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Submission + - AVR-based Chromatic Clock kit - Beautiful (albeit unreadable) time

adammhaile writes: A few friends and I recently completed a clock that is meant to be more of an art/novelty piece as it tells time as color. The display consists of three RGB LEDs, one each for seconds, minutes and hours. As each value progresses through time, its LED slowly fades through the spectrum from red to violet, and everywhere in between. We are currently running a fundraising campaign on Tindie.

We've also built another clock that is already available and should please Slashdot fans as it shows the time as a 32-bit binary representation of Unix Epoch Time.

Comment Re:how come? (Score 1) 220

To your answers to #1 and 2... I could bring the latest Stephen King 1000+ page hard cover novel, which weighs significantly more than a Kindle, and read it through the whole safety briefing, take off, climb to 10,000 ft, yet if I wanted to do the same with a Kindle, I'd be branded a terrorist.

Comment Re:The complexity comes from defining income (Score 1) 730

That's why we should get rid of income tax entirely, and move to a consumption tax. The forklift driver gets to take home ALL of his pay, doesn't have to shuffle it into stock options, and only pays taxes when he buys goods above the povertly level. Same thing with the CEO making $1MM. He only gets taxed when he spends that million dollars at the retail level, buying his new jet. If he invests it all, it isn't touched by the taxman until he pulls it out to spend.

Comment Re:Help Us Grammar Nazi's; You're Our Only Hope. (Score 1) 1036

First off, it's "Grammar Nazis". Sorry.

Second off, you missed the word "Pay" in the headline.

Who is adding something? Google.
What are they adding? Pay.
Why are they adding pay? To cover a tax.
What tax? A tax for being gay.

As long as you read all the words, you can break it down to make sense of it.

Comment Re:Umm (Score 1) 371

Who are you, and what have you done with the real geekoid? This is the worst typing I've ever seen from you here... are you typing under duress? is the BSA at your company right now? Do we need to call 911 on your behalf?

Comment Re:Kindle Not Ready for Textbooks... (Score 1) 116

Points 2 and 3 are valid, and yes, hilighting and navigating are slower than a paper book. Point one, however, you're way off base about. "Locations" in Kindle books are absolute, down to the word. It doesn't matter what text size you're looking at, location 500 will be the same on each device. So rather than Page 20, the Kindle-enabled teacher would say navigate to location 232... the students would hit menu, go to location, and type 232... just as fast, if not faster, than trying to flip to a new page in a textbook.

And the new DX is a native pdf reader, where each page is a separate item. If the book is in pdf format, the teacher can say "Go to page 20" and it will be meaningful. The screenshots on show page numbers at the bottom of the screen where it describes pdf reading.

Hope that helps.

(owner of a K2)

Comment Re:It is a US conspiracy to eliminate Mexicans... (Score 1) 383

True, but have any Europeans died from it? Forgetting for the moment that the GP was a troll, he might actually be on to something. Create a disease that anyone can catch and then show symptoms and spread, but only kills one particular population set. It would rapidly spread globally, infecting nearly everyone, but only wipe out one population...

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