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Comment webfonts (Score 1) 205

Not disabling webfonts using the "--disable-remote-fonts" commandline parameter with Chrome under Windows XP will get you random Chrome crashes and even BSODs while visiting Google sites like Youtube.
Seems like an old win32k.sys vulnerability that was supposedly patched in 2009.

Comment Power Surges (Score 1) 674

From the article:

On a forum dedicated to the London Underground, members have pointed out that plug sockets on the trains are for cleaning equipment deployed when trains are in depots. They recommend not charging electronic equipment as there is a risk of power surge: âoeIf something was directly plugged into it (for example a standard computer, or a laptop without a battery in) the equipment would probably be damaged at any section gaps where the power supply changes from one substation to another!â

It's basically to avoid getting sued if a power surge breaks your device.

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