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Comment Based on OpenStreetMap data (Score 4, Informative) 119

As one of the devs writes:

"CycleStreets has been made possible by the brilliant OpenStreetMap project, dubbed the 'Wikipedia of Maps'. Cyclists and others all around the UK collect and update street data that enables us then to create routing that thinks like a cyclist. Unlike traditional SatNav data, OpenStreetMap data is controlled by its user community. Anyone can get involved in OpenStreetMap, and over 300,000 people around the world are already doing so."

So if you want to help improve the application, and contribute to plenty of other worthy projects, you could think about checking out The Map in your area and seeing if there's anything you could contribute.

Comment Re:HA HA HA HA: (Score 1) 827

I love this quote:

I have been writing professionally about consumer electronics — high end hi-fi in particular — since the early 1980s, although I had a ten-year break when mainstream magazine publishers decided that the profits on their titles were far more of a concern than the enjoyment and satisfaction of their readers.

Or - "I was unemployed in the field for 10 years because nobody wanted to buy my stuff". Nice work expert.

Comment Re:Don't plug it to internet (Score 4, Insightful) 79

The problem isn't network connectivity, the problem would be large flat corporate networks. Why have one network with all your office machines, manufacturing equipment, games consoles and telephones on it? Just create a games console VLAN that has access to the Internet and no routes to any internal networks.

This story is only a story if your Network Admin knows nothing about network admin.

Submission + - MapQuest launches Open Data Mapping (wsj.com)

solevita writes: MapQuest has announced that it will provide maps based on OpenStreetMap data, as well as investing a million dollars into the project to improve US resources: “We fundamentally believe that community-contributed mapping will be better than any closed platform". From the article:

The company, a subsidiary of AOL, plans to announce Friday morning that it is launching a site in the U.K. based on a project called OpenStreetMap, which is dedicated to user-created mapping. The OpenStreetMap project has caught on most quickly in Europe, which is why MapQuest is starting there, but AOL also will devote $1 million to support the growth of open-source mapping in the U.S. The site has a U.K. address — http://open.mapquest.co.uk/ — but users can navigate to user-created maps from any country.

Comment Re:Classic Nintendo GamePad (Score 1) 271

Ah, come on, nobody minds you using Slashdot to sell your stuff (plenty of others do it), but don't treat us like fools:

The parent was taking [sic] about the replacement controller chips they sell.

When the parent actually said:

So, I purchased an adapter [retrousb.com] that allows me to plug my classic NES controller into the USB port on my PC.

I'm pretty sure the original link I posted was to an adapter that would allow you to use a NES controller on a USB port without breaking anything.

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