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Comment go montana! (Score 1) 228

DST is absurd. I see no valid reason to change twice a year. Maybe in northern latitudes, the sun changes more drastically. I live in the south. I recall the old argument to switch off - that kids would be going to school in the dark - and thinking, "why don't they adjust the start time of school to something more reasonable than 8:00?"

Not looking forward to tomorrow.

Comment What about the steering wheel? (Score -1, Offtopic) 180

Having used my phone while driving for the past 20 years (even when it was a brick phone), I wonder about this law. Here in the Socialist Republic of California, there is a similar law. I wonder if we shouldn't just ban holding the steering wheel. After all, I'd wager that 99% of crashes occur to drivers using the steering wheel.

Comment Re:While I love th instant torque... (Score 1) 468

...and my name must be Rockefeller.

Still, can I "fill it up" - ie charge it - in five minutes? Are those seven adults all six feet tall?

Also, is the electric infrastructure renewable like it is here in SoCal?

Just playing devil's advocate here. Give me an electric vehicle with a diesel powered charge sustaining generator and I'm sold.

Comment While I love th instant torque... (Score 2) 468

...I need to see faster charging, longer range, and better battery management.

I have wanted an electric vehicle for some time. Almost bought a Volt when then Gen II came out, but the thing is a small 2+2. With me at 6'4" (190cm) and my two 6' tall teenagers, there's no way to fit in the vehicle. (I had the same issue in my Jetta TDI.) Recently bought a Malibu hybrid, which contains the Voltec engine albeit with a much smaller battery. At least I can fit by young boys, though still can't take four passengers comfortably, like in my Avalanche.

Now - if an electric can have the midsize of my 2006 Avalanche and the range (500+ miles) with the ability to recharge in 10 minutes, and the guarantee that the battery won't be sitting in a landfill after losing charge ability in five years, I'm sold.

Comment I wonder if they'll reveal why a glass back? (Score 2) 131

My son bought himself one of these. Nice UI for an Android device, it wasn't the TouchWiz. My fears of a glass back came true, when he was switching from a case and dropped it two feet onto his desk. The entire back was shattered.

Fortunately, the phone was already recalled. Who's stupid enough to make a handheld computer with a glass back?

Comment That is a shame - too late to the game (Score 1) 85

FWIW, I have both a 950xl and a EliteX3. I replaced my Galaxy and Ios devices with the Windows Mobile devices because they work so much more intuitively for me.

However, it wasn't too long ago, when I was using my Galaxy S2, that I never tired of bashing Windows Phone 6 and the prior iteration - Windows CE. They were terrible in my opinion. With the advent of windows 8, the game changed. The UI finally surpassed both Android and Iphones and I found the devices worked great. Windows 10 is even better.

However, by this time, the proverbial ship had sailed and the world uses Android. (Some folks in the US still cling to Iphones, though I cannot figure out why.)

Comment Re:80% of those complaints are Windows. Linux solv (Score 1) 449

I don't care if people laugh. Never have. I actually prefer GIMP to Photoshop. (I have both.) Thought I'm still annoyed at GIMP for removing the "save as" feature and making "export" the same option.

As for Acrobat, there is no alternative. I do much of my work - performance evaluations, my evaluations, time off requests, overtime requests, purchase requests - in Adobe Experience Manager. Not only do I need to be on Windows (7, 8, 10) but I need to have IE. I used to hack this stuff together using WINE ( but gave up around 2011, with it becoming increasingly impossible.

That said - we have several hundred servers running RHEL, and several dozen of our web servers run on various zLinux servers. I believe many of our Cisco servers are Linux also (though I'm not sure).

Keep in mind, I used Linux since the late '90s - - so am somewhat proficient. I still use BASH on my Windows OSX machine -

Comment Re:80% of those complaints are Windows. Linux solv (Score 1) 449

Yes, Linux distributions suck less than Windows. However, there becomes increasingly less one can do in *nix. Besides I use bash on Windows 10 pretty much daily.

If I were a kernel dev or even just a website admin I might be able to get by. However, people just like to use commercial software. People laugh at me when they see me use GIMP. Could I use Photoshop? Sure. However, there's zero alternative to Acrobat. Yes, I could cobble together Evince, CUPS, and Inkscape, but they just don't do the trick well. Even when running on Ubuntu, I would prefer to fire up a VM of Windows 7 and run Acrobat.

Comment Not to hear my son tell it (Score 1) 449

So, I read this on my Windows 10 Surface Pro 3 (running the latest fast ring build) while having my TRS-80 model one, my Apple IIe, and my Mac SE/30 on my side table.

Yes, the mainstream of computing is different. I no longer have to worry about dip switches or whether I can address memory above 4 MB of RAM.

However, my teenage son is now designing 3D printed objects on his homebrew PC (dual-boot Win10 and Mint) which he then sends to his MonoPrice 3D printer, which he built from a kit then - not liking the print head - grafted one from an XYZ model. Let's not forget the IoT devices he's been hacking together using his Raspberry Pi.

Yes, things are different.

My son will say the same in 30 years.

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