instructing you to enter the code being displayed.

After that trying to find chipset and other low level drivers took forever. I had to look up the vendor IDs and try and find drivers supplied by other vendors.

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