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Comment uh-huh... (Score 1) 199

"So if macroscopic superpositions exist, there must be an algorithm that can solve this NP-hard problem quickly and efficiently." Really? The two aren't related. Does whoever wrote this live in Colorado? This story is wrong on so many different levels that it's hard to know where to start. Like it's just a string of phrases all strung together, in the hopes that the writer, if they can't dazzle with their brilliance, at least baffle with their BS...

Comment Bill Nye is full of it (Score 1) 1774

I heard Bill Nye on C2CAM - he is completely wrong in most of his assumptions:
  1. He assumes that anyone who believes in God is a Christian, but most people who believe in God are NOT Christians - Muslims make up a huge number of believers in God.
  2. He presents evolution as if it is a fact, when in fact it is a theory.
  3. He completely discounts the Intelligent Design theory, claiming that Neanderthal Man is evolution and that we are descended from such (among others).
  4. He denigrates people who believe in creationism, lumping them in with fundamental Christians and then trying to ridicule them, using emotionally-loaded terms and language to refer to creationists.
  5. He associates non-evolutionary creationists beliefs such as the 6-day hypothesis with evolution, then ridicules the hypothesis and dismisses all creationists ideas based on his ridicule of the hypothesis.

All in all, Bill Nye comes across as an angry athiest, pissed off at Christianity and trying to twist evolutionary theory to bash Christian beliefs.

Comment Safety-Critical Systems programming (Score 1) 267

Can anyone point me to something legible on the subject? We'd like to start moving in the direction of provably correct systems and software, but I haven't been able to find much out there on the subject. Agile certainly isn't it, and every time I mention it, I get accused of "trying to go back to the failed software model, waterfall".

NASA does it, the aircraft industry does it - why can't we write systems that are robust? There was a similar article about "1,000 programmers furiously writing commands in 1/2 day to send to the Curiosity Rover", but finding details about how this process is done and managed is about as hard as finding out the truth about a political candidate. Where can one find this sort of stuff?

Comment Re:American Red Cross - worst? (Score 1) 570

And you are absolutely correct - given that you are INFORMED as to both sides of the issue. People are easily swayed by emotional appeals presented on TV, which doesn't present the other side of the story nearly as often. People too easily forget the fiasco after 9/11, when the money given by people that was SPECIFICALLY earmarked to be used for 9/11 victims and survivors was instead used to buy a bunch of shiny new comms gear for ARC.

Comment Re:American Red Cross - worst? (Score 3, Insightful) 570

A quote from the comments section on Charity Navigator:

I have worked for the ARC for over 11 years now as both a volunteer and a paid staff member. The organization is very top heavy with mostly overpaid executives at the National Headquarters in Washington DC. Generally the volunteers and staff "in the field" are the ones who go to great lengths to serve clients. Many positions in the field have been eliminated in recent years as the executives in the "ivory tower" protect their own salaries and positions. Our Service Members and their families are now served mostly by call centers empoyees who are inexperienced instead of caring employees working alongside our military throughout the world.

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