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Comment Re:Tractor Users, not Owners (Score 4, Interesting) 500

John Deere by no means has a monopoly on farm equipment. If I was a farmer, I think this would make Deere completely unattractive. Heavy machinery like this has a pretty tough duty cycle and things break. Cost aside, Farmers often don't have the luxury of time to wait while they have a piece of equipment serviced by a limited number of authorized dealers. Having the option to use an independent mechanic or to (gasp!) fix it themselves would seem like a must have.

I'm not a farmer, but I do have a small Deere diesel tractor that I use for mowing, digging fence post holes, carrying around mulch/dirt/etc. I bought it years ago, but if I were in the market for a new one I now have a reason to avoid Deere.

Comment Sports (Score 1) 15

Why the fuck do I have to spend a penny on "regional sports"? That's not like docking all users for a 911 fee so that emergency services can be funded. I don't watch sports, don't care about sports and resent that I'm being forced to subsidize any aspect of it.

Yet another reason to totally cut the cord on cable/satellite/whoever forces you to eat bundled services. I'll pay for what I want to consume and nothing more, thank you.

Comment Re:Obviously this requires new legislation (Score 1) 102

I doubt you'll see any real action in that regard since that would force them to deal with the rampant cybercrime (financial and other) coming from China, Russia, and Eastern Europe. With the exception of a few pin pricks here and there, that has been allowed to continue for years.

Comment What about Amazon Prime? (Score 2) 70

Since I already subscribe to Prime, I just stick to that for video content for now. I had a DVR for a while that my cable company snuck into my home (and then began charging me for it later) and I never used it. Hopefully, Amazon begins to catch up with Netflix on number and variety of available titles.

I use the latest Roku box to consume video these days.

Comment Unskilled labor mostly going away... (Score 4, Interesting) 440

Unskilled labor is going to mostly disappear except for those tasks where it just isn't possible to automate. A "livable" wage for a task that can be done by a machine is a pipe dream. That's just reality. All the kicking and screaming and class warfare rhetoric isn't going to change it or delay the outcome.

So to that I say, please do go ahead and keep raising the minimum wage. That may actually accelerate the process. The displaced workers will either skill up or you'll see a reverse migration to places where the cost of living and level of automation will make it possible for unskilled workers to survive.

Comment eye of the beholder (Score 1, Interesting) 208

There are people out there that will pay real money for a virtual shield in a video game, a garden gnome for their virtual garden, etc.

There's a sucker born every minute.

Bitcoin has zero value unless you're the electricity utility company. I find the entire virtual currency ecosystem to be laughable.

Comment Re:Pirating is replacing theaters (Score 2) 138

Pirating is a drop in the bucket. I'd bet that most people would be perfectly happy to pay for Movie X if they could watch it at their leisure and not have to spend $20-30 for the privilege when all is said and done.

Sooner or later the prices will find their way to what people are willing to pay or the traditional methods of consuming them will dry up and be replaced by video on demand and streaming. I haven't gone to a theater to see a movie in years. That doesn't mean I stopped watching "immersive" content. I simply ponied up for a high end home theater system and watch content that I want WHEN I want at a price that I'm willing to pay.

Comment zero benefit for me in a home env (Score 5, Interesting) 179

I had the benefit of being able to do a home trial of Samsung's higher end 65" 4K HDR displays for my living room. Other than the curved thing, it's my understanding that the KS9000 is pretty much the same as the KS9500. I tried them both for a week, feed them both 1080p, 4k, 4k HDR and noticed no real difference in terms of quality. I didn't care for the curve, but it didn't detract from the image....and I ended up purchasing the non-curved variant.

So for me, there was no benefit of one over the other and I preferred the aesthetics of the flat screen.


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