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Submission + - Cheapest way to UK Vista is through WGA

An anonymous reader writes: Details of Windows Vista's UK prices can be found here fm?newsid=7668 According to techworld Vista Prices are significantly marked up in the UK compared to the US, as much as 80% for some versions. Ironically in the UK apart from buying abroad, and hoping customs doesnt add VAT to your order... the cheapest way to get a legal copy of Vista in the UK is to first get WGA to flag your copy of XP as illegal. Then UK users can purchase legitimate copies of XP for about £53 for the XP Home version and £92 for the XP Pro version. oft-increases-checks From Here they can download the form for an upgrade for only £10 E9D-2DCF-4552-ADE3-68C02F0938E8/unitedkingdom.pdf That means the total for Vista Home Basic = £63 Vista Bussiness = £102 Still expensive by US standards but cheaper than buying from a UK retailer.

Submission + - Venice Project : First Real Review

wilcosworld writes: "Yesterday, plenty of people were talking about their hopes for the new "Venice Project" system from the makers of Skype, but no one actually had a copy to talk about what they really thought. I was lucky enough to get my hands on one for the first public beta releases of the new "Venice Project" system from the makers of Skype, and have written an in depth review of it on my blog. ice-project/"

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