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Comment Re:Don't need to confiscate. (Score 2) 738

"There are times when discussing a situation on the radio to a supervisor is not acceptable because of the questions relating to which charges should be filled or what city ordinances may relate to a certain situation."

And those are NOT appropriate for the radio why? That is what a unit-to-unit call is for: rather than the whole talk group hearing it, only the supervisor and the cop here it. AND you get it on the nice multi-track recorder, admissible in court, in case any issues arise.

"I know for fact that every department going doesn't use APCO-25..."

And those departments are upgrading as DHS money becomes available. Moreover, I'm pretty sure California is on APCO-25, since they are buying the equipment to test it, and are testing their radios on that equipment.

"You loose[sic] credibility with me when you make remarks that the police abuse people."
And you "loose" credibility when you assert they don't. I'm not saying ALL cops abuse people, but SOME do - this is a demonstrated and adjudicated fact - and many times they use the cell rather than the radio precisely due to that nice multi-track recorder on the comm center.

The cop has to carry his radio - that's a given. There is no reason for him to have a state paid-for cell phone. Even if he needs to make a phone call pursuant to his duty - again, he can make a PSTN interconnect call on the radio (and again, have the advantage that it is recorded in a nice court admissible format).

Sorry if I touched a nerve, but: it is exactly that mentality - "We are the Thin Blue Line, we must protect our own, no matter what" that is causing people to NOT trust the cops. Rather than saying "Use the radio. Be recorded. If you are doing nothing wrong, you have nothing to fear. If you ARE doing something wrong, IA will find you and destroy you, and we will all help, because enforcing the LAW is our JOB." you have folks like you saying "It's OK if we hide things, because, well, BECAUSE, citizen."

Comment Re:Don't need to confiscate. (Score 2) 738

Considering that I DESIGN the equipment the law enforcement types use to check out the system, I suspect I know quite a bit more about APCO-25, the uses of it within various law enforcement contexts, and the infrastructure than you do, sir. I doubt you could tell an LDU1/LDU2 from a TERMLC or a PDU, or even know what those acronyms are. I seriously doubt you have ever worked with any LEO comms officers, where I was working with the Phoenix/Mesa project on the first deployment of APCO-25 there a decade ago. I've worked with the FBI, the Secret Service, and several state level LEOs.

Again: there is NOTHING a LEO needs to discuss officially that cannot go over the radio, and be more secure than going over the PSTN, let alone any cellular networks.

Comment Re:Don't need to confiscate. (Score 4, Insightful) 738

"Come to think of it there are a lot of state LEOs that carry cellphones so they can discuss matters not suitable for regular 2-way radio...."

And that is bullshit. Most states are now on APCO-25, which supports encryption up to AES-256 (it also supports encryption beyond that, if you get the appropriate crypto modules from No Such Agency). The only reason anybody would use a non-secure cellphone vs a secure radio is that the secure radio is recorded at the dispatch center, making it somewhat difficult to discuss how best to "accidentally" allow the suspect to fall on his face, repeatedly.

Comment Re:Not really working that well (Score 1) 269

And YOU need to continue reading down on my post. Had you done so, you might have been able to deduce that I was criticizing the "/.ian" loose/lose confusion in the post, since the the bold font and the [sic] weren't enough of a clue for you.

And so, the English Language gets joined by Reading Comprehension in weeping....

Comment Re:Not really working that well (Score 1) 269

My SaveData is gone, same with trophies and data Utilities
idk it might be because i formated my drive let me test games out

seem to load just fine however!!!!!!!!!

YOU LOOSE [sic] TROPHIES(STILL TESTING, playgame but they don't appear again)
YOU LOOSE [sic] DATA UTILIT Very crucial to have if you want to clear space on HDD

And the English Language weeps....

Comment Re:in-equity (Score 1) 216

This kind of thing always makes me wonder why you see so many homeless people. They could just smash someone's head in with a rock and have a nice, clean, warm home with three squares a day and plenty of time to read or watch TV.

Methinks you play The Sims too much - or is the homeless person who's clunked me on the head not going to have to explain himself to my friends who find him in my home and me nowhere to be found?

Or are you implying that prison is better than homelessness? That the threat of larger, nastier people, who might seek to stick a shank (or worse) into you for fun, that the loss of freedom, is better than homelessness? Perhaps it is not a lack of being a sociopath but rather the simple calculation that even a sociopath can make - that freedom is better than imprisonment.

Comment Re:Alternative ways to develop? (Score 1) 262

The issue is developing the negatives. In chemical photography, you don't just expose a piece of film to light and poof! it's a negative. You have to expose the film to light briefly, then keep it in the dark. Then you have to run it through a series of chemical baths that take the molecules of the film that were altered by the light, and "fix" them so they won't be altered by light anymore, while removing the molecules that were NOT altered because no light hit them, to grossly simplify the process. (even Polaroid film does this, it is just that the chemicals are embedded in a capsule on the film, and that capsule is broken when the film is removed from the camera, causing it to bathe the film).

Certain films require different chemicals, in different sequences. The chemicals and sequences for Kodachrome film are different than for Velvia, or other films, and for Kodachrome, are much more complicated (more chemicals, more steps, with very tight control over the time the film is in the chemicals, the strength of the chemicals, the temperature, etc.) That is why, as color films with simpler processes became available, fewer and fewer shops wanted to keep all the gear to process Kodachrome around, until there was only the shop in Parson left.

So you might be able to scan a developed Kodachrome negative on a good film scanner, pull it into your computer, and do "stuff" with it, but you still have to get the film developed first.

Comment Re:Mugabe (Score 5, Insightful) 669

"Why exactly [hasn't] some decent Western power has had [sic] that vile repugnant monster Mugabe filled so full of holes you could use him as a soup strainer is beyond me.

Because you cannot bring about Democracy by force. Either the people are ready for it or they are not, and the single best test of "are they ready" is that they overthrow the tyrant (bonus points for NOT filling him full of holes, but trying him in a civilized manner).

If "some decent Western power" fills the sovereign leader of a foreign country full of holes, they immediately invalidate the adjective "decent".

Moreover, since the people aren't ready for Democracy, the result will just be the rise of a new tyrant.

Comment Re:YOU FOOLS!!! (Score 1) 710

Just like what happened when went down - all the "Nude And Petrified" and "hot grits" crap started there, and when the parasites killed their host on segfault, they came to slashdot.

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