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Comment Re:Free stuff (Score 1) 337

> No, but you are required to license U.S. copyright in the book to the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped.

If I'm compelled to license my book to the NLSBPH, why can't they be compelled to produce the alternative media from my book? Rather than have to take the book down because I don't have the means or care to transcribe it? Substitute me with UC-Berkeley if you please.

Comment Re:It can be improved (Score 1) 301

Why not use a phone with a removable battery? Then, ditch your battery before you board the plane, and have a new battery waiting for you at your destination. Then, you're not traveling without your phone, you just have the expense of buying and shipping batteries to your destination. Border control can't force you to unlock your phone because you can't even power it on.

This only works until it becomes common enough that border control starts keeping batteries in stock, I suppose...

Comment Re:US Metric System (Score 1) 1387

100 C has no practical application for most values of real life.

You don't boil water by setting something to 100 C (or 212F for that matter). You turn up the dial to medium-high and wait for bubbles. Or stick it in the microwave for some number of minutes.

0 C also not so practical. My refrigerator's freezer compartment lets me choose on a scale not related to C or F. In any case, it's a temperature below freezing.

Not to say metric is without merit, but it's practical applications are not a good argument for people familiar with imperial units.

Comment Re:Complain to the Bar (Score 4, Insightful) 153

Sometimes that is a coin toss when comparing highly educated with highly experienced or two similar candidates.

In cases like this, or where there is plainly not enough information, leave that one blank -- don't vote for either unknown. Unless your ballot stupidly requires you not to leave any races blank (are there such ballots?)

Comment Re:Buddhism - the less abhorrent religion. (Score 1) 348

I find pretty much all religion abhorrent. Buddhism however, while still abhorrent for believing in mystical ideas that go against the simplest (and therefore best) definitions of reality, is definitely less abhorrent than the others. I've seen a lot of quotes from the Dalai Lama that I really appreciate and can agree wholeheartedly with.

Seems to me that someone who abhors religion and mysticism would agree wholebrainedly rather than wholeheartedly.

Comment Re:Two can play at this game (Score 1) 638

Why is it you think socialism is the only alternative?

Let's go to your point: get rid of corporations. Does that require socialism? Nope! Corporations aren't the only business entity. Just them (and LLCs and any other similar cases) absolve the owners of personal liability.

Would society be different if we had no businesses where the owners weren't personally liable? You betcha. Could it work out better? Well, I'd suggest we examine that before we make your leap to socialism.

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