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Comment Re: RICO (Score 0) 226

"You don't suddenly get hundreds of coordinated "protesters" showing up in the same outfits, carrying latest model encrypted cell phones, and all having top-quality lawyers."

oh actually yeah you do. thats just like a 1 fb post.
and if you have 10k protesters then 100 will fit that, no problem.

you seem to misunderstand that a) theres people who just want to fuck shit up and go to protests just to fuck shit up b) it's a hobby/lifestyle for them c) they have guides some of them follow.

very few really to be honest. even finland has 100+ people violent protest at least once a year, kind of organized.

Comment Re:Totally abandoning their core userbase (Score 1) 68

you think iveyyy understood anything about that? hell no.

if he did, then ios would have had arbitrary dpi support for a long time.

and btw windows itself has supported arbitrary dpi for a long, long, long time now. some asian manufacturer volume control apps and such are just the stuff that broke.

also ios fixed resolutions were a cancer on mobile app design for a long time and now theres on the market thousands of app designers who can only draw a photoshop picture for a fixed size screen and can't comprehend the question "what if the screen is 1.5x times wide" or what "if the screen is 4cm across and not 10cm".

Comment Re: You mean like my 6 year old Atrix (Score 1) 68

yeah because thats not that big of an addition.

it's not worth giving a patent for, frankly.

especially when you could have used your touchscreen phone as a trackpad(without a dock) for a laptop since.. well fucking since 2001 or so.

maybe they're patenting using lighting connector.. but thats another thing, you shouldnt be able to patent the same fucking thing with using a different connector.

Comment it doesn't work. (Score 1) 240

it doesn't work.
but makes the ecosystem for browsers a pay-to-play ecosystem.

it's basically just geared towards monopolization for the players that made this standard.

and microsoft has had it's hands in a bunch of drm solutions all of which it has promptly dropped or just decided to ignore on their products. like... you know... if ms made a video+audio drm solution.. ....and didnt use it on their phones while licensing it out with stupid, stupid licensing restrictions say to nokia say something like 12 years ago.. (the stupid licensing restrictions were that to make a multimedia plugin on symbian 7.0s nokias onwards, you had to have developer permissions granted by nokia. one of the excuses nokia used in this pay to play ecosystem of theirs was that you could break drm on shitty ringtones with it that nobody gave a shit about - also you could break the drm on shitty video clips that had already broken drm and had much better quality rips in the wild.

it doesn't work and it can't be open source for the obvious reasons so whats the fucking point - and by it doesn't work I mean it doesnt keep it off the internets - or seriously are they gonig to stop people from hooking up to hdmi ? I SERIOUSLY doubt the viability of any streaming service that does that.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 112


if by a complex problem that occurs in combination of different states you mean BENCHMARKING said feature, then sure. yeah. very complex. just hammering that instruction seems to be the cause. doesnt matter which core inside either. ..basically, benchmarking one of the new features of their new cpu makes the bug appear.

Comment but he needs it in cash. (Score 3, Insightful) 270

oh but he is asking how to turn it into cash without paying taxes or having a record he has the cash.

he probably totally ignores the fact that once he pays the tax on the investment he is free to do whatever he wants with the money without any of the agencies caring anything - UNLIKE if he just got magically a million dollars of cash and went buying expensive things which would put him on the hitlist of dea etc.

Comment you know what the joke is? (Score 1) 154

you know what the joke is?

it's that they keep adding background stuff and webrtc and PUSH notifications that cause js to run and shit.

and then they add this.

is this going to leave the push stuff working? OR is this a ploy to make us enable the bg push stuff? I mean.. just give the option to shut them off with a timer or not.

Comment Re:Why do you believe that? (Score 1) 456

it stops being fun when you have 3+ apps that handle communication for a single project. it becomes a bother, really it does.

especially when you want to move devices or need to move devices often.. installing all that crap. whats worse, maybe you need to use multiple private instances of the same.. like having 10 slacks that you need to be part of and everyone expecting you to react to everyone of those. it's not good at all.

though the problem becomes more like that you have 10 telephones that you need to be watching at the same time, which ends up churning significant amounts of your time.

Comment it's just snakeoil anyways. (Score 1) 63

ugh.. it is actually built into the api, at least for general run of the mill 3rd party developers. it's not like you can just sign up as a developer and get access to random peoples privately shared data.

now if you sign up and okay access for a "please surveillance me" app then.. well, duh.

the stuff you can get without permissions you can get via regular http/web anyways, if the target has chosen to do so. which of course begs the question wtf are geofeedia etc selling. my bet is that they're selling 99.999% snakeoil product. it will tell law enforcement for example how many times people have publicly said "pot" in a given geographic area(that the users have marked themselves to be part of). as such the rule changes don't have any effect.

twitter on the other hand has been giving some weirdo firehose access to some partners for analyzing or whatnot. thats also just a better api to info that people are putting on the web anyways.

Comment phev rebates are a joke (Score 1) 119

phev rebates are a joke. they cause just the phev system to be subsidized. due to how cars are now taxed in most of the world by co2 tests, the phev gets cheaper as well.

the thing is, pretty much nobody plugs them in and the added weight causes them to have worse mileage than a 1995 honda civic making it all kind of silly and pointless.

yeah the phev is mostly popular due to it dropping the co2 in the test. it's the ultimate circumvention device really. for the consumer it's pretty much +- zero.

Comment Re:Reduced Expectations (Score 3, Insightful) 241

If I went to the local tech mall and bought 100 tablets, I could take 100 tablets and none of them would have any dead pixels.

thats why people are complaining. it's not usual nowadays. if you have such a policy that you need x amount of them to be bad for it to be a defect, put it on the box.

or just try the device before buying, thats what people do in asia - in the west you just assume it works.

Comment Re:Dead pixels? Really? (Score 1) 241

give them some slack. they got a really, really reaally good deal on screens that.. ..well, simply put, 720p screens need to go into 50 bucks tablets now. 150 bucks tablets need at least 1080p.

so, they were probably really, really, really cheap for nintendo. and someone probably had a lot of slightly defective screens sitting in some warehouse in asia, since people in asia would turn on the device before buying it (seriously).

nintendo should have reworded it as that it's normal for a nintendo product to ship with dead pixels out of the box.

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