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Comment Re: The Character, Princess Leia, Is Iconic (Score 1) 456

The jury has deliberated and we have decided that on balance of the evidence and the stipulations made here on slashdot, that Tomb Raider was indeed iconic.

Have to disagree, at least not in the context of Star Wars in which we're speaking about. Perhaps people don't know her name as much as Angelina but I guarantee they know her character better. If you asked 100 random people "What movie has the character Princess Leia?" and "What movie has the character Lara Croft?" more will remember Star Wars than Tomb Raider. And isn't that what "iconic" means, being widely recognized and well-established?

Comment Re:Too secure for insecure? (Score 3, Insightful) 569

Destruction of evidence is itself a crime. The difficulty is always in proving that's what happened - by definition you're missing a key piece of evidence.

I'm less concerned about the destruction of evidence and more concerned that even though we know she's committing criminal acts, people are still supporting her for President. What does that say about them? We see criminals get away with things all the time, but usually they don't have a cheering section, and even if they do they're not trying to vote for them as President of the United States. Trump may be all the things they say about him, but Hillary is a criminal NOW, so what is she going to be like as President? If something does happen, it would be a giant SHE TOLD YOU SO.

Comment Re: Well, she was an interim. (Score -1, Flamebait) 467

"Socialism is the realization that we are better off working together and living in a fair society."

What you call "fair", others would call taking from the "rich" and giving to the "poor", which sounds great in theory, but in reality the "rich" aren't really the rich, they're usually the middle class, and the "poor" aren't really the poor, many are scamming the system and only appear poor on paper. Sure we can hire a bunch of people to investigate everyone's lives and make sure the actual rich are only the ones paying more and only the actual poor are the only ones receiving benefits, but that's just more big govt bureaucracy. If you **really** want to be fair, you'll let the people that worked hard to be middle class remain middle class and let them keep their money, and the people that are actually poor can receive benefits from soup kitchens and churches like they have been for thousands of years without government interference.

Comment Re:It not very hard (Score 2) 167

Funny I just cancelled my spotify today because it required a program to be installed to work on PC and it didn't allow me to login using their facebook login thing. Why does it require a program? Should work on any browser like..... uh, pretty much everything, everything except big games.

Comment Re:nature will breed it out (Score 1) 950

the problem will solve itself with modern technology. Kids these days don't get a $500 xstation and a tv and all that. They get a iPad and play everything on there. And no I'm not talking about the 16 yr old that still plays playbox because that's all there was 10 yrs ago before tablets, I mean the 6 year old that does not remember life before iPad. Ask any parent with a child under 8 that has a iPad, they're glued to that thing morning until night. They even watch youtube videos of other kids playing on their iPads. And iPads are far more social than a xstation, they're carrying that around everywhere.

Comment Re:Not $9 (Score 1) 180

Really not. Who uses composite video nowadays? Realistically it is $19 or $24 for the VGA and HDMI respectively, especially in the use cases illustrated in the o-so-funny-and-games video.

Compare this with the Raspberry Pi line and the reason for C.H.I.P to exist is nowhere to be found.

Maybe a competitor for some Arduino use-cases. Maybe.

Agreed. It's bait and switch. "Hey $9 computer.... oh you want better than 480 resolution? Well that's another $10! Oh you want to connect to a modern HDTV? That's another $5".

And honestly, at these low specs, I could buy a used 1ghz, 512 mb, 4gb desktop PC for about $25 and it would have VGA and at least be able to run some flavor of Windows and be upgradeable.

Comment Re: Selection, yes. (Score 3, Insightful) 298

Doesn't natural selection also include perception? Aren't there some species that choose mates based on colorful feathers or sounds, and those with the most colorful feathers or most desirable sounds tend to produce offspring more? So how is choosing a mate based on height any different?

Comment Re: Idiot Parents (Score 2) 569

Raising kids is a lot like trying to influence your friends to do the right thing, you can tell them until youre blue in the face but at the end of the day they're going to do what they want. Are you 100% responsible for everything your friends do? Of course not, then why should parents be 100% responsible for everything their teenager does?

Swatting is not like killing or stealing or doing drugs, picking up a phone and making a prank phone call is not on the same level as grabbing a gun and killing someone even if that phone call could have the same consequences. So the people that say "the parents always say they're a good kid" maybe they are a good kid because they would never pick up a gun and kill someone but they might pick up a phone and make a prank phone call and they should be severely punished for it.

Comment Re:Well, I wouldn't buy one (Score 1) 389

I predict a lot of people will buy the 1.0 product and it will become obsolete quicker than you can say "apple stock". The 2.0 product might be more interesting. Can't believe they are charging 10k for the "higher end" watch. Bragging rights for rich folks, but rings pretty hollow considering what you get.

Apple Watch will probably go obsolete as quick as any iOS product, which takes a few years before they stop supporting it. The latest iOS 8 still supports the 2011 iPhone 4s. That's much better than Android, I don't think there are any 2011 Android devices that support Android 5.0 without rooting them.

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