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Comment Libertarian karma (Score 1) 320

Fedex is a for-profit corporation. It can refuse any customer it wants. That's the libertarian way, right? Private individuals and companies should only conduct business with mutual consent? Well, good. The libertarian behind "Defense Distributed" is getting what he asked for.

Comment Re:Free international data roaming has worked well (Score 1) 237

Free roaming data in Belgium, France, Holland, Germany - it's been amazing. People can reach me, WhatsApp works, and I don't even have to think about buying a local sim card. I'm not overly concerned about DataStash. The unlimited international T-Mobile 2G roaming was reason enough for me to switch.

Comment Re:Militia, then vs now (Score 0, Troll) 1633

You're supposed to butcher a dead animal. The 2nd Amendment as it is currently understood is dead. It serves no purpose except to satisfy gun nuts. You're living in a developed country with a standing army, police forces, and all of the evidence makes plain that owning a gun is more of a threat to the gun owner and his family than it is to any criminals or gubmint agents. People who are obsessed with gun ownership are unhinged and we should stop taking them seriously. Get something else to prove to the world how big your reproductive organs are, something that isn't used to kill.

This amendment needs to go away, and the huge numbers of guns among the populace need to be destroyed. There's no reason for Americans to be armed to the teeth. Australia did it, so can we.

Comment Re:Governor Appointed (Score 1) 640

Why would they be salivating at doing something that wouldn't produce valid results? They are being ordered to do junk science to promote a political agenda. No scientist worth his salt would be interested in something like that.

"I direct you to conduct a scientific study of where babies come from, with specific references to storks and the "baby store." But no mention of sex, please, because that's icky."

Comment Re:Seems Pricey (Score 1) 151

Really? I use x86 DAW/Djing software and I've been looking for a tablet robust enough to run them on. If this will run my performance software reliably then I'm in for one, and it saves me several pounds on my travel rig. If you have a better way to run low-latency audio software then I'm curious to hear about it.

Comment Re:Cantonese is superior to mandarin (Score 1) 562

And yet somehow people manage to have perfectly normal conversations in it. If you're going to argue that a language isn't "useful" then your dealing with pretty insurmountable evidence to the contrary when, you know, people use it.

Plus, the reason that Chinese local languages haven't developed is because they're being actively suppressed by the central government in Beijing. It's not a damned coincidence.

Comment Re: Was that really necessary? (Score 5, Insightful) 208

No one forced him to use an international communication system.

So two governments cooperate to spy on each others' citizens with no judicial oversight and you are ok with it because ... wait. Why are you OK with it? Because the communication was international? So you believe that no international communications should enjoy privacy protections? Why?

Comment Re: Do good ... (Score 1) 569

Serious. There are so many people in this little thread taking what Hitler said about his own party and its goals as though those things mean anything at all. Guys, Hitler was a liar. The Nazis were liars. They said anything they thought would buy them more votes so they could win enough elections to seize power completely. Believing Hitler's own propaganda about Nazism makes no more damned sense than believing China's nonsensical rhetoric about global liberation of ethnic minorities.

Comment Re: Do good ... (Score 4, Informative) 569

Nazism and Facism, for example are types of Socialisms (despite the unwillingness of some in accepting it mostly due to ignorance).

No. That is wrong. And while it's cute calling people who disagree with your bad facts "ignorant," that won't save you. Socialism runs the state's economic machinery for the benefit of the populace. This is its primary defining feature. Fascism runs the state for the benefit of the ruling party. This is its defining feature. The two are irreconcileable, which is why Fascists outlawed trade unions.

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