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Assorted Bits of Halloween 226

It wouldn't be Halloween without a linux jack-o-lantern like the one submitted by h0mee, who writes "Just an amusing little Halloween set of pics. If you're curious about making your own, Buddy Moore provides us with a mini howto. For some spooky, fleener notes that the University of Texas at Austin's Digital Morphology Library provides X-Ray CT views of living and extinct vertebrates, like this full skeleton of a fruit bat or just its gnashing skull. Other spine-chilling notables include: the veiled chameleon, scaleless dragonfish, black cat, and the fearful pineapple. Lastly, BrGaribaldi noticed that Ridley Scott has re-edited Alien and is releasing it on Halloween in some lucky theaters. Not very many movies are scarier than that." Updated!

Update: 10/31 19:30 GMT by C : Barry sent in this one for you Apple lovers: "I saw your Linux jack-o-lantern, but how about this? The guys over at have actually carved an iPod into a pumpkin, creating the world's only iPod-o-Lantern. That's 7000 songs in your...pumpkin. Thought you might want to update the Halloween posting, as this is an ideal fit."

Also, David Clubb submits this achievement for your consideration: "Since it's Halloween, we at the University of Rochester's Computer Interest Floor decided to build a web server out of a pumpkin. We dissembled a 100MHz PII and placed it into a 54 lbs. pumpkin. It runs Gentoo and can be accessed here. Please don't Slashdot it too badly!"

And it just wouldn't be Halloween without the following, from a nameless submittor: "To quote the site, 'Extreme Halloween Fright.' A fairly comprehensive guide to making your pumpkin a bit more hi-tech using power tools, and perhaps the definitive pumpkin trepanning site." Pumpkins and powertools. How can you go wrong?

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Assorted Bits of Halloween

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