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Comment Re:self-driving or assisted driving ? (Score 1) 184

where they recommend that? a link would be appreciated.

also, I find that strange, since snow conditions and friction changes on winter roads rather abruptly in a fashion that would be pretty damn hard for a computer vision/radar system to know. like having ice in a tight turn. ..or have you just been reading musks tweets rather than what he thinks as marketing?

Comment Re:Americans, don't complain when you got arrested (Score 2) 55

usa doesn't extradite american hackers so why would any country send anyone in for the same thing is beyond me.

oh and .. well. about abducting people. this is hardly the best example of it since it's going through authorities and usa has demonstrated the will and ability to do it even without authorization.

Comment Re:COURAGE (Score 1) 306

wouldn't it be simpler if you didn't need to carry around an adapter?

wouldn't it be nicer if you could just go in a hotel room and attach your laptop via hdmi cable thats already in the hotel room(for tv box) to connect your laptop to it?

that is: are you reaaaaaaaaally only going places that have hdmi displays but don't have any hdmi cables already? because that's pretty dang strange.

"but Apple's inclusion of an SD card slot, slow as it is, has been a significant driving force in pushing camera companies to move to SD instead of CF, and has resulted in standardization that otherwise would not have happened." -- okay I give up you are full waist deep in the RDF already if you believe this really and not for example reasons such as sd cards are smaller and there's this class of devices that shipped by the BILLIONS that uses them. cameras don't matter jack shit.

Comment Re:self-driving or assisted driving ? (Score 1) 184

And yeah, there is a warning that goes off if the driver takes their hands of the wheel.

that was a retrofit. and now they are saying that the HARDWARE is capable of autonomous driving. .. of course it's not, not in the sense any consumer thinks of it.

I'm seriously skeptical because the autopilot they have shipped is just the same as other manufacturers have shipped and indeed was based on off the shelf hw/sw solution ONLY WITH THE FUCKING SAFETIES DISABLED!!!!. that's not engineering - that's marketing and irresponsible product design.

Comment Re: self-driving or assisted driving ? (Score 1) 184

you're forgetting one thing - they don't have the AI to do it. they may never have. the cars electronics might never be able to. a human that was watching all that sensor information might be able to drive with just them.

why Tesla would be so stupid to make this press release right now is seriously puzzling. why they would be so stupid as to sell a vaporware pre-order prodcut they probably cannot deliver is equally puzzling and stupid.

they don't know the requirements so how they can know they can deliver? and now they are further implying that autopilot is a term for a self driving! making their case of "it doesn't mean self driving" be even in worse place.

and please no comments that Musk knows what he is doing when the only thing he knew how to provably be involved in profitably was a bank that was not a bank.

Comment Re:Minefield (Score 1) 537

sounds like the guy who was interviewed in a suburb republican headquarter with 0 black guys, who should know the racial demographics map of his city - and who then proceeded to say that being republican or democratic in that particular city has nothing to do with being black or white - despite the demographic maps lining up exactly!

Comment Re:self-driving or assisted driving ? (Score 0) 184

Just because something isn't done yet doesn't mean they don't know how to do it. Tesla has self-driving software under test, that mostly works with their current cars. It is not yet ready for the public, but that isn't because of any deficiencies in the sensors.

They don't know that! thats why it's a joke to call them level 5 capable! A TOTAL FRAUD by your pal Musk. ..and really, didn't you learn anything from last 6 months? Teslas self driving autopilot they have released so far is basically just this: take lane assist and remove safeties and boom you have a lane follow "autopilot".

they don't know if they are level 5 capable sensors, because they have not made them capable of that. they don't know if they are good enough to spot pedestrians(probably know that they are not!!!!!!).

remember level 5 would mean that you could just leave it to drive alone by itself at night from vegas to downtown los angeles. they are just saying that in theory it's level 5 capable if someone figures out all the rest.. but in reality, they cannot really say if the sensors are good enough or not because they can only say that after they test their working level 5 implementation that doesn't kill people.

Comment Re:Welcome distraction (Score 2) 98

I find that after a couple of hours at a task I welcome a break whether it be to grab a cup of hot chocolate, I don't drink coffee, chat with a colleague, answer the phone or check the email's, or glance at Amazon, or https://soylentnews.org/ , or even this place.

Switch that to receiving a query is it done yet every 15 minutes, a request for a conference call every 1 hour and some technical query every 30 minutes.

And 15 automatic daily messages from project management software!

Comment Re: Microsoft: bring Edge to Linux and OS X! (Score 2) 135

why you need to download a new os and nuke your settings, which it says it preserves.

the real problem with using a combo of windows 10, visual studio(latest megauberblabla kit), chrome and firefox is....

that it becomes almost impossible to tell if you have actually a virus or some bitcoin miner on your kit. because of the virtualization and shadow copies and other ntfs options and pisspoor firewall defaults and even poorer cert management/verifying, and stuffing everything to run in the services process for no reason at all.

and since ms decided to enable by default all different sorts of ways to tunnel data(for their shitty telemetrics, no doubt) you can't easily just throw it behind a router/firewall either. you have to disable half the operating system after install.

and then fuckin' google comes in and decides to not give an option to disable webrtc on android chrome, so wtf, should I put then on separate networks?

  - and you know what they actually want you to do? buy a friggin MDM solution. MS is to blame for a lot of shit on windows 10 but thats just because they're copying stuff from others.

coming up on next version: pay a software provider a fee that the sw provider uses to pay MS for a license : to install a proper firewall! I mean, samsung is getting away with that shit already on android(yes, samsung provides apis for uninstalling bloatware, adjusting fw and everything on non-rooted android devices, but it involves a license from them. if you ever wondered why there isn't a free working system package disabler for latest galaxy devices then that is it, you need to have an enterprise license to enable that functionality without rooting).

Comment Re:Old News (Score 1) 92

the uac popup comes after. and its an origin popup.

should be obvious.

once its local exe running an actual uac might pop up,.. but actual local already running code can get around uac shockingly easily. because disabling it getting around it easily(by disabling scheduler etc, services) breaks "core" windows mechanisms. and it can still get around emet..

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