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The Treo 700p Confirmed 107

Tam Hanna writes "People have been rumoring about the Treo 700p for quite some time, Now, HandMark has "officially" confirmed the Treo 700p's existance on their home page. While developers have had access to the machine for quite some time; this is the first "real" sighting""
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The Treo 700p Confirmed

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  • by Kortec ( 449574 ) on Sunday May 14, 2006 @10:12AM (#15329375) Homepage
    Since when have top line slashdot articles been links to 3 line blog posts? Perhaps in the future, we'd like to see someone who, you know, has something to say about the issue, rather than just announcing the thing.
  • Now we know what gadget Jack Bauer will be using next season.
    • I think I've heard rumors that the device has built-in GPS satellite reconfiguration codes so your average counter terrorism unit field staff won't have to rely on somone at the home office to do their work and then download images to the unit.

      I've also heard rumors that it has a very good mini speaker system, which then is utilized to randomly shout phrases like, "PUT THE GUN DOWN!"

      Unfortunatly, user testing has been an issue, because pretty much anyone within range of the unit who can make a decision or h
  • This is the best-kept secret since Halo 3!
  • Three comments on the story and the host has already shut the site... Feel the power of the slashdotting
  • Heh (Score:3, Funny)

    by shadowknot ( 853491 ) * on Sunday May 14, 2006 @10:22AM (#15329409) Homepage Journal
    FTA: "Diese Webseite befindet sich derzeit im Urlaub. Dies kann verschiedene Ursachen haben. Solltest Du der Inhaber dieser Seite sein, so wende Dich bitte per E-Mail an This Website is on vacation for now. If you are the owner of this domain please contact"
  • 700 p? That one very cheap PDA. Me no can wait to buy.
    • And it's a phone, too!

      Though, you've got to keep in mind, the 700p price depends on a commitment to an 80 year voice+data service contract at a price of 12000p per month, with an early cancellation charge of 5000000p. I almost think you'd be better off paying more up front and getting a shorter service contract.
  • by WebHostingGuy ( 825421 ) * on Sunday May 14, 2006 @10:25AM (#15329416) Homepage Journal
    If you want to see screenshots, fuzzy pictures, possible faked and/or original literature and a lot more information go to the discussion boards here: 700p Discussion on

    According to the information there May 28, 2006 is the release date.

  • It's existence, not "existance"
  • picture (Score:4, Informative)

    by AnonymousCowheart ( 646429 ) on Sunday May 14, 2006 @10:51AM (#15329490) Homepage
    Well, since this has become a thread of rumors, I may as well post the following pics: ible-images-of-the-treo-700p/ []
    Again, not confirmed.
  • The link says.. (Score:2, Informative)

    by saboola ( 655522 )
    Diese Webseite befindet sich derzeit im Urlaub. Dies kann verschiedene Ursachen haben.
    Solltest Du der Inhaber dieser Seite sein, so wende Dich bitte per E-Mail an

    This Website is on vacation for now. If you are the owner of this domain please contact

    Wish I could go on a vacation...
  • Will the 700P present a better target for installing Linux than the 700W, the same way Windows HW is the main platform for Linux, but Palm HW is usually more problematic?
  • by Thumper_SVX ( 239525 ) on Sunday May 14, 2006 @11:42AM (#15329639) Homepage
    Earlier on it was a link to nothing even resembling confirmation, 10 minutes later it's Slashdotted. Lovely.

    Sorry, I'm not terribly excited about this to be honest, the Palm OS has become as bloated and annoying an operating system as earlier versions of Windows CE. I run a SmartPhone device (MPX220) and despite its flaws I find it superior to recent versions of Palm. I'm not a Microsoft apologist... I just have used Palms since my old PalmPilot Pro, but lost interest when they went to color without the proper CPU support to make it usable. Recent versions just seem to have become "feature rich" without really fixing its problems.

    Wake me up when there's a GSM version of the 700w, now THAT I'll be interested in to replace my MPx220 and Ipaq.

    • The 700W has had problems with stability. Some people report reboots with the 650, but that is probably aftermarket stability (and usually not happening during phone calls). The 700W has reports of dropped calles due to software.

      The 700W also has a low res screen. Something about MS not supporting anything but 240x240, while the 650 and 700p should do 320x320.

      I have heard that the 700W and Windows in general is difficult to navigate. I love the zen of palm, and they have reworked most applications to wo
      • That's exactly what the old Tapwave Zodiac had... :)

        • Tapwave Zodiac looks pretty nice, but it looks like just PDA, multimedia, and gaming, not PDA and camera and phone and MP3 and multimedia and word/office and pdf viewer and web browser like the Treo.

          And how did I get moderated troll on my previous post in this thread? Crazy. You have not seen troll...Idiots.
    • Gee, guess what, you *are* a Microsoft apologist.

      "just have used Palms since my old PalmPilot Pro, but lost interest when they went to color without the proper CPU support to make it usable."


      So, you "lost interest" with the Palm IIIc, and now you judge the current color PalmOS PDAs and smartphones based on your 6 years old Palm IIIc experience.

      And you want me to believe your comment is not just coming from a WinMob lover?

      Give me a break!.

      • Actually, I've used Palm repeatedly and have been severely underwhelmed. I was provided a Treo 650 by my work and it languished due to instability and just general problems (granted, some of them were hardware rather than software problems).

        Sorry, I'm not a Microsoft apologist... I don't like their desktop or server OS's. They pay the bills, but every PC in my house runs some flavor of Linux or MacOS. Oh, except my laptop... but that's also provided by work. I don't think PocketPC is particularly fabulous e
  • This web page is at present in the vacation. This can have different causes. If you should be the owner of this side, then turns you please by E-Mail on This Website is on vacation for now. If you acres the of owner OF this domain please contact
  • I have the treo 650, third one actually, the last 2 were lemmons. So far this one hasn't let me down too much. But I really want one like the new 700w that Verizon has, but I don't want to switch to Verizon. It would be great if that had a 700c for cingular...
    • by James McP ( 3700 ) on Sunday May 14, 2006 @01:58PM (#15330174)
      It's Cingular, not palm. Each of the carriers rewrites the stock Palm firmware to add/remove features. You'll note that each of the carriers has a different firmware version.

      Three executives where I work have Cingular 650s. Two executives, myself, and another IT guy have Sprint 650s. The Cingulars have had to be replaced due to problems with audio vanishing, dropped calls, horrible data transfer rates, and frequent crashes on completely stock devices.

      The biggest problem we have with the Sprint Treos is getting the right email username & passwords. I'm probably the harshest abuser of my 650 and it's pretty much rock solid. I've been a palm user for years and some of my favorite apps are abandonware that don't get along well with OS5 which did cause some crashing for the first month or so as I figured out what was 650-friendly and what was a valid replacement.

      The last reboot I had occurred when I hit the "web browser" button at the exact same moment someone called me. Other than such freakish incidents, the device is wonderful.

      If you want a 650 or even a 700w for Cingular, see if you can find one of the GSM-unlocked Treos on Ebay.
  • Google "700p" and you will see that it is listed as a supported model on most of the PalmOS software titles. []

    I have used the Treo 300, 600, and 650. My company switched from the 650 to the PPC6700 due to problems some people had with Versamail and Exchange 2003 integration. Half the people that switched are asking for their Treos back after a couple of months with the 6700.

    I will be buying a 700p for my
    • I had the 600 (unlocked GSM) and was really excited when the 650 was released. I purchased an unlocked 650 which died (touch screen quite working on receive calls) after about 6 weeks. They (PalmOne) swapped it with a new one. This one crashed constantly (the first one crashed frequently as well I might add). After a third 650 from PalmOne, I could no longer tolerate the constant crashing (third was no better than second) and I sold it. I purchased a Voq Professional Phone for $90 and I am quite happy wi
  • Some more info here []

    Yes, there's a slim possibility it's a Photoshop job, but it's sure as hell a lot more fun to look at that a Slashdotted site. heck, even Engadget had the Treo 700p featured [] back in February!
  • by ScottCooperDotNet ( 929575 ) on Sunday May 14, 2006 @03:10PM (#15330482)
    Wake me when there is a new version of VAX announced. You damn kids, in my day phones were for calls and not television shows. What is this world coming to?

    * Walks away in disgust. *

    • Re:Wake me when (Score:4, Insightful)

      by tomstdenis ( 446163 ) <> on Sunday May 14, 2006 @06:03PM (#15331081) Homepage
      I really question if people are fundamentally more efficient as people with all their extra doo-dahs and thingy-ma-jobs. I may have the worlds coolest phone but I still need to be at [the very least] a terminal to code properly. Nothing says impractical as typing C source code on a 3x4 numpad!

      I think most business types just carry that shit around for status. I mean in all my travels I see people having conference calls and shit on them but it's like, if the meeting was that important you wouldn't be sitting in an airport gate waiting to board...

      Also hates ringtones. I swear to god if I hear that stupid Razr flipfone default tone one more time I'll start killing people...

      • "Nothing says impractical as typing C source code on a 3x4 numpad!"

        Perhaps you should try a Treo then, it has a qwerty keyboard and I can ssh [] in to my home machine from it and use vi... it's great for when I leave my machine on all day and need to turn it off before my other half gets home - she likes to nag about electricity bills!
      • They need to come up with a wifi/AM/FM/TV/MP3/CDMA cellphone. With data storage flash drive (access via NFS of SMB) so you can use it like a floppy disk... Wifi and cdma bouth work on similar frequency and I bet VHF/UHF reception would work as well with out too much drain on battery. hmmm. (dreaming)


  • I'm a medical student and I just sold my Tungsten T5 (For $280!!! I love Craigslist!) because I wanted to buy myself a Treo. I hated having to carry both a cellphone and my palm, which is kinda bulky.

    I know medical software is mostly Palm-based, but there's enough on PPC to get by. How is Windows Mobile in general? Any other comments/suggestions?

    • Unless you have a good reason to switch, stay with Palm OS.

      The 700p will have almost exactly the same UI as your T5, albeit with 320x320 instead of 320x480. If you go to a 700w, you'll have an entirely different UI that runs at a lower resolution.

      Remember: the 700w was released for corporate heavy networks that are all-windows. If it's just you, and you're not a big fan of WinMob, then don't do it.
      • Well, i hear there's simply a lot more windows-interfacing with Windows Mobile. Might be cool to have all your windows programs available 24/7 on-the-go...
        • Well, i hear there's simply a lot more windows-interfacing with Windows Mobile. Might be cool to have all your windows programs available 24/7 on-the-go...

          You heard wrong, actually. Windows Mobile is NOT a Win32 environment. While there is a lot of code overlap between the OS's, it's not enough to let anything you'd actually want to run transltate over without significant work on the developer's part.

          Palm has much better office support than Windows Mobile -- both with the standard Documents to Go and the
    • I vote for the 700p - I have a 650 and there's absolutley no way I'd go to a 700w!
  • I had a treo 300 and wanted to replace it with the the latest handheld from palm WITH PalmOS. That was the 650, but the 700w was available. I waited for 5 months for the 700p and I was going to buy as soon as it was available. However, my 300 finally died so I had no choice. Since I couldn't get a 700p I was forced to look at other avenues for replacement/upgrade device. I wasn't about to spend top dollar for a previous model just because I didn't want Windows. Long story short, I bought a used one fo
    • I've been saying all along that a Windows model of their handheld isn't a BAD idea but letting their own OS suffer because of it wasn't a good idea. They should have simply been released together, or atleast released close enough together that it wouldn't have been almost half a year that people had to wait. After all, I've been a loyal palm owner since Palm II and to be perfectly honest, I feel almost like they've taken a giant dump on my loyalty.

      When you say "their own OS", what exactly are you talking

  • There is an official site [] There's even a comparison with other treo's. It seems it will be only US for now, and the only major difference is a better camera and more RAM. While it sounds ok, it's not a killer upgrade over 650.
  • What about this link on Palm's own website? 0p/index.html?creativeID=HmPg_BB []|treo700p_announce ment I mean, am I being dense, or is it so hard to find info on the 700P?
  • I just received email (5/15/06 9:18am CDT) from Palm Products Newsletter announcing "The new Treo 700p smartphonecoming soon on the Sprint and Verizon Wireless networks." Basic ad email with some pictures.
  • I guess it's for real, and not just some blogger's fantasy: 0p/index.html?sssdmh=dm13.112777 []

    If it's from the horse's mouth, I suppose it's not bs. Plus, Palm's website is unlikely to be slashdotted. The site also has, you know, lists of features, brochures, and stuff.

  • Look. I loved my Treo 600. Palm said it was going to release a Blackberry emulator 24 [] for it, then changed the tune to say it would only be relased for the Treo 650 (sometime in December 2005). It still hasn't been released for the Treo 650 and still isn't available for the 700W. I HATE the blackberry Im forced to use on a daily basis and would much prefer to have a Palm on my hip again. How about an info update, Palm? Will you EVER release the Blackberry C
  • I have been waiting forever for the 700p to come out! I was going to go with cingular or unlocked GSM, but now I'm not sure.

    For starters, is cingular selling customer data to the government?

    And it has been pointed out that if cingular phones have less than 4 out of 5 antenna bars they totally garble the conversation. I have confirmed this is the case with two different friends by asking them how many antenna bars they have when their phone started dropping multiple words from every sentence. One had a 65

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