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Comment Re:Liberal tears make the best lube (Score 2) 165

Yup. I'm on his mailing list. I didn't win the AR-15 he allegedly gave away, but the emails are often humorous:

Dear patriot,
Well, I did it again.
Every gun grabber called my office yesterday screaming and crying because I posted this to our website.
Yes, I find liberal tears to be the best gun cleaner.
Now that's funny.
But you know what would really have gun grabbers dabbing their eyes with their petticoats?
If I were to run this campaign for U.S. Senate.
So let's give them something to cry about.
Today is the last day to accept donations for this period, so I need you to act NOW...

Comment Another example of feature creep (Score 1) 203

GIS worked just fine before they decided to "improve" it. Now I cannot turn "Safe search" off, and now I cannot quickly search for a particular image size.

If I'm really fast, I can get to the links at the (ever moving away) bottom of the page and find my way back to the old GIS, but only if I'm fast enough.

Please, Google, put these coders on a project that NEEDS improvement, and give us a useable GIS back. Thank you.

Comment Re:One word: Lawsuits (Score 5, Informative) 253

Not that you asked me, but I'm using the Roadhawk DC-1:

The Roadhawk is the best implementation of a black box camera I have seen. It has enough on-board backup power to write the necessary EOF so that the actually crash video isn't corrupted (that's where the dod-tec apparently fails). It stores incident (accelerometer triggered) video files in a separate folder so that aren't eventually written over. It creates 60 sec. standard MP4 video files that can be played anywhere, yet those same files when read with Roadhawk's Windows software also show accelerometer graphs, speed of travel, and GPS maps. "Incident" files get written as 20 sec MP4 files with the triggering incident at the 10 second point in the file. Yes, they sell to US customers also.

Comment Re:The problem is presentation, not recording. (Score 5, Insightful) 225

I think most cop shops are afraid of something happening like occurred with the video of Rodney King's beatdown, in which the news snipped off crucial sections in which King repeatedly lunged at police. In addition, they tended not to mention his 100+mph evasion attempt, his prior criminal record or his extensive drug use. We all know how that turned out.

So the beating was justified then? Wow.

Comment Re:It's got Office and that's good enough for some (Score 1) 357

It's a problem if your clients are not smart enough to do that. Last week I had a presentation with an "embedded video" and all they brought on their USB drive was SHORTCUT to the video file that lived on their office server. They of course blamed my platform (MacBookPro running Windows 7) and made certain the entire audience knew it was my fault.

As I write this I'm playing a PPT sponsor loop at a fundraiser, and half of the fonts used in the presentation are missing. No one has noticed yet.

Comment Re:It's got Office and that's good enough for some (Score 4, Insightful) 357

...if it means I don't have to fart around with reformatting at teh last minute in Keynote, Page and Numbers on an iPad, or any of the other feeble attempts at Office compatibility to do a presentation, then that's just fine by me.

Just wait until you try to open an Office document that uses a font outside the small subset of fonts included with the Surface. Hell, just opening a PPT on any laptop other than the one it was created on often requires last minute editing to get everything on the screen.

Comment This is nothing new (Score 4, Informative) 208

State University systems can own thousands of acres of land not actually being used as campus land. A large portion of the University of Texas's income comes from leases operated on UT-owned land. In fact, there is an entire entity solely dedicated to handing this for UT: University Lands. It's unlikely that Pennsylvania is looking to lease Campus Commons areas. More likely they are simply making it possible for unused land owned by the system to bring in funds for the State University System.

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