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Comment Re:Between Uber and Google, so.. (Score 1) 35

I find it bizarre that they would even try. ..however, because it is actually about the contracts of the former Waymo(google) employees, it might have agreed - just to not reveal their non-compete slavery contracts publicly.

I mean come on, who would go to work for a company after which you can't work in the same fucking field that you are an expert in? Like a LIDAR expert goes to a different company - the wtf is he supposed to work on expect lidar.

Comment credit scores and algorithms already decide. (Score 1) 131

bots run them. they make the "decision".

what the guy who inputs the inputs into the application does though is know after a while what gets a pass and what doesn't, so thell their clients to tell them that say that you have this and this much and can get this and this.

it's not really ai of course. but berners lee seems to be out of touch of how regular people get mortages and such in todays world. sure if you're a sir you get to meet the bank manager and he can make a decision to give you mortage on your 2 million castle BUT for regular people algorithms(and law) have made the decisions already for something like 2 decades. how shitty loans you want to give out you adjust the algo.

Comment Re:I can explain (Score 1) 389

but he is right you know.

the car mimics a car driven by a human. but the data set that controls it is not understood by the people who made the data set using training.

perhaps they want money to teach objectives to it? or priorisations? I mean, if you just ran a dataset to teach it to drive, presumably footage of people driving and value logs of inputs happening while they are doing so, that for example in a curve it would try to keep the car on the road by turning right/left, you would still need to teach it the things you need to know to be fit to have a drivers license - but since they don't understand their own generated set they CANNOT MODIFY IT directly. they cannot teach it directly a new traffic sign by adding to a list of traffic signs - instead all of that is somewhere there, inside the mysterious dataset they have gotten out of the box they put a bunch of inputs in. did they make that mystery box? yes? no?

or to research how they could use this(possibly off the shelf mind you, possibly) software / training system. to use it you don't need to understand it, which is really the big problem with a LOT OF SOFTWARE and not just trained matching.

basically what they have is a dog. YOU WOULDN'T WANT A TRAINED DOG driving a car. it can be done though, but neither the dog understands what it is doing or the trainer exactly understands what is going on fully in the dogs head or if it is safe to assume that it will not driver over little children - as such they have a research project they can't do anything with because presumably.. well. if they got that far, how about just attaching a debugger and trying to figure it out in a simulator?

Anyway, you certainly wouldn't call it a real AI, but for investor purposes sure why the fuck not, give me all your AI money.

those folks are in a luck though because the less they understand the more likely it is they can with a straight face speak to the vc's "sure, yeah, this is first real artificial intelligence, it's name is TOM and we want to learn about it, see it's intelligent so thats why we don't already know how it works!"

Comment ..what hacking / corruption / expose ? (Score 1) 312

and over what? the technically treason committed by a trump staffer?

kinda funny actually how americans are. just flip a coin and choose a side and then go inventing more and more crazy shit about the other side.

seriously, if someone should be put into prison it would be everyone sharing totally bogus and fake news, both sides, that you should with elementary school education know as fake.

the next elections are going to be reaaaally bad since there is now a precident that yeah, the party officials can post crazy shit about the other party without penalties of any sort.

the pizzeria debacle being a fine example. seriously, I wouldn't hire guys who re-posted that shit again and again as a janitor but you guys have those guys deciding about your taxes!(as a further note, if they really believed the pizza thing to be true, they should have been charged for believing a crime is happening and them not calling the cops about it - seriously)

Comment Their pitch is bullshit and this is HOW YOU CAN KN (Score 1) 43

Their pitch is bullshit and this is HOW YOU CAN KNOW.

Because of the PEN. they chose a pen because it is easy to demo to audience and it can't fight the already existing inkjet flexible circuit processes. The pen is an useless way to draw tiny circuits , but it does provide them with a foolproof way to get enough width to have the demo circuits done - then demo it to some journalists and boom you have some free pr( even if essentially same demo could have been done with a product you could have essentially bought from china for 1 buck. the journalists doesnt care or know that of course, because he wants a hipster story).

if the product was worth it's salt, it would go into compete in the field of inkjet printed circuits - if it was cheaper (and better) than laying copper and taking out some copper, they would have gone that route.

If it is more flexible than other circuits, they would have gone the inkjet way anyways. if it would work with thin enough traces for high pitch smd chips, they would not have used a pen for demonstrating.

you're not going to be drawing your own circuits and gluing chips on them. they know that.

same thing with conductive filaments for 3d printing - they work for a demo but thats almost shit all they are good for unless you want to have a led light up and have it waste 95% of electricity as heat and cost 100 more than just designing the print to accommodate a hole for the copper wire which you could lay down mid-print. also it's a lot easier to design to have the wire than it is to get the conductive filament get bonded with the other filament.

Comment windows 10 enables the tunnel mechanisms by defaul (Score 1) 113

windows 10 enables the tunnel mechanisms by default.
and has no easy way to turn them off.

yeah, you can remove ipv6 from the network card - but are you so daft that you think it actually removes this threat? hahahahha. of course no. you have to go into registry to disable ipv6. and of course they will reset it on update, because fuck you, that's why. and disabling any ipv6 support entirely wouldn't help either if the offending sw gets to write it's own ethernet packets(though thats more complicated than some powershell script. oh yeah don't try disabling powershell either, it will break half the system, because again, fuck you).

of course, if you can't turn off the iot mesh shit either then why worry about this.

Comment Re:I miss software that works. (Score 1) 467

..crash the os? what os?

what I miss is when I could buy a set of cds with linux on them and it would support all my hardware 100% - even the passive isdn card.

and shit would just run, no need for internet either.

what I miss is when something simple as a WORD PROCESSOR was at it's peak - all the menu options visible under dropdowns, nothing hidden - no magic gestures, except the standard single, double and triple click which were taught in school(in 4th grade I think. seriously, go ask some younging or even a fucking cs graduate what triple clicking on a piece of a text should do).

what I miss is when people understood why some selections were double click to execute and BUTTONS were a single click. what I miss is when user interface CLEARLY noted which were buttons, which were multiple option choices and which were a single choice out of many options. I miss when operating system manufacturers wouldn't make colored text a hidden link in an effort to drive the user to click the choice they want - instead simply all the options were presented to the user clearly as they were.

In short, the mouse driven graphical user interface was already researched to it's prime in 2000 - then they (ubuntu, gnome and microsoft) FUCKED it UP - microsofts case is particularly sad because they had actual research to back it up . now they have moved a little bit back to it in windows 10 from windows 8 debacle, but I still can't change all colors and texts to be accessible _to_ _me_ like I could in windows 98 or 2000.

do you know why active desktop and widgets and shit has been tried sooo many times? there's always some fucker wanting to make a full day career out of a clock widget because he has no imagination and doesn't fucking understand that the fucking screen has already fucking at least one other place to see the current time!

Comment Re:Is Google slowly Dieing? (Score 1) 283

Chromecast is a stupid product though.

why it's stupid? it could just as have Android TV which would be a much more logical product for google to push. it could have all the chromecast features and more.

the hw is capable enough, so there wouldn't be added costs to the BOM either - also it would make it more useful by itself.

I got a local cable(well, fiber really) provided android settop box and it does everything the chromecast does( I can stream to it with multiple protocols, from phone or whatever) and it can browser the web by it's own and run android apps(no play store by default though because licensing).

so instead of making a google lead android tv product they just made a .. streaming dongle, basically, with the same internals that could run android proper.

Comment Re:Absurd (Score 1) 251

*No, the Model S 0-60 time does not make it a supercar any more than strapping a V12 to a Toyota Camry would.
And their cars are not in any sense 'luxury', they're barely what Ford and Toyota would call "premium".*

the price tag disagrees. definitely in the luxury bracket.

incidentally, they're really just popular in places where the electric only aspect makes them dodge most of the taxes that luxury vehicles from other manufacturers face(because they can go the extra mile with gas).

even though they cost a lot of dough, somehow tesla as a company looks like it's been selling them at a loss for years.

Comment 1 piece of advice (Score 1) 32

uhh walmart is a different proposition.
you don't get to go into walmart and put your stuff for sale on the shelves.

however, if you're selling something online now I have just 1 piece of advice: get your own product range direct from the supplier. just buy it branded differently from the factory, buy your own barcode codes - and keep selling on amazon.

if you're just buying wholesale something, how the fuck would you compete against anybody else really? I mean the factory/provider could just list their stuff directly on amazon as well - and why wouldn't they?

Comment Re:Google buys companies to get young, hard workin (Score 2) 283

the problems is career management.

you see, they think that they can get more bang for the buck from overworking the workers - even creative types, while they really don't get that.

they just can't understand it because they don't understand what they are managing anyways - which leaves them with just ONE tool to "manage better": overwork the workers.

that's really all there is to it, happens in most places now where you have existing workers developing something and doing a generally good job already and then you slap them with a manager who doesn't understand what the fuck he is doing at all(but has done courses on managering).

maybe only 1 manager out of 50 of that type is good and the rest are garbage at their job - however, they wouldn't even know it because.. once again, they don't understand what the company is doing! they just know that they have x amount of underlings and they are putting in y amount of hours and their manager is then telling them to finish up the product so instead of trying to find whats wrong and why the product isn't ready already they just tell people to work more hours, come in more early and leave later - without doing as much as looking at what is stalling the development - or indeed if it is even defined what the fuck it is that should be developed.

incidentally this is polar opposite to how management in successful cutting edge projects has been since the dawn of engineering.

a good to the day example of this would be ea/bioware fucking up mass effect andromeda - working people to the ground on the wrong things.

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