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Comment Re:your own fault (Score 1) 151

One thing that does surprise me is that I have yet to get fingerprinted / eye-scanned while travelling from Canada to the US. I am on my second NAFTA work permit for occasional work in the states and in the past 2 years on about 20 trips half personal and half work related I have not once been fingerprinted or eye scanned. Sometimes I wonder if it is because of the work permit, but when travelling with my family for personal business they don't get scanned either.

Comment Re:Because the internet is worse than real life... (Score 1) 355

A friend and I were out at Ikea buying some furniture and as we it onto the cart he drops it on his foot and says "Fuck!" Some lady we hadn't seen up to that point says "Excuse me, there are children here." My friend turns around and as politely as possible and says, "The world isn't censored"

My point being that more people need to realize that the world isn't censored, it will never be possible to censor the world and if you want your kids to not swear you need to teach them it is something you don't like so that they learn to hide the fact that they swear like a trucker when you aren't around.

Comment Age gating (Score 1) 355

I'm pretty sure that is impossible to build effective age restrictions into the internet. The one article mentions that some of the worlds set it up so that if you enter a birthday that says you are too young they block you from creating an account with a different birthday from the same computer. This only hurts households with multiple users and only needs to happen on one world for the kids to learn that they need to enter that they are over the legal age the first time.

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