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Oddball PC Cases From Japan 282

ascii writes "Japanese company Boxmaster Lupo is offering the PCBox: a foldable PC case made entirely out of cardboard?! I have no idea about the target group although I reckon it may appeal to some casemodders *grin*. Overclockers should watch out though! You wouldn't really want to turn your shiny new case into a pile of ashes just for those extra few fps in Q3 would you?" And Arab writes "They arent really case mods, as such. But a friend sent me this link to a guy's webpage who has made humanoid cases. there is a girl one, one that looks like a Gundam, and one looks like some kinda bizzare fish dragon thing. The site is in Japanese, so I have no idea what it is saying, although it looks like there are step-by-step intructions."
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Oddball PC Cases From Japan

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