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Submission + - Secret Twitter search operators found (dirkhoag.com)

TopShelf writes: While researching how to find individual tweets that are provoking the greatest reaction on Twitter, I found some undocumented search operators that can not only help you find which tweets are receiving a high number of Retweets & Likes, but also narrow down your search to types of content, such as Vines, images, news items, and more. Enjoy!

Comment Re:Copper? (Score 1) 347

It's interesting to see how useful plain old ISDN still is. I write about hockey online, and end up listening to a lot of NHL radio shows & podcasts which feature guests calling in from all over North America. Our local TV announcer (Pete Weber of the Nashville Predators) has an ISDN line to his home specifically for this purpose, and as a listener you can really tell the difference when Pete's doing a radio segment as opposed to other guests who may be calling from a typical landline or (ugh) a cell phone. It sounds like Weber is right in the studio alongside the hosts.

Submission + - Stan Lee partners with NHL on The Guardian Project (ontheforecheck.com)

TopShelf writes: "Comic book icon Stan Lee is teaming up with the National Hockey League to create "The Guardian Project", a team of 30 new superheroes, each representing an NHL franchise. The trailer above gives a glimpse of what we're going to see in January 2011, and they've also launched www.GuardianProject30.com where fans can get presumably get more teasers as the project develops."
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Submission + - Microsoft Concedes European Antitrust Case

TopShelf writes: "The New York Times is now reporting that Microsoft has yielded in the long battle over European Antitrust claims. Quoth the Times: 'Microsoft has given up its nine-year fight against antitrust regulators in Europe, saying today that it would not challenge a court judgment there and would share technical information with rivals on terms the software giant had long resisted.'"

Submission + - Intel Debuts New Centrino Duo Chipset

DigitalDame2 writes: "Intel's latest Centrino Duo chipset, released today, gives you GMA X3100 graphics, support for Draft-n Wi-Fi, better battery life, and front-side bus speeds of up to 800 MHz. Along with the release, of course, comes a host of new laptops sporting the chipset, including offerings from Dell, Fujitsu, HP, and Lenovo. PC Mag has complete coverage of this new technology with reviews, news, and more."

Submission + - Google to Buy DoubleClick?

zhang1983 writes: "Last week there was a slashdot discussion about the potentials of Microsoft acquiring DoubleClick .
Now it appears that Google is also a contender to acquire this web advertisement placement firm.
If Google indeed does buys out DoubleClick, does that mean more chair-throwing? Whatever happened to "Do No Evil"?"

Submission + - Retired NASA Manager Lashes Out At Astronauts

An anonymous reader writes: The Space Review has an article exposing an email by a retired NASA manager that attacks NASA's astronaut program and the very concept of human life in space. Dr. Giulio Varsi, a former high-level manager at JPL and NASA Headquarters, wrote that astronauts 'sit themselves on top of a bomb or, as we have learned recently, stuff themselves into oversized diapers'. He also wrote that humans in space had a 'menial job' that could be outsourced to robots or 'less developed countries'. Finally, Varsi compared astronaut deaths to the 'late Evel Knievel', except that Knievel is alive and well. The Space Review article takes some time to denigrate Varsi's email, but also expresses hope that most people at NASA support both humans and robots in space.

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